Coke Studio Season 10 Ends By Paying Tribute To Junaid Jamshed

Coke Studio season 10 has ended on a beautiful note by paying tribute to the legend, the man who left too soon, Junaid Jamshed. Despite some disappointing numbers in the midst of this season, the end could not have been more fitting, more appropriate or more touching.

”Us Rah Par” by the late artist was recreated by Ali Hamza and Ali Zafar and it reminded of an era when Junaid Jamshed was a newly rising star and it was just one of the numbers that helped him gain immense popularity. Later, however, whenever you hear this song, it reminds of a man who truly never walked on the commonly treaded path. A man who turned around full circle from the road that was leading him upwards and onwards was no ordinary one.

The song is produced by Strings, directed by Jaffar Zaidi and the original composition and lyrics was by Shoaib Mansoor, one of the first friends that Junaid Jamshed had in the showbiz industry. Their history goes long back to the days when the two struggled to be noticed as young men full of creativity and art. After his religious transformation, Junaid Jamshed had fall outs with a lot of his old friends. After his death , though, everyone remembers him for his finesse, loyalty and generosity which was unprecedented both in the world of media and religion in Pakistan.

For the one who always wanted to carve out his own journey. From Shoaib Mansoor, Ali Zafar, Ali Hamza, Strings, Coke Studio and all of Pakistan. May his soul reach the destination where he wanted it lead.

Mehwish Mansoor