Dil Kya Kare Episode 6 Story Review – Going Strong

This episode of Dil Kya Kare was poignant and beautifully low-key as usual. This drama explores simple day-to-day relationships, unconditional love and heartbreak in the most subtle yet emotional manner. Mehreen Jabbar has given this drama the perfect treatment which is definitely one of the main reasons why every single dialogue and scene gets noticed. The story did not take the turn everyone was expecting it to take which basically shows that the writer wants to tell the story slowly and is in no rush to entice the viewers by adding quick overdramatic twists and turns. The newness and mature approach of the writer makes this drama different from other family dramas and romantic stories.

Meaningful Characters

Every character in this drama has a definite presence. These characters are not there to entertain the viewers only but they have a clear-cut purpose too. They are strong, compassionate people who teach you a thing or two about life. Most of these characters have lost a loved one and the way they deal with this loss is one of the most appealing aspects of their personalities. Arman’s unconditional love for Aiman and the way he is dealing with heartbreak, Rabia’s positivity, Aiman’s consideration for every little thing and a complete refusal to play the victim, Bibi Jaan being there for everyone and for always being a good listener, Saadi’s dream for a better future for those less fortunate, Faryal and Salman’s support and love for Aiman are few of the things which make these characters inspiring in more ways than one.

Dil Kya Kare Episode 6 Story Review - Going Strong

The most interesting part is that you feel for all these characters the same way. Although, Arman is a gem of a person and he deserves the best but there is no reason why Aiman should not be with Saadi. Saadi is a caring and sweet person who truly is Aiman’s soulmate. Rabia and Aiman’s conversations are always so well-written and acted-out. Aiman asked Rabia an honest question in this episode and her reply was like a breath of fresh air. Rabia is practical and she values what she has. The way she shared how precious the time she spent with her husband was, also made for an interesting insight into the way her life was back then. Romaissa is completely opposite, she has a really difficult time looking at the bright side and she is clearly not going to ‘forgive’ Aiman. Romaissa’s scenes are short and to the point and Marina Khan’s performance has been on point throughout.

The Wedding

Aiman and Saadi got married in this episode and the focus on Arman’s expressions during the rukhsati was so apt. Aiman and Saadi have no clue that this wedding broke Arman’s heart into a million pieces but the preview of the next episode suggested that Saadi might find that out soon. The murder attempts on Saadi’s father have also been the focus of attention therefore it is highly likely that something terrible might happen to Saadi in the future. Mirza Zain Baig makes Saadi’s role extremely likable. Yumna Zaidi shares amazing on-screen chemistry with all her co-actors which makes her scenes even more realistic.

Dil Kya Kare Episode 6 Story Review - Going Strong

Overall Impression

The script, the direction and the performances in this episode were extremely appealing as usual. There were so many scenes which were truly refreshing. Shamim Hilali carries her character effortlessly and makes it more graceful. Sonya Rehman’s performance and her scenes were the highlight of this episode. Feroze Khan has completely nailed his character, you feel for Arman every step of the way but he also reassures you that he will get through this! Dil Kya Kare has been exceptionally well-put-together and never disappoints. It is definitely the kind of drama which entertains and inspires.

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