Coke Studio Pays Truibute To Amir Zaki

Coke Studio season 10 remembers Amir Zaki in a poignant performance in its latest episode. The legend has passed away earlier this year and “naina moray” captures the essence of his  art beautifully. It has an amalgamation of new and old musical instruments weaved together in a very coordinated way.

“Naina Moray” is directed by Jaffer Zaidi, and the vocals are by Javed Bashir and Akbar Ali. It also includes glimpses of Amir Zaki solo on his guitar. The song is about heartbreak and pain and sadly, this is the last of Amir Zaki that we will ever see.


Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali feat. Aamir Zaki, Naina Moray, Coke S…

Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali feat. Aamir Zaki, Naina Moray, Coke Studio Season 10, Episode 4 #CokeStudio10Produced & Directed by StringsMusic Directed by Jaffer ZaidiA dark storm of emotions, this thumri is fueled by the thunderous arrangement of Jaffer Zaidi. Honing in on the pain and anguish that comes with the void of heartbreak, the incredibly powerful and skillful duo of Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali cascade through the contours and complexities of Raag Bhairvi. The hues of the raag are further evoked through a confluence of the ethereal drone of the sarangi and a prolific guitar solo by Aamir Zaki, exuding a sense of melancholy. Playing with the fluidity of the raag, the track is a masterful excursion that resonates with the profundity of sorrow.HousebandImran Akhoond (Guitars)Aahad Nayani (Drums)Kamran ‘Mannu' Zafar (Bass)Babar Khanna (Dholak/Tabla)Haider Ali (Keyboards/Piano)Omran Shafique (Guitars)Abdul Aziz Kazi (Percussions)Backing VocalistsRachel ViccajiShahab HussainNatasha KhanSTRINGS SECTIONJaved Iqbal (First Violinist)Ghulam AbbasGhulam MuhammadMuhammad IlyasBabar AliKhawar HussainHUMNAWAAhmad HasanAsif AliGhulam HasanJunaid AliGuest MusiciansAamir Zaki (Guitar)Gul Muhammad (Sarangi)

Публикувахте от Coke Studio в Петък, 1 септември 2017 г.


Mehwish Mansoor