Do Bol Episode 21 & 22 Story Review – Slow But Interesting

Opening Thoughts – Slow But Interesting:

Ohkay so, this episode of Do Bol was pretty tragic & to some extent a bit slow too but I found it interesting how external factors were turning the entire situation in Gaiti & Badar’s favor.

The Closure:

Iqbal finally came to realize that he has spent a good chunk of his life harbouring negative feelings in his heart, that is why he now took a decision that he will let go of any such feelings as he himself was tired of holding so much of anger in his heart. Spending time away from Gaiti that too guilt-stricken has helped Iqbal a great deal in shifting his focus from the things that are unnecessary to those things or people that actually deserve his attention; first & foremost his wife Nafeesa & his daughter Gaiti. It was interesting to see how Iqbal didn’t pay heed to whatever Firdous said. Everything that Zafar has done to Iqbal & the family business has also been an eye-opening experience for him & that has also compelled him to put his sister & nephew at the backseat because he has allowed them to exploit him for so so long.

Nafeesa really has been an ideal partner who has always pushed Iqbal to do something that he would never do. It is beautiful how even  without having much support or encouragement from her husband, Nafeesa still has never allowed any complexes or insecurities creep into her mind. In fact, Nafeesa has not let anything stop her from speaking her mind & being the voice of reason. Iqbal never gave Nafeesa the edge to put her opinion forward but she didn’t stop trying & now it was working. It was nice to see Iqbal acknowledging all that Nafeesa has done for him & she was the one who pushed him to see Jahan Ara & put a proper closure to unspoken feelings.

Iqbal & Jahan Ara’s meeting was well-executed, it was well-worded too. Iqbal told Jahan Ara that he was unable to forget her & even she admitted that he was her first love. Jahan Ara did lead a peaceful life with Nafees but seeing how possessive to the point of being obsessed with Jahan Ara he was, it was very understandable that she felt suffocated & emotionally drained. Nafees was way too dependent on Jahan Ara & she started making it obvious that even at times she felt tired of tackling him because he didn’t give her the edge to just be herself for a while. Nafees wanted Jahan Ara to act as his wife all the time & she had to because she realized that this was the kind of love Nafees was capable of. Jahan Ara did let Gaiti know that if Iqbal had trusted her, she would have never left him. I am glad that both Iqbal & Jahan Ara met for the last time & also gave words to the feelings they had buried in their hearts for all their lives. Jahan Ara did die in peace & I am glad Nafees wasn’t there when she & Iqbal met.

Fareeha played a huge part in convincing Badar to go & bring Gaiti back. Even though Fareeha was doing it all due to her ulterior motive but still, she ended up helping in bringing Gaiti & Badar back together. Fareeha just does not want Sameer to get married to Gaiti, that is why she is doing everything to make sure it doesn’t happen. To be honest, Sameer’s late lateef-pan made me chuckle, like c’mon man, just accept that your timing is off big-time & that you are always going to be majboor one way or the other, therefore you should leave Gaiti for Badar & get married to the girl your mom chose for you. I fail to understand why & how does Sameer always allow circumstances to beat him at his game? Majboor or Bechara much?

Anyways, Badar rescued Gaiti from Nafees & then Gaiti made a conscious decision of not going to her father’s place but Badar’s. Gaiti has actually accepted that she is married to Badar & that his home is her home too. Gaiti found out about her FIL’s death & she was ashamed to not have known about it. It was nice to see Qudsia & Gaiti consoling each other, it is like after losing their loved one’s, they both have found that one common thing which will connect them emotionally. Gaiti apologized & so did Qudsia, which actually means they both are going to start afresh. Someone please find Rania a groom, her desperation is out of control!

Closing Thoughts – Emotional Layers:

Overall, this episode of Do Bol was slow but was done beautifully. I love how the writer has added all those layers of emotions in all of these characters. Nafees’s obsession, Jahan Ara’s frustration, Iqbal’s regrets, Qudsia & Gaiti’s realization – all of this was covered subtly but still with so much of clarity. Do Bol shows how simple dramas can move you emotionally & how you don’t need too much of dramatic situations to give some dimension to the story. Acting & direction was spot on as usual. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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