Cheekh Episode 18 Story Review – Excellent Episode

Opening Thoughts – Excellent Episode:

Ohkay so, after quite a few weeks, this was one happening, interesting & excellent episode of Cheekh. This episode not only took the story forward but also addressed all those scenarios which needed attention. I do think that the next few episodes will again be slow or calm but I think they should now keep up with the pace.

Fireworks After Weeks:

Mannat made sure to let Wajih know that she won’t let him off the hook if he gets involved with her family. After Shayan, Mannat’s mother is all that she has so her reaction was not only justified, it was much needed. I am glad there is some woman out there who knows how to give it back to Wajih, because the rest of them have been too busy babysitting him to an extent that it has inflated his ego so much. That entire scene where Mannat hits Wajih was well-directed & well-acted.

Shehwar finally succeeded in pushing Yawar to that limit where he ended up admitting that he can not father a child. Shehwar’s approach was definitely not something that Yawar ever expected, that is why he lost his senses as he could never imagine that Shehwar would go to that extreme to find out the truth. Yawar is a weak man, he is someone who can not practice what he preaches. Yawar did try to be the flag-bearer of women’s respect but in personal life, he thinks of them too low to literally walk over them. Yawar thought his unconditional support for Wajih would be enough but seeing Mannat’s determination, even Yawar finds himself shaking at the thought of it. Yawar never expected that Mannat would turn out to be so strong-willed that she will not backtrack, no matter what. Yawar divorced Shehwar & honestly, she is better off without such a weak man who sees woman as such objects to be used as scapegoats. Yawar never really treated Shehwar with respect & that is why he couldn’t confide in her. Shehwar expected trust & honesty from Yawar but it took her years to realize that he didn’t have it in him to offer her these basic but key factors that make the relationship strong. All these years, Yawar saw Shehwar entrapped in those thoughts, he saw that she was emotionally unhappy but still he chose to let her be in that place as far as it didn’t hurt his ego. This is worst than physical violence that Yawar directed at his wife before divorcing her.

Haya has finally come to her senses. Who would’ve known that Haya will finally use her brains to put two & two together. I will say that more than Wajih’s lies, it is Mannat’s persistence that has forced everyone to second guess the lies that Wajih has told. Yawar is also feeling the pressure & now Haya was convinced that Mannat was not making an issue for no reason. Haya closely observed Wajih’s behaviour to finally be able to convince herself that he was guilty of killing Nayab. Even though they did show that Haya was thinking about it from the last few weeks but I still found this change in her a bit sudden. I think to make it more convincing they should have shown that Haya also stumbled upon some evidence that proved Wajih to be the culprit. I however liked the fact that Haya told Shayan that she wants to see Wajih being punished, but she did not mention it in front of Mannat, rather she was focusing on normalizing her relationship with Mannat at the moment!

Ramzan was thrown out of his house & Shariq came back into the picture. It was good to see Ramzan finding an unexpected help from Shariq, however I do feel Shariq should have been present in the court too or may be he wants to stay away from this case for a while. It is good to see that everyone has started to see Wajih for who he is & they will all eventually testify against him. Even though Yawar is supporting Wajih but even at times he gets upset seeing the things Wajih does. After what Yawar has put Shehwar through, I am sure she will now openly support Mannat & will be on her side.

Closing Thoughts – Packed With Emotions & Drama:

Overall, this episode was packed with emotions & drama. I loved quite a few scenes but my favorite one has to be the conversation that Haya & Mannat had after such a long time. Maira Khan, Aijaz Aslam, Saba Qamar & the actress playing the role of Shamsa acted brilliantly in this episode. I am glad that this episode also covered a bit of the court case but I hope they shift the focus on it now rather than treating it as an after-thought. To be honest, I am a little disappointed after seeing the preview of the next episode, I think they have established the fact that Wajih is dangerous & can go to any extreme to harm others, so I don’t want to see the personal battle between Wajih & Mannat anymore, rather I want them to fight with each other legally as we have seen them having hatred against one another for quite some time now. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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