Coke Studio Season 12 – Premier & Episode 1

The much-anticipated season of Coke Studio Pakistan had it’s premier last Friday. Everybody was looking forward to this season with great expectations, mainly because of the return of the maestro Rohail Hayat. Coke Studio is indeed the biggest music platform in Pakistan and has given us huge hits which are equally popular in other parts of the world too.

Now coming to the episode, we had: Wohi Khuda Hai, Dam Mastam, Ram Pam, Maahi Diyaan Jhokaan.

Coke Studio Season 12
Produced By: Rohail Hayat

Wohi Khuda Hai:

The season starter was the hamd ‘Wohi Khuda Hai’ by Atif Aslam, originally written and recited by Muzaffar Warsi and then by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Atif Aslam has really done a brilliant job. It touches the heart. Atif’s vocals are so mesmerizing. I loved the ending part (Darood), it’s so divine and the harmony spreads all over.

The only thing I feel could have been better, is the use of backing vocalists. They are not fully utilized in this one. Otherwise, it is majestic.

Dam Mastam:

Dam Mastam (My breath is intoxicated) is a sufi dhamaal song written by Shehbaz Qalandar that depicts his love for Hazrat Ali (R.A), performed by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Its lyrics are beautiful. I don’t think that the first half was catchy enough but the second half where it shifts to double beat was brilliant and did work for me. It is a different take on Qawwali and what I liked most was  Rohail’s signature music in it.

Ram Pam:

Ram Pam is a fun song, a light-hearted take on love, written and composed by Sahir Ali Bagga, performed by Zoe Viccaji and Shahab Hussain. It is my favorite from the episode. It is basically the story of a girls who is in love and she is telling her friend about this. The music is catchy. Lyrics are funny. Backing vocalists have done great job. Zoe’s voice was perfect for the song. My favorite part was,

Tu fikar na kar O Bachi!
Tere nall hai Baba Bhatti!

This made me laugh so hard 😂😂.

And the way Zoe says, Baba Ji shukriya karam, it was perfect.

Maahi Diyaan Jhokaan:

Maahi Diyaan Jhokaan is a Seraiki sufi track, performed by Barkat Jamil Fakir Troupe. What I felt was that it is a tale narrated by Heer, telling about what she is going through after falling in love with Ranjha. Barkat Jamil Troupe has done justice to it and the backing vocals were the main attraction in this one for me. Its composition is very captivating. Lyrics are beautiful and meaningful.

Roz e azal kanoon sir sachuu de
(Since the very first day of creation, Sachhal’s head)

Mohbat laiyaan mokhaan
(Has been offered up as a gift of sacrifice to love)

So, overall, first episode was great. Looking forward to the next ones. Do share your opinion about the episode in comments.

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