Digest Writer – Episode 16!

Ohkay so, like I sussed before, Mazhar Hayat is definitely going to give Fareeda a hard time. He dislikes all the digest writers just because they happen to write for different digests & that makes him believe that they’re beneath him because supposedly they know nothing about actual & meaningful writing. I totally understand the concern he has for the drama industry because he believes in writing unique stories with a message & a meaning & even his concern about how digest writers have overtaken the industry with their thoughts confined to marriages, its problems & women oriented issues is also reasonable but the way he disses all the digest writers & looks down upon them without even going through their writings makes me dislike him. He is definitely a veteran writer & no one takes that away from him but Mazhar Hayat fails to understand that times have changed & people demand different stories. Until now, directors & drama makers have only discussed how his scripts don’t make good dramas & that has somehow affected Mazhar Hayat more than he can express. I do agree with Mazhar Hayat whenever he speaks about how channel owners these days are only concerned about ratings but that doesn’t mean that if a few new writers are bringing in some fresh ideas, channels shouldn’t pay heed to their work just because a seasoned writer happens to be around them. It’s actually amusing that even though he doesn’t know anything about Fareeda & her work, he already has a problem with her just because she has earned a name for herself in a very short span of time.

Fareeda’s miseries aren’t coming to an end. Her in laws’ demands are never ending. She is supposed to do everything for them but they won’t budge. I just so wish that they hadn’t shown Shaukat as such a spineless person who has no say of his own whatsoever. He’s a typical spoiled mama’s boy who would do everything his mama tells him to do. Najma is getting married & we’re thrilled for her, but it looks like she is not going to go away silently. She will get herself noticed & that is why I just couldn’t stop hating her this time around too.

I do like the fact that even though Fareeda has no support of her husband & her in laws, she keeps on doing things related to her professional life every now & then because that makes her happy. She got her book published without any sort of help of anyone & that was good to see that she is finally trying to manage both aspects of her life & is also paying attention to her career. Even though she doesn’t write anymore, she is still somehow connected to those people who were a part of her professional life & that means she still has a margin of bouncing back whenever she feels like.

I actually thought that Fareeda’s MIL would somehow change because now she has no other option left than to rely on Fareeda but she is incapable of being nice. Now all of a sudden when her husband had an accident, she wanted Fareeda to write because she knows she can easily bring in some bucks. I just don’t understand why doesn’t Shaukat work? If Sajida had used half of the brains to train her son to be responsible, I am sure Shaukat would’ve been an entirely different person. Apparantely, Sajida had the guts to indirectly order Fareeda to write so that she could bear the expenses but she couldn’t care less & tell her son that he needs to work so that he could support his family?

Even though Fareeda has started writing again but I hope this doesn’t make her accept this as a compensation granted from Shaukat & his family. Yes, she knows that they are depending on her & she got permission just because they wanted to get benefitted from it, but I hope Fareeda doesn’t push herself too hard just so that she can help her in laws. Yes, she was passionate about writing like she has always been & she wanted to continue it even after her marriage but now when she has gotten a chance, Fareeda should understand that her in laws are counting on her & just because she got permitted, she would allow them to walk over her just so that she could pursue her passion.

Isn’t it too bad that Fareeda’s thinking she has hit a jackpot just because she’d get to work under Mazhar Hayat but little does she know that he is only going to give her a tough time because he already has preconceived notions about her. I hope Fareeda takes a decision with finality because looks like even her attempts of helping her in laws financially won’t earn her respect from them. I totally love Fareeda’s parents & find them genuine but their repetitive reminders about Farhaan’s college fee & Shakeela’s wedding are ticking me off. Yes, they are depending on Fareeda, we know it but that doesn’t mean there has to be a scene or two dedicated to this already-crammed reminder. This episode was a lot more happening then a couple of previous episodes. I just want to see what future has in store for Fareeda. Share your thoughts please.

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