Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 18 Story Review – Unique Script

Opening Thoughts – Unique Script Done Well:

Ohkay so, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb didn’t cover much but yes, it had one of the most important revelations to its credit. This was definitely something that no one saw coming. Props to Hashim Nadeem for coming up with a script & a story like Ishq Zahe Naseeb which not only is dealing with the subject of multiple personality disorder, but also has so many mysteries attached to it which are being revealed slowly. The director has definitely given it the right kind of treatment & I am glad that they have not overpowered the entire story with Sameer’s split personalities, they have kept that part very subtle & have showed how he is just like any other normal person, but with a little secret attached to it. However, one thing I find a little odd about Sameer’s personality is that his other side only shows up at specific times, whereas people with multi personality disorder obviously are not in control of themselves to be so systematic with fixed schedules. Anyhow, the drama has been very interesting so far & it sure is enticing even after so many episodes.

The Big Reveal:

Gauhar & Kashif may not be in contact with each other but their connection isn’t lost. Kashif has only accepted Dunia because Jabbar wanted him to but he still loves Gauhar, but this is something that she is unaware of. Gauhar has not been able to forget Kashif & that is why the news of his engagement with Dunia was disturbing for her. The way they showed that Gauhar was unable to concentrate on anything the moment she found out was convincingly portrayed.

Sameer has become very much comfortable with Gauhar & this is definitely something that Sabeeha doesn’t approve of. The flashbacks showed that Sabeeha saw the eagerness in Sameer where he believed that Zoya might help him overcome his issues & it is obvious that this is something that she doesn’t want. Sabeeha has no reasons to be so against Gauhar but that is happening ever since she has picked upon the fact that Sameer is becoming emotionally dependant & attached to Gauhar. Sabeeha used to like Gauhar as her governess but that is not the case anymore & this is the reason why she decided to insult Gauhar in front of everyone. Whatever Saheeba did basically showcased her insecurity, cowardness & helplessness where she is finding herself falling short of competing with Gauhar. Sameer continues to give Gauhar a lot of importance, while completely ignoring Sabeeha’s feelings about her & this is what is further riling her up. Sabeeha is a weak woman, she did have everything under control all these years because things were going according to her plans, Sameer didn’t question her & she controlled him like a stooge but that is not the case anymore & this is the reason why she is flustered. It is quite interesting to note how in this entire scenario, Sabeeha has made Sameer feel that he has certain issues, while being completely oblivious of her own problems. It is unfortunate that till date Sameer has not been able to give her a reality check about her obsessive compulsive & controlling behavior.

Since Bushra’s marriage, this was the first time they gave an insight into what her relationship with her husband & in laws was like. Bushra’s husband Kamran is the typical controlling & dominating husband, her mother in law has just accepted her as a daughter in law but does not believe in giving her the freedom or rights that she deserves. Bushra is stuck in this relationship but without complaining much, she has just accepted that this is how things are & will be. Saleem & Zakia continue to torture Gauhar & she continues to answer them. This episode definitely had a lot of filler scenes because the confrontation between Gauhar & Saleem, the scene of Jahangir’s mother & friend talking to his father about Jahangir are such scenarios which have been shown in the past repeatedly, so there was nothing new or exciting about them. Jahangir was finally caught by the police & now his father will have to pay to bail him out. I will however say that I find Jahangir’s father scenes quite amusing, the way he is always focused on either counting money or eating food is weirdly funny!

So, Gauhar stumbled upon one of the biggest secrets of Sameer’s life. No wonder why the butler Akbar had this mysterious vibe to him, he was obviously hiding this huge secret all these years. Surraiya happens to be Akbar’s sister & this was definitely something that no one saw coming. I am keen to know the details that Akbar must’ve shared with Gauhar because obviously, she is not the kind who will just let it go without finding out every single detail. Akbar must’ve assessed the fact that Gauahr is trust-worthy & she has best interest of Sameer. Gauhar would’ve never even a million years would’ve imagined that she will finally get all the details, that too coming from an insider who has spent years in Sameer’s home. I hope they reveal their conversation soon. This has to be one of the best twists in the story.

