Deedan Episode 13 – 15 Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Disappointing:

Ohkay so, it is a done deal that Deedan is not only a bad drama but it is a flop too & no wonder why it didn’t garner any attention or popularity despite having a strong cast because the story & characters are a joke to put it in simple words. Week after week I actually waited for it to improve or kick-start but it continued to touch new lows every single time!

A Drama So Bad It Leaves You Baffled:

Palwasha is a gone case. Even though they have tried to show her as a damsel in distress who has a manipulative, controlling & shady husband but to honest, in stead of feeling anything for her, I feel annoyed at her stupidity. Alam Zeb has made it quite obvious to Palwsha that he is not someone who can be trusted so for her to fall for his lies again & again is pathetic. Also, Palwsha is an independent woman who makes a living for herself so why is it so hard for her to call her family or anyone in the village & ask them directly about whatever she wants to know about Resham or anything else for that matter? Alam Zeb keeps on stalling but Palwasha continues to wait for him thinking he will do what she asked him to? Palwasha’s helplessness is just forced & unconvincing. Plus what was the point of showing her touching the skies professionally when they just had to show that she is someone who can not take a stand for herself & conveniently allows her husband to fool her every single time!

Resham got captured by Gulbaz & then the entire village decided a punishment of stoning her? What are they trying to promote or show here? As far as I know, our actors are very vocal about women empowerment & women liberation & progressiveness so what are they actually trying to portray it to the world by showing such kind of dramas? It is absolutely unacceptable that in such an attractive packaging they are just selling an outdated concept here. Gulbaz is one story but Gul Makai (read Huma Nawab) is intolerable. Also, are they going to show that Zardab didn’t die & that he will once again come back & rescue Resham? A woman who is already married to someone else again? Seeing the snippets of their love story was another cringey factor of this episode.

Closing Thoughts – Trainwreck:

It is actually quite shocking to see that the director could not extract the best acting out of all those actors who, in other dramas, perform brilliantly. I think the person responsible for turning Deedan into a train wreck is the director. Also, the writer forgot that just coming out with a concept is just not enough, scriptwriting is an extensive exercise which requires a lot of detailing & hard work. It is shocking to see how all the characters are coming across as caricatures because they have been performed by those actors who have a lot of experience in acting but looks like they couldn’t do much because the director failed big time. Please share your thoughts.

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