Dialogue Of Mere Paas Tum Ho Is Receiving Backlash

The very famous drama nowadays Mere Paas Tum Ho has taken the internet by storm. The character of Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) is receiving negative comments who is playing the role of a cheating wife. Social media was going crazy over the dialogue ‘dou takkay ki aurat’ which was used for Mehwish.

People are complaining that the perspective of Mehwish is ignored. People are defending her character that she was not a cheater rather she made a choice for herself because she was a materialistic woman and she wanted growth in her life. The problem with the show is that there is no female perspective.

Many people asked real questions and raised their voices. Samina Peerzada raised her voice for women and how they are degraded in society.

Do Mardon nay Aapas main mehvish ki qeemat tai Karli aur phir usay do takay ka keh dia. Yani aurat ki apni koi marzi hai hi nahi. Wah ray pidar shahi zehan aur soch!

Gepostet von Samina Peerzada am Sonntag, 3. November 2019

Famous writer Farhat Ishtiaq was also against this mindset. She posted her views about how we treat women.

Dialogue Of Mere Paas Tum Ho Is Receiving Backlash

Mohammad Jerjees Seja CEO of Ary Digital posted a status in which he responded to the criticism on Mere Paas Tum Ho. He emphasized that these are just fictional characters and its just a drama serial.

Cant stop laughing after reading some of the comments about #Merepasstumho by some of the entertainment industry ppl….

Gepostet von Mohammad Jerjees Seja am Sonntag, 3. November 2019

Samina Peerzada didn’t hold back and commented under this post. Let’s check out what she had to say about this.

Dialogue Of Mere Paas Tum Ho Is Receiving Backlash

Dialogue Of Mere Paas Tum Ho Is Receiving Backlash

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  • I am sorry but Samina Peerzada has got it absolutely wrong, apni qeemat to Mehwish ne khud lagai, 2 mardo ne nahi.And Mehwish did Danish wrong on so many levels, so if he says 2 takay in the end it is absolutely justified .

    • I recall first it was Danish who took her in a party where shahwar instantly fallen for her. If she was that beautiful. could have been kept in hijaab rather make her ‘mehfil ki zeenat’. Shahwar took advantage and allured her using wealth. End result had to be this tragedy. Now who is culprit?? A man of course.

      • i dont understand why every conversation ends in hijab. i am a hijabi but being a hijabi will not suppress my ill intentions. hijab doesn’t change you from within.. its one’s strength, will power and consciousness of Allah that changes you… because in our society more than 50% of women are wearing hijab forcefully, it is not their own choice..

      • It’s like saying every man with a beard is god fearing religious Mulsim. I know a molana who fleeced his mosque of thousands of pounds and then lied on everyone’s face. Anyone can change thier outside to fit the situation, it’s on the inside that really counts.

        And what about all the hijabi’s that wear so much makeup. I don’t wear a hijab but then I don’t wear makeup either, does that make me less then a person who wears the hijab but slaps on the makeup?

    • The man summed it all by saying this and she deserved this.men can’t be victims?is she not at fault?you can’t ignore a big fact that women can be cheaters.samina madam then tell what is the woman called when she cheats with her husband?whats her worth?men can be victims too.pathetic approach under the wrap of feminism

      • do takay ke aurat bhee hoti or mard bhee —cause ik hamamm mey sab nangey hotey hain !
        behaiye sirf mard nahi kerta aurat bhee hoti hai !
        Hamarey yahan red light areas tou sadiyoon sey hain wahan aurat ka kaam kia hai ?
        har jagah achey or burey log hotey hain koi nai baat nahi.

    • Well said.she done alot with her husband but when he said 2 tkky ki than our all media industry are very angry,i couldn’t understand that reaction. Jab mard afir chalata hy tu us ko hum buhat kuch keh sakty that’s our right but when a woman done this,even she slept with him when she was in Nikah of other person,can’t say nothing coz our society is going to show women like west.i am aslo a woman but I think wrong koi bhi ho skta hy hamari society main aisi aourtain bhi hoti hain. Aur mard hamary Father bhi hain, brother bhi ,husband and son bhi.her mard bhi bura nhi hota aur na hi her aurat. Jahan tak Mehwish ki bat hy tu us ne khud apni qemat lagwai hy aur wo khush hy. and she is happy.she is 2 tacky ki aurat.

