Coke Studio Shines For Ten Years And Counting !!

Coke Studio will air its much anticipated tenth session in August, 2017. With this mega show all set to reach its tenth anniversary merely in a few days, let’s take a look at the the most popular musical Tv program in Pakistan.

Coke Studio has gained massive popularity because it records live many music genres and collabrates with artists new and old. There  is an ethereal aura around the Studio as live music is played and all the band members and instrumental artists are present on screen. The way they do team work and the rhythm that flows between all these individuals is what makes Coke Studio so mesmerising to watch. The first six seasons were produced by Rohail Hayat of Vital Signs and the later four are by Strings. No matter the producers’ team, Coke studies is genuinely increasing in popularity with each passing year.

Since the first show of Coke Studio in June 2008, the program has been consistently focusing on a fusion of the diverse musical influences in Pakistan, including eastern classical, folk, qawwali, ghazal, bhangra, Sufi, contemporary hip hop, rock and pop music.

Here are some of the most popular songs of Coke Studio over the years;

1. Sir Kiyae by strings from season 1 was among its most popular songs. Though it does seem dark and unrefined as compared to the technical evolution of today, it was the among first of this innovative genre of music and hence, still stands strong in memories.

2. Aik Alif by Saeen Zahoor and Noori was a spiritual tune that got immense appreciation in season 2.

3. Jugni of season 3 created magic by the immense vocal harmony between Meesha Shafi and Arif Lohar. It is one of the most beautiful compilations of Coke Studio to date.

4. Daanah Pah Daanah was a very special number of season 4 by Komal Rizvi and Akhtar Zahri.

5. Koi Labda from season 5 by Symt and Sanam Marvi is still one of the most virwed songs from the show.

6. Laila O Laila was by Rohail Hyatt was a beautiful redention of the Baluchi tune and it was memorable exit by him as a producer of the program.

7. Dost by Abida Parveen was probably the best out of the lot in season 7. Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia had definitely taken over the show for the better and the brilliance carried on in the future episodes as well.

8. Tajdar e Haram by Atif Aslam kept on being a show stealer from season 8.

9. Rang by Amjad Sabri and Rahat Fateh Ali was the most anticipated song of season nine and it did not disappoint the listeners at all.


There are many more songs from the show that have created wonders over the years. During this ten years’ journey, Coke Studio was a bit slow to gain popularity in the start since people were not too keen on the newer versions of their old favourites. Around the third season, it was a household name, and then it faltered again. Listeners’ high expectations were not adequately met, especially regarding the selection criteria of singers. However, from the seventh season, it had again amassed appreciation. The start of season 8 by Tajdar e Haram’s immense popularity did wonders for both Coke Studio and Atif Aslam. Season 9 also managed to produce some beautiful numbers by Mohsin Abbas Haider, Shiraz Uppal, Abida Parveen and of course veterans Amjad Sabri and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Be it the pairing of Atif Aslam with Gul Parna or Momina Mustehsan with Rahat Fateh Ali or Mehwish Hayat with Shiraz Uppal, Coke Studio experiments, explores, deviates, surprises and never fails to mesmerize its audience with the oddest of combinations and creating magic with them on screen.

Despite all the hits and misses, Coke Studio still remains “the” one platform where your vocals and intonation, if selected, can put you in immediate spotlight for name and fame. It has brought many home singers to public eye. Let’s see how the upcoming season fares, since it will mark an important milestone for Coke Studio.

Mehwish Mansoor