Daldal Episode 7 Review – Just Alright!

Ohkay so, this episode of Daldal had a few development to its credit. Even though what has been shown in this drama is a true depiction of reality but somehow I feel a few actors have taken the portrayal of their characters too far which somehow can get on your nerves. I can totally see why this drama isn’t gaining much popularity, it lacks something & the overall feel which attracts the viewers!

So, Saniya got engaged & her in-laws-to-be seemed a bit too commercial & materialistic. They left no stone unturned in making it obvious that for them this entire marriage was nothing less than a business deal & even Saniya’s family felt odd but they couldn’t say much. Even though I really appreciate Malik Raza’s acting & his prowess of portaying such characters to perfection but I feel he is being typecast & to see him playing more or less the same characters time & again isn’t fun anymore, plus the fact that he chooses the same type of acting for these characters doesn’t help either!

So, Kamran was having a hard time already when Saniya came with the news of her engagement. Kamran being sensitive couldn’t deal with it but even then he tried to convince his family to send his proposal for Saniya even after her engagement. Sakina & Shuja really don’t believe in respecting others’ feelings that is why they didn’t pay heed to Kamran’s request. Kamran actually took things a bit too far & decided to end his life because the way he was insulted by both his family & Saniya was a bit too much for him to handle. In this entire family, Kamran & his father are two sane people but it is sad that Shuja & Sakina’s negativity & dominance outbids their niceness & rational approach in almost all the decisions.

Shuja was over the moon because his father in law told him that he will be getting a visa real soon. Shuja obviously thought now that his dream was going to get materialized, he didn’t have to put up with anything at his job & he ended up resigning it. It was wise of Shuja’s father to remind him that even his visa to London won’t grant him a quick fix to all his financial problems but Shuja is so blinded that he doesn’t want to listen to him.

I hated the way Sakina was treating Hira. Even though she knows that it is because of Hira that Shuja is getting a chance to go to London but she doesn’t believe in giving Hira the respect she deserves. Even Sakina knows that Hira loves & respects Shuja way more than he deserves, that is why even she is taking an advantage of it. I really want to see some growth in Hira’s character like I want to see her standing up for herself to Sakina & even Shuja because she is too nice for her own disadvantage.

Overall, this episode was just alright. I really feel Zahid Ahmed is the weakling in this drama, he has been over-acting & it is way too obvious that he was trying really hard to showcase the frustration of a hard-working ambitious man but he took it a bit too far. Another actor that over-acted her character is Asma Abbas, yes she has been realistic but her character & acting are a bit off-putting. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Daldal.

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