Dhaani Episode 19 Review – End It ASAP!

Ohkay so, I hate to say this but Dhaani drama has come to a point where it is becoming hard for me to sit through its episodes. The pace of the drama has slowed down considerably & there is nothing that the drama is offering from the last 4 – 5 episodes. I think the story of the drama was best suited for 16-18 episodes but as usual the habit of stretching the drama has changed the way I used to look at this drama. This is one of the reasons why I procrastinated watching Dhaani because it is getting harder for me to give this drama a go & I am dreading tuning to the next episode of this drama already!

So, Sameer finally landed himself a job & Amjad seems pretty impressed with how Sameer is performing. Sameer has already gotten into Amjad’s good books so I won’t be surprised if after getting to know that Dhaani is the guy Sameer is in love with, Amjad will back off!

The initial part of the episode involved a lot of yelling & screaming which I most certainly can not tolerate. I know it was required to showcase the emotions that everyone in Dhaani’s family is going through when it comes to Sameer, but that’s not something that I sign up for when I tune to a drama, so it was such a put-off for me. Babu Niyaz ended up facing the brunt for giving a place to Sameer to live & the way he pleaded Sameer’s case was actually quite reasonable & rational. It is his home & he is entitled to bring anyone in, as his tenant or as his friend, that is why those who sat together to come to a conclusion about this matter couldn’t really say much as Niyaz had a point!

Raja’s friends attacked Sameer in Raja’s absence, that is why Kaleem couldn’t understand who it was that hurt Sameer & for what reason. Kaleem has zero sympathy for Sameer as he suffered a lot of embarrassment because of him, but I don’t really understand one thing, Kaleem only heard things from Rehan but he never really tried to get to know why Dhaani’s name got involved or linked with Sameer? It is good to know that he trusts his daughter but at least Kaleem should get into the detail of the matter to find out what is it that has forced Sameer to leave everything behind & most importantly who is it that Sameer is doing all this for, because may be that way, he will stop being so rigid towards him & might as well consider getting Dhaani married to someone she is not in love with.

It is actually quite sad to see Dhaani being fizzled out in the background from last so many episodes, like she was the girl who had a personality, had some dreams & had this persona, but it is sad to see her turning into a sobbing-queen whose only motive in life was to fall for a guy & get married to him, because now when things have become shaky and unfavorable, she is seen crying all over the place as if her life has ended!

Overall, this episode was way too slow & was quite boring as well. I really hope they finish this drama off soon & edit out the remaining episodes to fit the ending into the next couple of episodes as these many number of episodes are enough, in fact in my opinion they have exceeded a number that was required to cover a story like this. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dhaani!

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