Do Bol Episode 13 & 14 Story Review – Change of Dynamics

Opening Thoughts – Change of Dynamics:

Ohkay so, this episode covered the change of dynamics between Gaiti & Badar where Gaiti couldn’t help but soften her heart for her husband as well as his family. I guess this decision of airing double episodes of Do Bol twice a week is a good one because it is showing the progress as well as has upped the pace of the drama too.

Gaiti Has Started Accepting Badar:

Badar was pushing himself to the limit, he was stretching himself thin to make sure Gaiti gets the fraction of a relief that she was used to before her marriage to him. Badar knew that Gaiti’s world turned upside down that is why he feels it is his responsibility to bring some comfort her way. Arranging an air-condition for Gaiti without even worrying about what his mother would say showed that for Badar, Gaiti was his priority & while he was fulfilling all of his duties as a son, he wanted to be a dutiful husband too.

Gaiti couldn’t help but feel the love Badar had for her because she could see how he was taking pressures from everywhere but still not allowing it to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to, for Gaiti. Jamshed turned out exactly how I imagined & what he did was totally that I could see coming. Jamshed’s growing interest in Gaiti is unconvincing, considering that he just had a brief interaction with her & then immediately started forcing himself in her life. Jamshed knows that Rania is blind to his faults & can be manipulated easily, that is why he exploits her & does what he want because Rania will never question him. It was interesting to see that for a split second despite despising Gaiti, Rania did think about whatever she said about Jamshed. I hope before getting married to him, Rania realizes that he is a selfish & conceited person who will never be able to make her happy.

Neelam requested Iqbal to allow Gaiti to attend her wedding. Nafeesa & Nasreen were happy that Iqbal did allow but Firdous, Fareeha & Zafar were not. Firdous knows her son too well, that is why she always protects him & prevents him from getting into trouble especially in the matters where Iqbal is involved. Firdous doesn’t want Badar to get back in touch with Iqbal because despite not accepting it, it is a fact that Gaiti is entitled to Iqbal’s property & business & Badar is married to her. Iqbal has put up a facade where he does not pay heed to anything related to Gaiti but deep inside, his heart has actually melted & he is keen to know if Gaiti is doing well or not. Smiling at the news of Gaiti’s success in her exams showed that Iqbal has now started missing Gaiti but he is too egoistic to accept & admit that.

Gaiti started showing signs of care & affection for Badar which was the best part of this episode of Do Bol. Gaiti has tried really hard not to allow anything that Badar does sway her heart, but she couldn’t help it. Gaiti started off with smallest gestures but seeing how it uplifted Badar’s mood made her realize that this was all that he expected from her in return to the amount of love he showers on her. Jamshed has made it his mission to bring misery on Badar & Gaiti which again seems to be a forced situation & there’s nothing actually new or exciting about it.

Closing Thoughts – A Sweet Journey:

Overall, these two episodes of Do Bol took the story forward a great deal. It is a feel good & sweet drama which may not have something totally new or super dramatic to offer but whatever has unraveled so far is pleasant & make it a good watch. However, I don’t really understand the need for the editor to show misleading promos. Last week they showed Jahan Ara showing up at Gaiti’s doorstep plus a scene from Neelam’s wedding too but all of that didn’t happen in this week’s 4 episodes combined. Anyways, the preview of the next episode did suggest that Gaiti might leave to be with her mother, let’s see how Badar will bring her back. Hira Mani & Affan Waheed are doing wonders & their chemistry is subtle but very nice. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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