Closing Thoughts – Loud & Noisy:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was nicely done & still interesting despite having a lot of filler scenes. I must say, even though it is appreciable that they have switched to instrumental background music, it still feels so loud & noisy. I was reminded of the old drama Doraha that I watched a couple of months ago & I couldn’t stop appreciating how easy its background score was on the ears. I wish the editors these days stop going overboard with the sound effects & overall sounds in the drama because it literally is enough to give someone a headache. I started watching this episode on a sound level of 20 but by the end of the episode, I had reduced it to 12, no joke! & yes, I was waiting for it end because the music got unbearable. They really need to tone it down. All the actors are as usual doing a wonderful job, be it the main leads or the supporting actors. The writer & the director get full points for bringing a drama like Ishq Zahe Naseeb to our TV screens. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • i felt this week the episode was all over the place, maybe editing defects but yes I feel Akbar would have told the facts to Gauhar and I feel she will agree for the marriage for the fact she knows about Sabeeha and for Sameer’s sake as she has soft corner for him and not for the loan amount

    • Yes, Gauhat has developed a soft corner for Sameer & she feels he is misunderstood. She will agree to this marriage but will be faced with another huge challenge, but I can’t wait to see Gauhar outbidding Sabeeha.

      • Yes Zahra, I want Gauhar outbidding Sabeeha, but Sameer deserves some happiness and really sad that he will die, is it necessary to kill his character to prove the future told by that lady??

        • Yes, I don’t want anything happening to Sameer, he is a good person with some issues. He definitely deserves love & happiness in his life which has been miserable because of his step-mom for so so long.

  • Very very zabardast review. Yes episode was full of filler scenes except Akbar ones… you speak my words i was also thinking the same of sabeeha, did you remember once dr. Told her that sameer will be fine if he has any person who accepts him with his disorder then he will be able to get rid of it otherwise he would die. I think sabeeha doesn’t want him to be okay that’s why she protested for zoya and now Gauher. She has other motives which should be unearthed… by the way, safa jhakaas wala review dey diya hai aapney as usual

    • Thank you so much for reading the review & your encouragement. :) Yes, one thing is for sure, Sabeeha does not have Sameer’s best interests & she does not want him to overcome his disorders. May be this is the reason why she gathers all the information from the doctor to know what will work for him, so that she does the exact opposite to make his condition worse or to plan against him accordingly. Can’t wait to find out more. :)

  • Great review, and yes the way they are showing personality disorder isn’t how it works,
    in my view sameer seems more of the bipolar schizophrenic patient than having personality disorder…

    • Thank you Sheen. Yes, things with such disorders is that they can occur or get triggered any time of the day, but to see Sameer having kept his evenings & nights for his 2nd personality to take over is a bit of a stretch.

      • Its my take that his step mom is the one who makes sameera appear more prominently. Just to be able to cope with her he calls upon sameera and now it seems gohar. It also explains why he did not step out of his office to help gauhar when sabihah was insulting her.

          • I disagree.
            Have you guys seen Split or any other movie covering split personalities? There are dominant and recessive personalities which are able to control when a personality shows itself and when it doesn’t. If he’s afraid of the dark, it makes sense that the other personality comes out then to help him but stays dormant the rest of the day.
            It definitely doesn’t look like a case of bipolar schizophrenia to me. I’m not a professional, but I know people that have that.

    • Personality disorder can occur when he is alone and that’s why he prefers staying alone, and for time is concerned, doctor did mention that yes it’s rare/strange that it only happens after dark

  • Great review Zarah. Your reviews are always awesome. I have been reading them for a long time.

  • Did anyone notice why Kashif’s both sisters were acting like 3 years old, running around in the garden and breaking plants pots while mom was fixing marriage date? Don’t they have basic manners to sit nicely and behave, being a guest at someone’s house?

      • I also feel that, when Gauhar thinks about the fortune teller, she thinks Kashif as the 1st husband the fortune teller referred to as he was out of her life very soon and she thinks Sameer as the 2nd one, she never really understood what fortune teller told her! When I was rewatching the 14th episode I felt it!

