Deepak Parwani’s 4th Flagship opened in Karachi!

The man who has turned himself as a huge brand when it comes to fashion industry, an actor who looks good in any role he picks for himself, whether it be ‘Mere Paas Paas’ or Kadurat now, Deepak Parwani stands alone in the list of the designers who are great actors as well. Being close to the media industry, Deepak has always made sure that his designs and trends compliment his fellow celebrities who love to wear his outfits.

He has recently launched his 4th flagship store in Karachi and 5th countrywide. His new store opening at Dolmen Mall Karachi turned out to be the best one for him up till now where many friends and well-wishers made their way for the opening ceremony including Momal Sheikh, Hasan Rizvi, Nomi Ansari, Rukaiya Adamjee, Wardha Saleem, Nubain, Tapu Javeri, Ayesha Omer, Anoushey Ashraf, Pinky Naveed, Xhalay Sarhadi, Attiya Khan, Sherenaz, Sadaf Malatere and many more.

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The Deepak Perwani store at Dolmen City Mall brings a team of fashion and lifestyle service professionals dedicated to understanding customer needs, preferences and opinions to advise on products and gather feedback. The approach empowers the brand to constantly adjust and implement popular requirements whilst retaining the brand philosophy.

 We wish him all the very best for his new outlet and future endeavors,



Nida Zaidi


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