Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 19

This episode had so many good scenes, that it’s hard to choose one of them. Diyar-e-Dil has us all gripped and this grip only hardens after each passing episode. Now we understand these characters very well and all that’s left for us to see is our lead pair in love!

We saw Tajammul’s true face in the previous episode and this episode only made us hate this family of opportunity seekers only more! There are many ways in which Ruhi and Zohra are alike. Both are manipulative but Ruhi obviously has a low I.Q level which is why Zohra succeeds in manipulating her every time. Whether it’s Tajammul ke doston ki daawat or Tajammul’s daughter’s shopping trips, Ruhi is ready to waste Agha Jaan’s money for these people. She doesn’t have a brain to understand the people around her and find out what their true intentions are. It is so clear that Tajammul and Zohra just want her money but she fails to get that. On the other hand just one moment with Agha Jaan, two decades ago, makes her believe that he is a hypocrite. Agha Jaan has apologized for his behaviour several times but she still thinks ill of him.

“Ek taraf daulatmand dada hai aur ek taraf mohabbat karne wali maa” Ruhi has filled Farah’s mind with hate for Behroz’s family. Now that Farah is questioning Tajammul and Zohra’s intentions, and slowly (really slowly) realizing what a great person Agha Jaan is, Ruhi has increased her dosage of manipulation. This dialogue of hers made me cringe! As if that wasn’t enough, when Agha Jaan came to visit, Ruhi tried to make him believe that Farah didn’t want to meet him and blamed him for her father’s death. Fortunately, Agha Jaan is intelligent enough not to believe her.

Farah sahiba is too busy with her studies and too manipulated by her mother to see how wrong she is. Today, for the first time, I was angry at her because she is not thinking clearly at all! She can see how much Wali and Agha Jaan care for her. She is always rude to Wali and he deals with her politely. Ruhi is the brainless one, not Farah, so she better use that brain. Maya Ali acted really well today. While watching the previous episodes, I felt like her dialogue delivery was not good enough but today it was as good as her expressions.

Wali and Agha Jaan edure everything with so much patience that not loving these characters is impossible. Osman Khalid Butt and Abid Ali are doing such a good job! Agha Jaan promised himself that he would deal with Ruhi and Farah with kindness and that is exactly what he is doing. He called Farah even after everything Ruhi said to him. That scene was really cute because Farah was talking to Behroz’s picture and saying that she was helpless but Agha Jaan comforted her. After the second call, when Farah told him she wasn’t feeling well, the way he immediately arrived at her house to see if she was okay or not was really cute as well. However, the cutest scene from tonight’s episode was Agha Jaan and Wali’s discussion. Agha Jaan also realizes now, how much Wali is in love with Farah.

Arjumand and Ruhi’s discussion was the highlight of the episode. Ruhi has no shame whatsoever. Calling Agha Jaan a munafiq and Wali badtameez in front of Arjumand was something expected from her but the way she reminded Arjumand of her and Behroz’s engagement was cringe worthy. However, Arjumand’s comeback was fantastic! “behroz jesa selfish insan mujhe deserve hi nahi karta, woh jisko deserve karta thha usse wohi aurat mili” Ruhi thinks so highly of herself, but Armujand reminded her of her true place! Farah will definitely hate Behroz’s family more after that conversation though.

So, did you guys enjoy watching this episode? What do you think will happen now?

Areeba Mohsen

P.S: I am covering for my dear friend Zahra Mirza who is on vacation :)


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