Cheekh Episode 23 Story Review – Disaster

Opening Thoughts – Filler:

Ohkay so, this episode of Cheekh was once again a filler which had nothing to offer. It is a done deal that they have literally ruined the essence of the drama & the impact that Cheekh would have made if it had aired twice a week. Since they opted for single episode per week, they heavily compromised upon the pace & it seriously makes me anxious to know that we’re only half way through this drama!!!


Mannat the Sherni now turned Beeghi Billi went seriously mute in this entire episode. In this entire episode the focus was on Mannat’s cat-walk that she did as if she was walking on a ramp & not in the corridor of a mental asylum. Every time anyone like Shayan, Mannat’s mother or even Wajih went to meet Mannat, she took it as an opportunity to practice for Bridal Fashion Week.

Shayan was devastated at how low his brothers stooped in order to prove Mannat wrong. Shayan finally made up his mind that there was no two way about it, he still had some hope in his heart but after seeing how far Yawar & Wajih went, he was totally convinced that he has nothing to do with his brothers. Haya seems upset with Wajih & Yawar too but then she finds herself helpless. Ramzan came back with his poorly delivered dialogues & I promise that I did not understand a single word that he said, I love how consistent he is in delivering his dialogues poorly!

Mannat’s mother is getting way more screen time than required & when the side characters get more coverage than the main characters then we all know that the creative team has nothing left to show & they are just dragging it!!!

Closing Thoughts – Disaster:

This drama has lost the plot & there’s absolutely nothing special about it. It is a typical Zanjabeel Asim Shah drama where initial few episodes are good & then they wrap the drama miraculously after stretching it like a chewing gum. It is unfortunate that this drama despite having so much of potential is turning out to be a disaster. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Cheekh.

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  • What a waste of good actors ????! Wish cheekh creative team would have wrapped the drama in 20 episodes instead of following the current trend of 29/30 episodes. Hopefully final episode able to keep viewers glued n justify their time spent watching this ——- cheekh not hearing their own !!!!

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