Teri Raza Episode 03 Review – Cringe Alert!

Ohkay so, it is amazing how from being clichéd this story went to being cringe-worthy. There were so many cringes in this episode that I am not sure if I’d be able to cover them all. I think the producers of this drama very well knew that the story had nothing new to offer, so to draw the attention of the viewers in, they pushed Sanam Baloch to take the bullet for the team because they knew that no matter what, her fans are going to watch this drama. It is actually quite sad that Sanam Baloch decided to make a come back but with the story which is absolutely hideous & is filled with such boring characters.

First off, the focus on Istikhara seemed way too forced because it was so obvious that the writer wanted things to work in Paa Mmtyaz’s favor. It was actually cringe worthy how before even resorting to the Istikhara, Dadi kept on pushing everyone to think beyond Imtiyaz’s age & see him as a perfect match for Suhana. I swear I have no idea how many times I cringed when Dadi referred to Imtiyaaz as ‘acha larka’ because gurl, he is anything but a ‘larka’, even for your age! At first I was kind of relieved to see the resistance by Suhana’s parents but in the very next scene they showed Zafar favoring Imtiyaz’s proposal for Suhana? There have been zero developments in the characters & they seem so one-dimensional that it shows that the writer didn’t do much thinking while penning down the script & especially the characters!

I mean I really don’t understand why they decided to promote stereotypes, as if Imtiyaz was the last guy left on the Earth & if Suhana wouldn’t get married to him, her life would be over? Once again, how old is Suhana? She is just a university student so I really didn’t understand why her parents agreed to this proposal? The way there was so much focus on Imtiyaz’s age & then Istikhara suggested as if Suhana’s entire family was far more worried about Imtiyaz’s biological clock ticking because no one in their right state of mind would get their young daughter married to someone who is double her age & is probably the first suitor that has contacted them for this matter?

Another cringe worthy scenario was when Suhana’s mother started pressurizing Suhana that she should tell Rameez to send his parents ASAP, like only so that they could reject Imtiyaz’s proposal, they wanted Rameez to approach them & even if he didn’t, why were there no thoughts given to the fact that they could politely reject Imtiyaz because they didn’t see her as Suhana’s match? It was like just because they didn’t get the second proposal, they didn’t want to turn the first one down? Desperation much?

I am kind of dreading seeing Suhana’s forlorn face in the rest of the drama because even though she said she agreed to get married to Imtiyaz as her Daadi got the sign through Istikhara, she still wasn’t ready to accept Imtiyaz or give him a chance? If that was the case & if that’s how Suhana was going to react, then she should’ve taken a stand saying if not Rameez, then no Imtiyaz as well? Like she decided to accept Istikhara, but not the person who through Istikhara was chosen for her? Does that even make sense? Also, I am not sure what the writer here is trying to promote? Manzura’s claim that someone didn’t have children because she chose to go against Istikhara only shed a light on the negative mindset of the writer because things don’t roll that way & nothing & absolutely nothing can predict what the future might hold for someone. Also, it was actually sickening to see someone’s childlessness being used as her bad luck because she didn’t go by Istikhara? First off, I’d like to tell the writer that someone’s childlessness doesn’t define anything or any bad luck, so I actually detested seeing the stereotypes being promoted. The writer definitely needs to know better! Istikhara only guides people through but it most certainly doesn’t tell what the future is going to be like!!!

Another cringe-worthy scene was when Suhana, the desperate Suhana ended up calling Rameez’s father asking if he was coming to her place or not? LOL! Like seriously, how desperate are you girl? This was the height of cringing & I mean I didn’t roll my eyes on Imtiyaz’s silk robe as much as I did throughout this scene. I really don’t get the rush that was shown in this drama to get Suhana hitched to someone!!!???!!! Let her complete her studies first please & then shift the focus on her marriage please!!!

Another cringe-worthy, typical & boring scenario was Dadi’s sudden decline in health & then her regaining her health back the moment Suhana got engaged? LOL! How many times are we going to rely on heart attacks, deaths or in this case unconsciousness to push the story forward in the direction that the one who suffers through some health issues wants? Just because Dadi fainted, the moment she woke up, she had Suhana’s engagement on her mind while still telling her that she ain’t putting any pressures on her? Yes, I do understand that they tried to show that Suhana will take some time in getting over her heart break & the lies that Rameez told but I think they should’ve shown Suhana putting everything on hold & dealing with her heartbreak first rather than rushing into this forced engagement. It was amusing how during the engagement ceremony, even Suhana’s parents were sad & had no happiness on their faces, like seriously it made me think aggar aisa hi tha to itni kya jaldi thi?

The preview of the next episode showed Rameez’s re-entry & Suhana second guessing Dadi’s Istikhara. I am not sure what to say about this story because it is just going to drag from this point onward. It is such a shame that the team of Teri Raza failed to leave a mark & impress the viewers because the story, the backbone of the project is weak! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza.

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