Digest Writer – Episode 08!

Well, I must say this drama is nothing short of brilliance. Every episode so far has surprised us with something new. Even though it was a bit on a slower side this time around but nevertheless I enjoyed watching it because I am glad where they took their sweet time in showing Fareeda’s success, they’re taking some time in showing her downfall too. I think everything in this drama has been put together so well that makes it more like a perfect rollercoaster ride full of twists & turns.

Rida Anmol for sure is a conniving person & luckily she’s at a peak of her success where even if she’s wrong, no one is going to question her about it. Let’s just say it’s her time of glory for now but soon enough she will sow what she has reaped. It was Rida Anmol who really thought that writers are those people who really don’t deserve any sort of limelight but now when she is projecting herself as a writer; there she is, openly contradicting her own statement because she wants to get acknowledged too.

I never thought that Fareeda would make a call to Umm-e-Maryam but just because she was desperate to get accredited for her work, she did & as usual nothing came out of it because Umm-e-Maryam on her own was right that it was their personal matter & her say wouldn’t matter much. Once again, they shed a light on how channel owners these days only worry about ratings & they really don’t pay heed to what goes around because for them as far as they’re getting high TRP’s, that’s all that matters. It was pretty obvious that no one would believe Fareeda because Rida Anmol certainly has a reputation in the industry & no one would want to spoil their terms with her.

The journey of Fareeda for sure is very interesting. She resists her feelings from getting surfaced in front of her family & deals with her problems on her own. I am glad to see such a character of a female on-screen who is dignified, strong headed & confident in herself. Obviously, right now she has hit the rock bottom but soon enough we’ll see her bouncing back & garnering the energy she had when she just started. I liked the interactions of Shehryar & Fareeda a lot. Even though she’s excited to be getting an undivided attention of such a decent young man, she effortlessly hides that from him because she doesn’t want give an impression that she’s yearning for it, which shows that she’s a very professional & self-respecting person. As much as she wants to get acquainted with him, she is holding herself back because she still wants to maintain a distance due to her social background. Shehryar is obviously mistaking her to be someone she’s not & Fareeda doesn’t want to burst that bubble because she fears losing him but I am sure as the time will pass, even though Fareeda has resorted to lying, they both will get to know how compatible they are & I have a feeling that Shehryar will prove to be a strong support system for Fareeda.

I feel Jameela’s wedding couldn’t have come at a worst time because now the whole family would be in need of finances than ever before & Rida Anmol, who really had a hard time accepting the fact that people from such background do have some expenses will turn it into an opportunity for herself to get benefited from; by exploiting Fareeda for her vulnerability. I like the mental growth of Fareeda that where she knows she started writing out of sheer passion for it, she’s well aware of the fact that she now has to treat it more like a job & needs to be more dedicated towards it as her family has now started to depend on her. I must say the way Fareeda stands by her family & doesn’t want to quit no matter what she’s facing, makes her character a lot more inspirational & admirable.

I must say I always look forward to the scenes of Shakeela & Fareeda. Even though Shakeela is a supporting character but in literal sense she has always extended a support to Fareeda like a true sister, even if it means switching off the TV or showing her the light at the end of the tunnel & for that I admire her character a lot. Same goes for Shazia; her excitement & her wishful thinking is another treat to watch. & I must ask, what’s with Shaukat’s fixation to winged-birds’ imprinted shirts? Haha, I really love his clothing collection & actually look forward to what he’s going to be wearing in each episode, I find it as a best think about his whole personality & character & oh yes, by the way I’ve been trying to say this from last couple of episodes but I always forget to mention that I love the close-up shots of Saba Qamar’s hands; she really has those beautiful artistic & manicured hands which I like. :) All in all, I really enjoyed watching this episode & hope you did too. Share your thoughts please. :)

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