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Opening Thoughts – Intense:

Ohkay so, this episode of Dil Mom Ka Diya was intense & very interesting. It not only took the story forward but gave a beginning to the end in a very nice manner too. Dil Mom Ka Diya has been a good drama to watch because I liked how the writer maintained a balance & gave every single character a very strong personality.

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap:

Tipu proved to be a self-centered person who just took Ulfat as someone that he was sharing his life with. Tipu never really developed feelings for Ulfat because he was complete within himself therefore he didn’t see or feel any difference in his life after getting married. Tipu definitely learnt one thing about Ulfat that if he wanted to convince her for anything, all he had to do was praise her beauty. Slowly & steadily Ulfat did realize that she made a mistake by getting married to Tipu but she just had to put up with him because she knew she had nowhere to go.

Fatima succeeded in making a place for herself in Afzal’s home & his heart. As much as Ulfat was wrong in taking Afzal for granted, I fully support her for the way she treated Aqmal & Salma because they both deserved that kind of treatment. The way Aqmal insulted & belittled Fatima made my blood boil too because that was not his place to say anything to her in the first place.

Kausar still felt bad for Tamkinat but she didn’t have a clue as to how she should contact her. Tamkinat continued to wait for Azhar but her sister was adamant that she should get married now. Well, the world turned out to be smaller for Azhar than he imagined, his housemate liked Tamkinat & that is what compelled Azhar to admit that Tamkinat was still his wife because even he knew that they were not officially divorced.

Ulfat who was already having a hard time with Tipu got the final blow after he told her to terminate the pregnancy. For someone like Ulfat who had done the same thing herself previously, it should’ve been a piece of cake but it was not because this time, this wasn’t her decision. Life threw everything at Ulfat in a way that she didn’t imagine, Ulfat was now faced with one test after another & all of them revolved around the things that she took for granted. This was her fate & now there she was, taking care of her terminally ill husband who didn’t even respect her.

Closing Thoughts – Convincing Story & Characters:

Overall, the story of Dil Mom Ka Diya, though not being new still was good because of the kind of execution it got. The performances as well as the characters have been convincing too apart from few like Aqmal, Salma & Azhar but then despite being annoying, they had their own personalities. Dil Mom Ka Diya surely has been written with a lot of detailing & it made a very good drama to tune to. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Dil Mom Ka Diya.

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