  • Zahra did u notice the last scene? Sameer is replacing Sameera/Shakira with Gauhar… I think he is now going to rely more on Gauhar than Sameera… That’s going to be a big development too

    • Yes, I did. It was super interesting. Sabeeha dealt with Shakira for the sole reason & now when she has assessed that Sameer is getting closer to Gauhar, she is on her case. Sameer has definitely started finding peace in the idea of having Gauhar around him.

  • I like this drama but one thing I didn’t really liked about it is that it is kind of promoting fortune tellers which obviously we all know is shirk !
    That shrine lady telling Gauhar that your first husband will die etc etc and even Gauhar is believing in it and of course we know in the end everything will happen according to her predictions.

    • I so agree, this thing puts me off too. Even the Fakir Sameer met at the shrine briefly told him that he had some issues & had a vision about his dual personality. Too much.

  • very nice review, loud music spoils the fun of watching what is happening with the story pity that they don’t think of us poor viewers that give them the fame that are getting

  • Zahra! Thank you for beautifully written review! Episode 3rd review for Alif is not showing in the website? Can you please share the link?

  • On spot review Zahra 👌🏼. I really enjoyed this ep of IZN . Kudos to Hashim Nadeem for bringing such an original script to the television… Watching such a serial is an absolute treat👍👍. I am really enjoying Sameer’s developing relationship with Gauhar.. it seems very subtle and natural. However, the last scene of today’s ep was definitely the most impactful scene when Sameer calls for Shakra but Gauhar steps out in the her outfit. It really symbolized the personality change in Sameer’s character. Though, I think that the director should stop forcing flashbacks again and again.. the necklace scene btw Kashif and Gauhar has been repeated a trillion times!! Otherwise this drama is brilliant.

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim for appreciating the review. Yes, that scene was really significant, it showed that Sameer has started relying on Gauhar a lot more than he realizes & this is exactly why Sabeeha is on her case now. She doesn’t want anyone to walk in Sameer’s life.

      I definitely agree about the flashback scenes, they make the episodes slow & dragged at some points, plus the horrible background music doesn’t help either. :|

  • Definitely more of a filler episode with a few good scenes.

    I had guessed that the Male servant Akbar would be the brother. I don’t think he is her real brother even though he referred to her as sister.

    I think when he said don’t tell anyone woh meri behn ko maar de gi, he was referring to Sameer’s step mother.

    Personally I think she had an affair with Sameer’s dad, wanted all the money, used Sameer’s mum as a scape goat to get rid of her and then she killed Sameer’s dad ! What she didn’t expect was for Sameer’s dad to put that clause in his will.

    Great review as always, thank you Zahra.

    Waiting for next episode and review!

    • Thank you so much Azi. Yes, even I feel Akbar might not be related but props to you if you guessed that he must be the ‘brother’ the caretaker spoke about because I am sure very few people must’ve guessed it right. Yes, Sabeeha obviously got married because she wanted everything that Sameer’s father had & this is the sole reason why she manipulated & played with Sameer’s psychology to mess it up. This script surely is very interesting, waiting to find out more. :)

  • Hey zahra where i can find ur reviews i m reading it first time nd u write so well which really impress me i want to read more

  • There should have been some contribution of Sameer in the scenes after Gohar left from Sabiha’s ranting. Not necessarily in the form of intervention but any form of contact of consolation for Gohar. I personally would have loved if Gohar passed Sameer’s office room and they had a moment, a very personal one, of sad eye contact through the cabin glass. Would have added a whole other dimension to the scene.

    Baaqi this episode was full of fillers except Akbar wala big scene & the very very powerful scene of Gohar replacing Sameera at the end oof. Can’t wait for next Friday.

    Love your reviews & wait eagerly for them after every episode Zahra!

  • I love love this drama and the ost but I just have one problem,the ost is almost played every 2 or 5 minutes….why?For a drama with a huge fan following,I would expect them not to drag the drama using ost..Apart from that,the emotion of gauhar knowing about her boyfriend wedding made me cry…sonya hussain has done a great job.And I keep coming to this website for your reviews.You always do a great and honest job.Well done and all the best.

  • Excellent review Zahra as usual. I have a little confusion, in Akbar and gohar scene it felt like gohar said “yeh suriya begum he hain na SALEEM sir ki sagi maa?” Is it only me or anybody else also heard that? Or may be I have heard the wrong name.

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