Deedan Episode 8 Story Review – Unimpressive

Opening Thoughts – Nothing New:

Ohkay so, this episode of Deedan was more like an elaboration of the preview that we get to see by the end of every single episode. Since there isn’t much that Deedan has to offer, watching a preview of it is more than enough. It is a shame that despite having such strong actors & such beautiful locations the story of this drama isn’t brilliant!

Same Old Situations:

Resham tried to retaliate but then no one came to her help. I must say, Zardab should get an award for being a naqaam ashiq because after one failed plan, he failed yet again. It is understandable that things have not been in Zardab & Resham’s favor but still, to see them failing in such petty ways is amusing where at first Resham’s father caught them & twisted the reality & this time around Zardab’s brother stopped him simply by putting a lock on the door? Funny. Also, if Zardab mustered up the courage to go to Resham’s house personally then what was he or even she waiting for? They could’ve eloped then & there but oh well!

Gul Makai’s role in bringing Gulbaz Khan & Resham together is funny. She only doesn’t want to let go of the housemaid that she has got in the form of Resham therefore she doesn’t mind sharing her husband who actually looks like her brother. As much the writer has tried to give these characters some personality, I don’t see it in them also there is zero intensity & the chemistry between the actors, which makes it a very bland experience watching Deedan.

Palwasha is getting groomed day by day & considering she has done only a few modelling projects so far, that seems a bit too much. Also, for someone like Palwasha who happens to be quite conscious of her surroundings, this entire makeover seems unrealistic & too forced. Despite the progress in her career, there’s nothing new or exciting in her track because all she does is doubt Aalam Zeb for a second, forgets about the next & calls Resham every other day. She might as well forget her accent too considering how she has changed everything about her

Closing Thoughts – Unimpressive:

So far Deedan’s story has not been impressive but I am still waiting to see if there’s more to it because I fail to accept that this entire team got together for such a mediocre drama? A part of me still believes (or want to believe) that they have a very interesting set of events in store for us which will impress us as a viewer, let’s see. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Deedan.

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