Dhaani Episode 13 Review – Sameer’s Being Unreasonably Selfish!

Dhaani Episode 13 Review – Sameer’s Being Unreasonably Selfish!

Ohkay so, this episode of Dhaani was quite interesting because it balanced out the sufferings of both the people involved in something they don’t want to put a label on.

Dhaani had her bad experience after getting rejected but looks like even though Sameer is unhappy about how things are shaping up in his life, the main reason of his restlessness is Dhaani. Dhaani was down & depressed but what pushed her to the limit was when she heard from Shaani that Sameer wanted to speak to her for the very last time. Dhaani knows that there’s nothing that he can or he will do, so there’s no point in giving him another chance. Sameer has been unable to figure out what is bothering him, like is it the unnecessary pressure that his family has put on him or is it the void that Dhaani has left in his life, which is why he is getting quite anxious & angry as the days are passing by.

I liked the conversation Sameer’s sister in law had with him. She is probably the only person in the entire family who can not only understand but can relate to everything that Sameer is feeling because she herself has been through it all. It was good to see that Sameer had someone who he could confide in, that is why without even bothering much, Sameer just straight away told her that he wasn’t thrilled with the news of his & Maya’s engagement. Sameer is a free bird, that is something that we all know, but for the first time we got to know that Sameer doesn’t like the system of social climbing that prevails in his family. Sameer hates the idea of mixing personal & professional lives to reap the benefits out of it. Sameer & Maya’s engagement was another business deal that Rehan finalized without even asking Sameer because for him, Sameer’s happiness wasn’t important at all & that was something that put Sameer off big time!

Talk about the timing gone wrong, Dhaani had to get engaged the same day Sameer was getting engaged, that too in the same vicinity. I honestly didn’t like how easily Sameer agreed for this engagement, like he didn’t retaliate at all or didn’t try to buy himself some time for himself to sort things out in his life. Even though he wasn’t ready for a life long commitment, Sameer didn’t even try to tell his family the truth about his feelings for Maya & the only thing he made a fuss about was the venue of his engagement ceremony, which made me dislike his character even more. As far as not understanding what love means, Sameer is justified but when it comes to focusing on nominal things & not taking a stand for the right thing at the right time, Sameer seems quite immature & irrational. Sameer has been struggling emotionally since the day his family announced his engagement & he has been quite rude with Maya too, so I don’t understand what’s the point of obediently accepting something that he’s not into? Now when Maya is all happy, Sameer will affect her life by being rude to her & by being aloof to her feelings, which she most certainly does not deserve. I know things are not that easy but if Sameer didn’t love Maya & also he couldn’t bluntly refuse his family, he could at least buy himself some time to think things through because now when he will call his engagement off in the future, it will cause more hurt to Maya & to both the families involved. I feel Sameer chose to stay quiet for the wrong thing at the wrong time!

I loved the way Raja snapped out of his depression to make Shaani & Dhaani smile. He is such a selfless guy & I admire the lengths he goes to for the sake of his cousins. I wish Kaleem could understand how nice Raja is & hadn’t been so hard on him because that way Bee Jee could’ve told her brother about Raja’s feelings for Dhaani. Even though I know it’s not going to happen but I’m still rooting for Raja & Dhaani’s union because I still don’t think Sameer’s worth it & he also proved that he is quite selfish by the unreasonable demand he put forth in front of his friend. Now that Sameer has had this emotional awakening all of a sudden, he will end up hurting Dhaani, her entire family & Amjad’s family too, which to be honest none of them deserve to go through.

Overall, this entire episode was pretty decent but I wish to see some progress in the story & some happening episodes in the future. All the actors have done an amazing job & the director has beautifully directed this play. I feel even the supporting actors have done their bit well but the girl playing the role of Maya is quite weak in terms of acting. I know she was hired to play a certain kind of a role but I guess any girl could’ve faked an accent because it’s the acting in general that is important & should be impressive & not a certain way of speaking of someone to be assigned a character to portray. I also wish the makeup artists had taken care of the actress playing Maya’s character because her complexion looks ashy & muddy & her face looks quite greasy in all the scenes, may be she was after a dewy look but it just didn’t work. I tried to avoid talking about that actress in the previous reviews but since she is getting so much of coverage at this stage, I just had to say it. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani.

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