O Rangreza Episode 9 Review – Brilliant!

Ohkay so, another episode, another layer lifted off the characters, which showcased the depth the writer has added in each & every single character. Just when you think you know every other character in & out, the writer surprises you with a new detail which further helps you in forming an opinion about it. This is what I love about O Rangreza, there’s so much that the writer wants you to explore due to which you never find any scene, any scenario uninteresting & this is what the brilliance of this drama is!

All this while, I had a firm belief that Khayyam was a coward & he has proved it time & again but in this episode, we also got to learn that Khayyam was not only conniving but manipulative as well. The way Khayyam devised the entire plan went to show that he believes in having everything that he wants by hook or by crook. Since Khayyam knew that Sassi could create a havoc over his & Sonia’s marriage & she was capable of not allowing it to happen, in stead of backing out, he chose to give her what she wanted; the permission to join the film industry but then again, there was a catch which Sassi at that point couldn’t see. Since Khayyam is a coward, he now wanted Sassi’s future husband to do the heavy-lifting on his behalf, because then Khayyam wouldn’t have to face the world & answer their questions as to why he allowed his daughter to become an actress as then he would easily say that Sassi is doing everything with her husband’s permission. Khayyam really thought things through & he did all this because he can not afford to lose Sonia Jahan, with this he proved how selfish he is because he for once can not give up on his desires for the sake of his daughter. Khayyam still hasn’t been able to understand that this was the right time where he could set an example for Sassi, where he could show her the right path by doing the right thing himself but he chose the easier way by making a deal with her because it guaranteed him his own marriage. If Khayyam would’ve been genuinely concerned for Sassi, he would’ve said that fine, I won’t get married to Sonia & you should stop dreaming about becoming an actress too but he chose not to give up on his own desire & still came up with this strategy of getting her married, thinking it will work. It is so easy for Khayyam to blame Mumtaz for faulty upbringing but has he ever analyzed what part he has played in raising his children & what sort of influence he has had on them?

Khayyam really is underestimating Sassi by believing that she would get married & settle for the deal he made with her. Sassi obviously didn’t show much of a reaction because she knows when the time will come, she will deal with things her way. I just couldn’t believe what a coward Khayyam was & how he was now trying to get rid of Sassi by choosing a husband for her, like in stead of dealing with his daughter on his own & understanding her concerns, he was actually trying to turn a blind eye for his own mental peace. Ever since Khayyam understood that Sassi’s responsibility is overwhelming for him, he decided to create a distance between himself & her & for him marriage is the perfect answer for this!

So, Khayyam’s pick for Sassi was Qasim. It was interesting how Khayyam subtly reminded Qasim of everything that he has done for him so far but when it came to the actual proposal, he made Mumtaz say it because his inflated ego didn’t allow him to ‘request’ Qasim. Khayyam is so egoistic that he couldn’t actually put forth Sassi’s proposal in front of Qasim himself as that would give Qasim an edge over him that he was the one who approached Qasim for this marriage. Like Kareeman Bua said, Qasim is another Mumtaz & in this episode we saw that Khayyam was exactly trying to do that by turning him into a scapegoat. Khayyam knows that by using Qasim as a stooge, he will be able to control Sassi as well – another scenario which showed how manipulative Khayyam was. Once again, Khayyam now told Qasim that he has to stop Sassi, like this is something that he should be doing himself but he appointed Qasim for it because Khayyam the coward doesn’t want to take the responsibility of tackling his daughter himself!

Sassi proved that she is going to do what she wants to & for that reason, she herself went to see Wajih Kamal. Even though Wajih didn’t show much interest in her but the way he told her that she was missing the spark was basically his way of testing her as he wants to see how far she can go & how driven she is towards her goal. I loved the way in return, Sassi tried to rile Wajih up by bringing her father’s name because she knew that one way or the other, Sonia will be made to face the brunt which would indirectly hurt her father, again this was Sassi’s way of getting back at him!

I loved Kareeman Bua’s excitement when it came to Sassi & Qasim’s wedding but then again Qasim is happy but still not ready to let Sassi know that he is the one who has been chosen for her. Qasim can already see that things aren’t as simple as Khayyam was making them look like because with just one sentence, one reminder of what he has done for Qasim & what he expects from him, Khayyam brought him down to the ground. Qasim also knows that Sassi will never accept him because he is not her ideal, he is not like Khayyam & he was already feeling burdened by it. At least it is good that Qasim has Kareeman Bua on his side, Mumtaz is a failure so she could obviously not encourage him the way Kareeman Bua did. It was nice to see Kareeman assuring Qasim that he was perfect & supporting him to tell everything to Sassi because the sooner the better!

All this while I was excited to see Tipu’s character & even though I know he is going to contribute to the story a great deal but after seeing his short introduction, I am not too sure because I didn’t really get the actor playing the role of Tipu. His acting was completely off & the way he was delivering his dialogues was a bit odd too. I know it is a bit too quick to judge but in the first impression, his character wasn’t well-received, anyways let’s see if that will change in the episodes to come.

Overall, this episode was quite interesting & I loved seeing how the writer further elaborated Khayyam Sani’s twisted character. He really is a depiction of all those men out there who want everything for themselves & who try run away from any such responsibility the moment things get a bit overbearing for them. I liked Omair Rana’s performance in this episode, like he came for a brief moment but he was absolutely convincing as Wajih Kamal – the director. Sajal Ali & Bilal Abbas Khan are making this drama a treat to watch, I just love them as Sassi & Qasim. The preview of the next episode seemed promising as well, I am waiting to find out how Sassi will react when she will learn that her husband-to-be is Qasim, but then again I am already feeling bad for Qasim as Sassi’s attitude towards him will be insulting & that will hurt him, which he doesn’t deserve, so let’s see how things roll. Please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza.

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