Did Ahad Just Confirm His Relationship With Sajal?

Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly became everyone’s favourite couple overnight after Yaqeen Ka Safar. People were shipping them and wanted to see them together again. Their upcoming drama Aangan is hands down one of the most anticipated plays of 2018, all thanks to people dying to see the pair together again. Recently both the stars have been found praising each other at different platforms. Ahad’s mother loves Sajal and Sajal’s sister Saboor also expressed her fondness for Ahad. A lot of speculations started that if the stars are a couple in real life or not? While giving an interview to Haroon for BBC Asian Network, Haroon straightaway asked Ahad if he and Sajal were together, Ahad had an interesting approach to the question and again confirming that he didn’t deny the relationship, Ahad said nothing. Here is Ahad’s answer:

Fans will be rejoicing if these two young stars end up together which is looking like a true responsibility now as they say khamoshi main haan hoti hai!


Pakeeza Dar