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Dhaani Episode 12 – The Aftermath of The Storm!

Ohkay so, this episode of Dhaani was so beautiful & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I love the way the writer & the director have made sure in the previous episodes that the viewers form a connection with all the characters, because now when they all are going through a heart-break, we can’t help feeling for them. This happens when the writers put a heart & soul into all the characters that they write because that’s when you actually relate to them & their journey.

Dhaani, oh dear, you’re making one mistake after another. Dhaani’s first mistake was that she fell for a guy like Sameer who is immature & doesn’t understand the emotion of love & then her second mistake was agreeing to Amjad’s proposal without even thinking things through. May be Sameer never really put much thought into the fact that he needs a love in his life because all this while, he has been getting so much of attention that he grew comfortable with the idea that he will meet girls, befriend them & move on without having any strings attached. Like I have always said, the only reason why Sameer was intrigued by Dhaani was because of her look out on life. Sameer actually was fascinated by the idea of a girl, belonging to such a different world, having so much of courage & backbone to follow her heart but he never really explored what his heart felt about her.

Dhaani only started speaking to Sameer because she assumed that he was interested in her & will eventually get married to her because if she had known that he was never serious about her, she wouldn’t have given him an edge. Even though I am not a fan of Sameer but he seemed justified in his reaction when out of the blue he heard Dhaani speaking about marriage because it went to show that his attitude was not only like that with Maya but even with Dhaani & all the other girls he must’ve shared a friendship with. Dhaani was wrong rather gullible to think that he was her Mr. Right & he was only showing interest in her because he intended to marry her. That’s where the writer beautifully brought in the difference of perspective of people belonging to two different social classes. I know it can fall into the category of stereotyping but then I don’t really mind because it’s a love story & it is a drama, so for that matter, this is justified. Sameer never really understood & he didn’t even try to understand how much Dhaani was putting at stake for the sake of this friendship. Sameer didn’t even realize that Dhaani had so much of pressure on her & she was actually crossing the line & was exploiting the trust her father & her entire family had in her, why, because he belongs to such a social class where parents don’t put such pressures on their children. Sameer has lived his life like a free bird, that is why he couldn’t understand Dhaani’s harsh reaction & didn’t really get where she was coming from. Dhaani on the other hand believed that this relationship actually was a serious commitment for Sameer because she couldn’t even conceive of the fact that a random guy, who gave her his phone & who was going out of the way to spend time with her would just want to be her ‘friend’ & nothing else.

Well, Dhaani was forced to wake up & smell the coffee & when she realized that everything was a mistake & a farce, her dreams & her expectations were shattered. I loved the conversation Dhaani had with her sister, where in stead of blaming Sameer, she realized her mistake & said that she is mad at herself for doing everything for Sameer whereas she wasn’t his someone special. Dhaani is immature that is why in a weak moment, she agreed to Amjad’s proposal. I loved the scene that the entire family shared where Kaleem told Dhaani how she made him happy & Bee Jee tried to console her that she wasn’t going to leave this house immediately. I just loved that scene because it showed how decent, simple & humble Kaleem’s entire family was. They are very decent & simple people who still believe in keeping their word & till date give preference to ethics & morals.

Well, I liked the fact that after seeing Dhaani’s reaction & telling her what his thoughts were, Sameer’s heart wasn’t at ease. I loved how the tables have turned because first it was Dhaani who had a heart-break & now it was Sameer’s turn. Sameer was restless all this time & it looked like it was for the first time that Sameer was forced to explore what was in his heart & when he reflected, he realized that it was only Dhaani who could make him understand why he was feeling a certain way. Sameer’s family has finalized his & Maya’s marriage, but now I am looking forward to the time when Sameer will take a stand.

I loved the entire conversation that Raja & his friends had, it just showed how for people belonging to humble backgrounds, the emotions matter the most. Where Sameer’s family was using Sameer as a step for social climbing & were treating his marriage as a business deal, where they were thinking of melting people’s heart by conducting his engagement ceremony in interiors of the city & where they all seemed so superficial & emotionally absent materialistic robots, there were these guys who had nothing but compassion for each other & were worried for their friend Raja because they all were in touch with their emotional side. It was beautiful!

Overall, this entire episode of Dhaani was like a roller-coaster ride, it had emotions, it had drama, it had some amazing conversations & some very important realizations that were long due. Madiha Imam has done wonders as Dhaani & I think the casting director should take a bow for such a brilliant casting of all the actors as they all are doing a wonderful job. The director has given a perfect feel to this drama because where there’s so much of warmth in the scenes of Dhaani’s family, the family of Sameer seems so cold & everyone seems quite self-absorbed. The writer has done a brilliant job & has brought all these emotions & realities in such a perfect way. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani.

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Zahra Mirza.

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