Visaal Episode 19 Review – Slow But Interesting!

Ohkay so, this was one slow episode of Visaal. Having said that, I definitely found it interesting minus the dragged scenes of Molviyani Jee. Even though the story has been stagnant from quite some time now, whatever happened in this episode was a much needed twist that is now going to change the dynamics big time!

Naheed tried to outplay Akram by sending a letter Taimur’s way but little did she know that Akram was watching her like a hawk. It was good to see Jumman Bua being on Naheed’s side but then, Naheed doesn’t know what & whom she is dealing with. Akram’s haste got the better of him & he knew that if he won’t do anything immediately, he will probably lose Pari that is why he called a meeting to let everyone know what Naheed wants. Akram worded everything very very carefully as he knew that he had to convey a message to Naheed too that she better keep the conversation that happened between her & Akram a secret otherwise he will spill the beans about what she has done. Akram used Naheed’s fear to his advantage & played using her silence because he has read her enough to know that she did not have the courage to deal with the embarrassment of everyone knowing what she did.

Everything that Akram said shook everyone to no end. Molvi Ghufran just couldn’t believe what he just heard & Molviyani obviously saw her biggest nightmare being materialized, making her feel helpless. Ghufran tried to find a solution to this issue by contacting his friend but Molviyani immediately made up her mind that Pari had to go. This was the only way Molviyani thought she’d be able to save Naheed’s marriage but she just doesn’t know that it isn’t Naheed who wants this to happen, it is Akram himself!

Everything that happened after what Akram did was pretty much dragged & made the episode slow like Molviyani’s continuous mourning, Ghufran’s conversations & Pari’s sobbing while remembering her father. Even though Pari’s character fits the dynamics of the story & every single situation so well but I so wish the writer had given her something else too because all she has done is just cry & nothing else. I know when you lost a father that too when he’s the only support system you have, like in Pari’s case, you are broken & shattered for a good span of time but then again, I really want to see Pari doing something else than just cry because after all she is the heroine in this story!

The ending scenes were again interesting with Molvi Ghufran finding the truth about Akram’s family rather lies which he told to portray himself as someone belonging to a well-reputed family in Multan. I think this is the only way Pari & even Naheed’s life will be saved from getting destroyed that Akram’s reality will be revealed. Naheed also thought to herself that she has to do something in order to stop Akram from doing this to her parents as well as Pari. Let’s see what she’ll do. Please share your thoughts!

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