Cheekh Episode 2 Story Review – Convincing, Engaging & Well-Written

Opening Thoughts – Intelligently Written Episode:

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh was well-executed & intelligently written. The initial two episodes have laid the foundation of the rest of the plot convincingly but then again, the thing I am most scared about is the story losing its direction & being all over the place like it usually happens with all our dramas these days. If they keep things to the point & just as interesting as these initial episodes, then I am sure this drama will be remembered not only for great cast but great storyline too.

Some Clues Here & There:

Even though nothing much happened in this episode but the few scenes here & there were strategically placed just to show what everyone was doing & how they all were reacting for the viewers to later connect the dots when the actual incident will be fully revealed. I liked how everyone’s reactions were covered in this entire episode where most of them were just unable to comprehend what went wrong while a couple of them were just trying to cover everything up because they were too scared.

Mannat was just beyond upset & even she thought that Nayab tried to end her life because she was unhappy with the proposal her father suggested to her. I think of all the people, Mannat knew Nayab too well so she should’ve known that Nayab could not do such a thing. Mannat tried to make Ramzan understand that he failed as a father because he just didn’t do justice with Nayab & Ramzan knew that he let the thought of a secure & better future got the better of him. Ramzan’s wife’s scenes were prolonged & seemed annoying but then they were also necessary to show how Nayab’s step mother reacted when she found out about what happened. Her argument with Mannat was unnecessary, it was like she just wanted Mannat to own Nayab & everything related to her like hospital bills & the rest of the formalities as she herself does not have the heart to do anything for Nayab as well as allow her husband to do anything for her too. It did seem like she was creating a fuss so that Mannat tries to do everything for Nayab because it is too obvious now that Nayab’s step mother feels nothing for her.

Yawar definitely acted suspicious but then again, all of this has been shown convincingly to confuse the viewers & I am definitely not complaining. It is good that the writer is showing all these scenes to pique the interest of the viewers in Cheekh. It could be two reasons behind Yawar’s behaviour – either he is the culprit that is why he is doing everything to ensure no one to able to find out the truth, or like the eldest member of the family he is just being cautious so that he can protect every single family member. I don’t know why I also now suspect Wajih too. I do think he never went inside but you never know plus the way he was showing so much of support could also be his way of covering himself up. Anyways, Yawar tried to hide all those clues that could lead the police to him or any member of his family. I am pretty sure it won’t be Wajih’s drunk friend – it would either be Yawar or Taimoor. Another suspect that they have tried to bring the attention to is the driver, it could be that he knows some secrets of this family, that is why he was scared at the sight of the police because it could mean he’d have to open his mouth & give away everything that he knows.

The introduction as well the involvement of the police was shown convincingly as well as appropriately. All the questions that Inspector Amir Khan asked Ramzan as well as Mannat, Wajih & Yawar were basic but he was trying to sketch a draft so that he could lead the investigation from there onwards. I liked how Amir knew that he was being a nuisance for everyone to deal with at that point but he continued with his probing – by being kind & civil sometimes & by being stern sometimes too. Yawar definitely tried to convince Amir to brush this entire incident under the carpet but looks like Amir is not in the mood to do that & he will see an end to this case because he did find out through the reports that someone tried to physically violate Nayab. It was interesting to note how no one even thought that something like this could happen because Mannat as well as Ramzan trusted Haya’s entire family so it definitely came as a shock for them when they heard something they could have never imagined.

Closing Thoughts – A Strong Start:

Overall this episode of Cheekh was definitely very interesting. Considering the subject they are dealing with in this drama, it would be great if they stick to it & don’t move the story around in circles because it will not only lose the impact that this drama could make but will deviate away from the subject too. I hope that the rest of the drama is tackled intelligently because when it comes to the beginning, it can definitely be said that Cheekh has had a great start. Saba Qamar’s acting throughout the episode was phenomenal followed by Noor ul Hassan’s as a helpless father who was guilt-stricken too. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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