  • Aurat jo chahe krti phire apni sari limits cross kr chuki hai mehwish….wo sb jaiz pr 2 takkay ki bol diya to feminist ka jahnda uthaye a jati hain……matlb kuch b🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • Its so funny people are fighting over a drama, what about the others dramas in which women are getting slapped by men for nothing, and in this drama at least danish was forgiving every mistake of mehwish and tried hard to save his marriage and who are justifying her character should know that she could have done this in another way as well by not cheating on him, the way she has done all this is wrong even if a man do the same is still wrong its not about only women

  • All you people are missing the mark. When Danish said that line he was quoting Shahwar from the last episode. Shahwar said “is do takay ki aurat ki liye…” something like that. So he was actually just insulting Shahwar. Also when a woman That you love with all your heart leaves you for another man, you’re going to be hurt and say some nasty things too.

  • Of course this wife deserved the comment of her ex husband… Do takey ki aurat… To leave such a doting husband and an innocent child for lust and greed is definitely unpardonable…. Horrible…. And this aura can’t last forever… She will soon realise….

  • I just don’t get it,as to y Danish used those words of 2 ….,its just not in his nature to use foul language, I m still trying to analyze his statement on the light of this circumstance faced by all the three characters.

  • Aik aurat ki be wafai mardo sy hazam nhi horhi jb k Mard kitnay aram sy her 10th in world ruined her wife n seems easy to digest husband’s bewafai Ku k WO mard h SB jaiz h

  • Beware of a person’s grunt, when he is as loving a husband as Danish. He can go to any extent

  • Women are most respectful.in our society some cases happened like drama serial ‘mery pas tum ho’ this serial is also on the base of real story according to Hamayun saeed.
    She is unfaithful to her husband just because of money even she leaves her husband with a sweet son. Here we can say dou taky ki aurat

  • I think mehwish well deserved these words because of the way she ended all this.danish was doing all efforts fo end it decently because of his kid and his good nature but mehwish kept insulting and ignoring all his efforts and behaved like she never loved Danish which is totally proved her dou takay wali.first you take divorce frm ur husband than sleep with ur boyfriend and if u made mistake than first ask forgiveness frm ur husband n try to end all ths in a decent way so u have the way to meet ur kid again

  • The moment a woman leaves a man she becomes do takke ki aurat for him. Other’s woman, it means, is do takke ki aurat, only your own woman is worth respect. It’s a typical man mentality, nothing like “Danish love ” in it.

  • Oka tou ek aurat ko agar oska husband itna pyar karay ka oskay dhoka denay ka sun kar bhe typical illiterate pakistani mard bannay ki bajae oska saman packniia os se sawal tak nhi kia magar ap ye bhe tou dekhan na ka ek insaan ki tolerance ki bhe hadd hoti ha ek insaan ko cheat kia ja raha ha jis ne 7 saal tak apni jan se bhe zada pyar kia apni wife ko tou kya osay itna bhe haq nhi ka gussa kar sakay I’m sorry magar har waqt #MeToo ka nara lagana band karden #Mentoo bhe hona chahye mein bhe ek larki hun but mera tou ye opinion ha

  • Jub aik aurat HUD ko bechna chahy TU wo do takhy ki bun hi jati hai.loug khty hai k us ny apny leye acha socha pus us ny zyada Ameer ko chuna.mgr hmy ye b sochna chaheye k us ki Love marriage ti.ar s ka aik ur mtlb ye b bnta hai k agr us ko us sy b zyada Ameer Mila TU wo s ko b chorhi gi ar dosry ko chuni gi.hum us mrd ko b bura khty hai ju apni bv py cheat kry TU pr us aurat ko khny py q hungama krha keya. It is a real and good series.

  • If we defend woman in this scenerio then we are making confident each wife to cheat her husband and each mother to leave her child. You people talking of women rights & equality, did not watched what mehwish (character) did. Even she left her son for greed. What she did and he would never say a word, this is not justice. So ofcourse Danish (character) was right to say, Do takay ki larki.

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