Cheekh Episode 20 Story Review – Kuch Bhi

Opening Thoughts – Hit & A Miss:

Ohkay so, Cheekh drama as a whole is more on a hit & a miss kind of stage for me currently. Where some things work, some don’t because I truly feel the execution could’ve been better or should have been totally different to make things more realistic. I also feel that in stead of dwelling more on the misery of Mannat, it would’ve been far more exciting to show her preparing the case with the lawyer & handing him out all the important details to make it stronger, but as always, our writers don’t believe in doing the hard work, they just resort to negative scenarios & think showing bechargi of the characters is going to be enough.

Ramzan Ki Life Ban Gai:

Mannat was still unwell & pretty much in the hospital that is why she could not attend the court hearings. I think it was definitely required to show that even though she could not be there, she was in contact with the lawyer, meeting him at the hospital or even in the comfort of her home preparing the case with him. The lawyer from Mannat’s side seems to be heading on with the case based on the information he is getting from somewhere miraculously as his client is just unwell & mostly absent from the scene.

Shariq finally contacted Haya & told her everything about Ramzan. I think this scene should’ve come in the episode right after Shariq met Ramzan because after that Ramzan attended the hearing twice, so not sure why was Shariq waiting for so long, bearing in mind the fact that there’s a good span of time between every court session. Anyways, Shariq not only contacted Haya, he found Ramzan a job too & due finances to get back on his feet. Haya found Ramzan a house & just like that, Ramzan’s life flipped completely, which was good but the thing which was totally not good was his incessant crying & inaudible dialogues. Ugh! Also, I wish they had also shown a session of the lawyer with Ramzan telling him to buckle up & face Aqilzada’s cross questioning confidently, seeing him shiver continuously ticked me off.

Wajih commits a crime & then goes back to see how things are working in order to seek pleasure out of other’s misery, which I think is getting boring now. I found it totally unrealistic that after Mannat’s miscarriage, no one spoke to Yawar about it, rather Yawar only warned Wajih that ‘IF’ it turns out that he is responsible for what has happened with Mannat, he will leave him too? Like why was there even an ounce of benefit of doubt? Why didn’t anyone just make it a point to convince Yawar that it was Wajih who did all of this??? At least it is good to see Wajih being in contact with his lawyer, unlike Mannat who is just MIA. Amir Khan changed Nayab’s statement & not sure why it came as such a surprise to anyone. Also, Mannat’s lawyer asked for forensic reports, but then, even before the director does, I will tell him that those reports will be changed too, plus why not as Wajih has Yawar on his side who is experienced in getting the reports changed!

Closing Thoughts – Amusing Precap:

This episode of Cheekh was alright. The director seems to be losing the direction & the story is losing its impact, which I dreaded. In stead of turning it into Balaa Bhai (male version of Balaa) they should have kept the focus on the case & showing Mannat having an upper-hand but that thing has been compromised upon. Also, it is very frustrating that half of the dialogues are barely audible. Even in the scene where Mannat was crying in front of her mother, I could not get what she was saying whereas I watched that scene twice.

I think it’s a done deal that after inflicting one misery after another on Mannat, in the last episode magically & miraculously everyone like Haya, Siddique, Shehwar, Shariq etc etc etc etc will join forces and testify against Wajih & that will be the end of the drama, but before that happens, it is pretty obvious that things will continue to get dragged. To be honest, the preview of the next episode actually left me feeling amused that out of nowhere, Mannat will be declared mentally deranged & the judge will hurriedly order her to be admitted to the mental asylum? Matlab kuch bhi? Pehle to judge sahab ko kuch samajh hi nahi aa rahi thi but Mannat ko dekhte hi he will declare her pagal, lol!?! Mannat bechari awain hi itni hairstyling kar ke ayegi court, whereas she could’ve done totally fine with Samina Peerzada wali wig from Balaa. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh!

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