Dar Khuda Se Episode 5 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – One-Sided For Now:

Ohkay so, this episode of Dar Khuda Se again focused on the aftermath of Azhar’s nikkah to Shehla. Even though this side of the story is also quite important to be told but I guess it would’ve made the drama a little more engaging if they had also kept on showing Shahwez’s life unfold on the side too. So far the story is coming across as one-sided & because there’s nothing much new in Afreen & her family’s track, it is kind of coming across a little less engaging.

Azhar’s Family Was Not Happy:

Azhar brought Shehla home & everyone had one thing or the other to say about it. Afreen knew that nothing could be undone therefore she told Tamkeen to relax & accept the fact that Azhar was now married. Azhar has pretty much made up his mind, he knew obviously that his family won’t jump with joy that is why he stood firm on his decision & kept on taking a stand for Shehla. Azhar had no shame in admitting that he got married for selfish reasons & he even let his parents know that he holds them responsible for pushing them to this limit.

Azhar’s father came to a solution where he wanted to do everything properly so that later on, no one blames him or his family, plus he was worried about the fact that this could jeopardize the chances of his daughters’ marriages. Even though Azhar’s mother was not happy but still she half-heartedly accepted Shehla but when it came to Tamkeen, she made it very obvious to both Shehla as well as Azhar that she was not going to allow them the peace of mind they were looking for. Tamkeen has her own issues & she has grudges against her father too because she thinks he has double standards but then Afreen continued to explain to Tamkeen but she obviously didn’t understand.

Junaid & his wife did feel that Afreen was a very nice girl but considering the kind of family she belonged to convinced them that they could not carry on with this proposal. This is yet another aspect that the writer has touched upon where she has shown that for some people, family background matters quite a lot & they were obviously not wrong in feeling a little hesitant about pursuing this proposal. Junaid’s wife had her own reasons but still both of the did feel for Afreen as they knew she was paying the price for something she was not responsible for.

On Shahwez’s side of the story, nothing much happened apart from his wife finding out about his fling with the house maid. Shahwez actually thinks he is a hit too smart & he underestimates his wife’s intelligence that is why he was taking such a huge risk but he obviously got caught & he doesn’t even have an idea.

Closing Thoughts – Still A Decent Watch:

Overall, this episode of Dar Khuda Se was pretty basic but I still enjoy watching it considering the fact that we have so many depressing dramas on air right now, this one feels a little less heavy & pretty much showcases the day to day struggles of a middle class family in a realistic manner. Yes we also have a contrast in the form of Shahwez’s life so it is a pretty good balance. This drama obviously is not extra special but it surely is a good watch. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dar Khuda Se.

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