Do Bol Episode 15 & 16 Story Review – So Far So Good

Opening Thoughts – So Far So Good:

Ohkay so, this episode of Do Bol was nice & took the story forward. It is interesting how minor details have been covered which makes this drama very real & easy to relate to. Do Bol is a story of regular people facing difficulties & problems in their lives while dealing with everything that comes their way as they deem fit.

The Heartbreak:

Gaiti finally got to meet Kiran & she conveyed Gaiti everything that she wanted to say. Kiran tried to convince Gaiti but then again, she knew she had to take Badar on board because Gaiti was persistent about not coming to attend her Nikkah function. All the efforts that Nafeesa has put into letting Gaiti know that she still loves her & misses her are so heart-touching. If there’s one person in the family who is sincere to Gaiti, it has to be Nafeesa but then it is unfortunate that she hasn’t been able to get in touch with Gaiti after her marriage.

In this episode, seeing how Firdous has been manipulating every single situation to her advantage, I kind of felt that may be she has everything to do with Jahan Ara going out of Iqbal’s life. Firdous can never see anyone happy, that’s a done deal, for her, Zafar & her own agendas matter the most so I kind of feel she must’ve pushed Jahan Ara to the limit where she had to take this decision as after seeing Jahan Ara, she seems to be quite a reasonable & rational person.

On the day of Neelam’s Nikkah, everything went according to Firdous’s plan where she wanted Badar to be insulted & Gaiti to lose her place in Iqbal’s heart even more. Firdous could see that Iqbal was struggling ever since Gaiti left, therefore she had to twist everything to make him feel that he meant nothing to Gaiti & she was still holding onto her pride & ego. While watching this episode, I actually wondered if Iqbal will ever be able to see Firdous’s true colors? Like he is in that stage of life where he is used to being controlled by Firdous & he never ever questions her choices, so will he ever be able to put two & two together to actually see Firdous for who she is? I hope it happens though!

Jamshed came back to fake his sympathy & derive some pleasure out of it but then Gaiti did realize that it must’ve Jamshed behind the attack on Badar. Without even questioning Gaiti, Badar immediately believed that Jamshed must’ve done that but unfortunately when he tried to convince his family, he was taunted for giving too much authority to Gaiti to cloud his judgments. There’s absolutely nothing new in the entire setting of Badar’s family, they have a whining mother, a sick father, a desperate-for-marriage-bitter-sister & one younger sister who is the sane one after Badar & their father in that house. I think this entire Rania’s Rishta scene is being dragged & its mentions are getting quite repetitive. I find Rania annoying but then I won’t entirely blame her. Qudsia keeps on yapping about her marriage in front of Rania all the time so it’s pretty much expected that she’d react every single time. Both Rania & Qudsia need to take a deep breath & relax, I am sure they themselves are tired of wheezing too!

So, Jahan Ara returned & she found out about Gaiti. She not only decided to get back in contact with Gaiti but also brought her home too. Nafees is well-aware of Jahan Ara’s past but after looking at how he relied on his wife to fetch clothes for him after all these years, it was pretty obvious that he won’t be fine with Gaiti’s presence in his house & Jahan Ara’s life. Showing acceptance to someone’s past is one thing but seeing a reminder of it in front of you all the time is not easy & Nafees made it pretty obvious but Jahan Ara didn’t see that yet.

One of the heart touching moments of this episode was the conversation between Nafeesa & Iqbal about Gaiti. Iqbal was actually concerned when he saw Nafeesa & heard whatever she wanted to say about Gaiti. Iqbal wants to undo whatever has happened but even his ego is getting the better of him. I am sure something huge will have to happen in order for Iqbal to put everything aside & welcome Gaiti & Badar back into his life. I think Zafar has kind of laid the foundation for it to happen because he is taking irrational decisions regarding the family business & it seems that Iqbal is not too satisfied with whatever he heard. I am glad that in the preview of the next episode, Nafeesa is telling Iqbal to go to the office & analyse the situation himself. I so want Iqbal to realize how Nafeesa has always supported him & stood by him through thick & thin. I want him to acknowledge her efforts & appreciate her for whatever she has done for him so far.

Closing Thoughts – Brilliant Performances:

Overall this episode of Do Bol was really nice. I must say Haris Waheed is such a gifted actor, I am impressed with the kind of treatment he has given to Zafar’s character where he has tried to keep the mean streak in him subdued while still making it obvious. Very impressive. Hira Mani looked beautiful in this episode as well & we saw some amazing acting by Affan Waheed in the last scene of this episode where he could not deal with the fact that Gaiti left him. The girl playing the role of Rafiya is another star of this drama, I love her subtle but brilliant expressions. The direction, production value, dialogues, script, acting, everything is spot on. Well done team Do Bol. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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