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11 kinds of people you should stay away from

Everyone loves to get to know other people and eventually make friends or get into a relationship with them. But it is equally important to look for the best personality traits in a person before you jump into any commitment or work relationship. Here’s a list of toxic people you should stay away from:

The Naysayer

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Naysayers are people who always critical of you and your work. They hardly appreciate anything and are always looking for things to pick on. Naysayers have a pessimistic attitude towards life thus mostly have a negative outlook towards life. No one or nothing is ever good for them or successful enough to please them.

The Showoff

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There are two kinds of showoff in this world. Those who have material possession which they constantly brag about, while on the other hand there are those who have nothing yet boast about how brilliant they are. People who showoff consistently make others feel bad about themselves.

The Gossiper

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Gossipers have nothing productive to do in their lives so they live theirs by constantly bickering about others. They find happiness in others failures and find faults in people’s happiness. Also, they are quick to spread rumors about people.

The Liar

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Lying may be a natural trait which is almost present in everyone but there are habitual liars who leave no room for trust in relationships whether it is work, family or love.

The Slacker

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Slackers are extremely lazy and demotivated people who do not enjoy doing any kind of work; be it the smallest things such as keeping their room clean, getting up for a glass or water, etc.

The Soul Sucker

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These kind of people burden you with their problems instead of asking you even once about your well-being. Such people want you to act as your therapist and be there for you every second of the day. These kind of people can be toxic for your life.

The Hater

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“Haters gonna hate”

This quote couldn’t be more true. People who hate you even hate you for no reason at all. You could be loved by everyone but they’ll hate you for this even. Their hatred for you stems from jealousy. These kind of people suffer from inferiorty complex which is hard to cure.

The Jealous One

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Haters eventually turn into people who are jealous of you. They envy all your success and accomplishments and would do anything in order for you to fail. Neither are they happy with their lives, nor can be happy for anyone else.

The Victim

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The victims love to play with their feelings and meddle with others too because they choose not to better their lives and stay miserable while letting others down as well.

The Needy One

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Needy people always come around asking for stuff whether it’s notes at school or some money to borrow. They are a mix of a slacker plus a needy person who would rather not tend to themselves but look for others to help them instead.

The Manipulative One

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Manipulators are the worst kind of people to have in your live. That is because you can’t differentiate between them being your friend or enemy, they act as a wellwisher but in reality coax you to do things they want.