Do Bol Episode 19 & 20 Story Review – Important Developments

Opening Thoughts – Phenomenal:

Ohkay so, this episode of Do Bol was phenomenal & had some very important developments to its credit. It not only took the story forward but showcased the emotional shift in almost all the characters. I liked watching how all the characters had one thing or the other going on in their lives & they all were faced with their fair shares of struggles.

Emotional Shift In All The Characters:

Gaiti made me feel for her a lot. She has been someone who never got validation of her entire family except her step-mother. Gaiti grew up in a setting where she always felt unwanted, like a total stranger that is why she relied on outsiders for emotional support thinking they will fulfil her desire of validation & make her feel valued. Gaiti found Badar but she actually thought that after escaping, she will finally be able to feel the freedom she always dreamt of but as the time goes by, every single day she is reminded that she is once again an unwanted presence in someone else’s house. When Gaiti cried after hearing all the things that Nafees had to say about her, I felt for her a lot because Gaiti was back to square one, faced with something she was running away from, but then on the brighter side, though things have been hurtful for her in her past, she was now understanding the importance of her family & all the things she actually took for granted.

Gaiti always believed that her life would be so much better with her biological mother, even though Iqbal never gave her a reason to feel content with what she had but Gaiti always thought the grass was greener on the other side. Nafees’s attitude & Jahan Ara’s struggle to maintain a healthy balance between her husband & daughter was making Gaiti realize that she was better off without her mother because she was not going to be there for her free from her own responsibilities. Gaiti started to feel the appreciation for the fact that even though she didn’t have emotional fulfilment in Iqbal’s home but she was always safe & secure there & that was the place that she could actually call her home. I think this time away from everyone, Gaiti kind of got a break to analyse & realize what’s important & what direction she wants to steer her life to. This time away from Badar also made Gaiti realize that he was the only one who made her feel valued, important & loved like she never had experienced before.

Jahan Ara actually wanted to bring all the happiness to Gaiti that is why without the sense of right & wrong, she not only sent divorce papers to Badar on behalf of Gaiti without her consent but she also invited Sameer to force him back into Gaiti’s life. Jahan Ara is guilt-stricken therefore she thinks finding Gaiti her match that she also once loved was the best way to compensate & find happiness for her. Jahan Ara has not being able to read between the lines, she has not being able to hear the unspoken words of Gaiti that her refusal to get divorce from Badar is actually her way of admitting that she might have fallen in love with him. Jahan Ara feels for Gaiti, that’s given, she also loves her daughter a lot but she wants to do everything for Gaiti based on her own perspective & the things she deems right. For Jahan Ara, Badar is not her match & is someone who has been imposed on her, therefore she is trying to undo that by forcing Sameer into her life!

Iqbal finally got the hang of the situation & he not only appointed Jamil Sahab back, he gave him the authority to hire whoever he thought was fit for the job. Zafar has carelessly stolen a hefty amount & the moment he found out that Iqbal got a heed of the situation, he ran away. Iqbal has now realized that he can not trust anyone just so easily in the matters concerning his business & that is why he was also convinced that Badar was trustworthy because he took care of his business with sincerity. For the first time Iqbal felt relieved & also acknowledged that Gaiti’s decision of not marrying Zafar was right. The time that Iqbal has spent away from Gaiti has also changed his perspective about a lot of things plus he has also started to feel that he made some wrong choices due to his ego & may be that’s why he is eager to make amends.

Sameer found out how Fareeha played a huge part in creating misunderstandings between him & Gaiti. Sameer not only confronted Fareeha but he also reached to the final conclusion that he was not going to let go of this second chance that he has got. Sameer is keen to fix everything & accept Gaiti back in his life but he will soon learn that he means nothing to Gaiti now.

Closing Thoughts – Convincing & Interesting:

Overall, this episode of Do Bol was convincing & very interesting. Even though the overall execution of this drama & storytelling has remained simple but it still makes such an interesting & engaging watch. I am actually gutted that Do Bol is ending next week, even though it is good that we’ll get to watch the episodes back to back but it’s like by ending it quickly they are taking away the charm of this drama like waiting for it for days to watch it every week & then anticipating what is yet to come. Anyways, the acting & direction remains flawless. Hira Mani is the star of this drama. Affan Waheed didn’t have much scenes but the one in which he gets to meet Iqbal & talk about his father was very heart-touching, especially the sadness in his voice added that touch of realness to that entire scenario that a son was mourning the loss of his father. The actress playing the role of Fareeha is a styling & fashion disaster, the first thing she needs to do is grow the fringe/bangs out, everything about her is just so off. The styling of the rest of the cast is on-point, but I wish they hadn’t given Nafees uncle that fitted silk/satin sleeping suit, it was another eyesore which is hard to unsee now. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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