Do Bol Episode 5 & 6 – Simple Story Done Right

Opening Thoughts – Simple Story Done Right:

Ohkay so, this episode of Do Bol was intense but still showed events unfolding in the most simplest of manner. This is what I like about Do Bol, even though it has its fair share of dramatic moments, the overall feel of the story, characters, events & situations remains simple, real & very relatable. Do Bol is definitely turning out to be such a drama that I look forward to & I am happy about that!

Badar Got The Love of His Life:

I really like Gaiti’s character, even though things are always not in her favor but she doesn’t let it stop her. Before doing anything, Gaiti still decided to speak to her father, assuming that he’d care & listen to what she wanted. Gaiti also knew that Iqbal will not pay heed to her feelings but she still gave it a try. I like her persistent attitude. When Gaiti felt that Iqbal was going to get her married to Zafar by hook or by crook, she decided to get in touch with her mother Jahan Ara because Gaiti felt that she was the only one who could help her.

Nafeesa has always spoken about Jahan Ara with a lot of regard. It is like Nafeesa does not blame Jahan Ara for choosing to part ways with Iqbal, more or less sounding like she understands her perspective & that actually makes me want to know more about her. Iqbal & his entire family has always spoken against Jahan Ara but Nafeesa hasn’t, which kind of makes one wonder that she might not be as bad as Iqbal & Co. make her look like. What Gaiti did by taking matters in her own hands was only because of Iqbal. His careless & cold attitude towards his daughter made her do what she did. Gaiti has grown up facing rejection of her father that is why, now when she felt that he was literally snatching her life away from her, she decided to do something about it. Yes, all of this definitely was because she loved Sameer but apart from that, Zafar was definitely not an ideal guy that any girl would want to get married to, therefore pushing Gaiti to resort to running away. Gaiti tried to convey it to Iqbal but he was too engulfed in the love of his sister & nephew that he couldn’t care much about Gaiti.

Whatever Sameer went through was very realistic, at times when things are not meant to be, they just don’t happen even if it is the simplest of things & that is why he couldn’t meet Gaiti at the time they both had decided. Sameer was also getting pressurized by his mother but still it was good to see him being adamant to be with Gaiti. Gaiti kept on stopping Sameer but then even Sameer couldn’t really approach Iqbal through a proper channel because he didn’t have any support of his mother. If Safina had at least spoken to Iqbal once, things wouldn’t have taken such an ugly turn.

In this entire situation, it was interesting to see how Badar kept on reminding Gaiti that he loved her & that Sameer was never going to come. Even through that wasn’t the case but it actually turned out to be true because in this situation, trust was the main factor & even though Gaiti trusted Sameer & Sameer wasn’t deceiving her, Badar ended up being right because Sameer didn’t show up. One thing led to another & everything escalated in the worst manner, something that Gaiti must’ve not imagined in her wildest dreams.

Gaiti was brought in front of Iqbal but still, she didn’t choose to stay silent as she once again tried convincing her father that he should trust her. Iqbal who already was emotionally detached from Gaiti paid heed to others more than what his daughter wanted to say. That entire situation depicted Gaiti’s frustration, helplessness & anger perfectly; she was crying to be heard but no one was listening to her. I liked how Badar tried to tell the truth but then again, it wasn’t meant to be.

Badar & Gaiti got married & that marked the beginning of new phase of Badar’s life & new test for Gaiti. I felt for Gaiti a lot, she is someone who has never really experienced what the love of a father is & how it feels being valued & cherished. She has always seen herself being an afterthought; an emotional burden on Iqbal, that is why as much as it was hard for her to accept what happened, it was very easy for her to sever ties with all of them because they didn’t understand her when she wanted them to, the most. I felt bad that Gaiti lost her mother again, Nafeesa loved Gaiti like her own child & that bond was broken that too because of Iqbal. Nafeesa’s outburst was heartbreaking, she genuinely felt for Gaiti & could see how unfair Iqbal was in dealing with her. Another aspect that was uncovered in this episode of Do Bol was Firdous’ greed, the moment she found out that Jahan Ara had the ownership of the property & without her consent, Zafar will not get anything, she immediately changed her mind but obviously, put the entire blame on Gaiti to make herself look innocent.

I love Gaiti’s character. Even though she has had a tough life where she never felt valued, she has found out a way to fight her battles herself. Iqbal has done everything to lower her self-esteem & shatter her confidence but despite all of that, Gaiti knows how to stand up for herself. Usually in such a setting when things are never in your favor, no one musters up the courage to make their own decisions but Gaiti is not like that, she has turned her weakness into strength, is rightfully opinionated & doesn’t settle for whatever comes her way just like that.

Closing Thoughts – Perfection:

Overall, this episode of Do Bol was really well directed & everything was perfectly done. Be it smallest of details, all of them were taken care of & that completed the entire picture in a very effortless manner. I loved how when both Badar & Gauti got married & were sitting together in a taxi, unconsciously their outfits were color co-ordinated, making them look like a couple right from that moment onwards. Now the love story will begin where Badar will prove his love to Gaiti & she will actually get to know him. Do Bol has Sarwat Nazeer written all over it, it is amazing how she picks up simplest of scenarios & turns them into something magical. I can’t wait for the rest of the story to unfold. Hira Mani is outstanding in this drama, I have liked her since Preet Na Kariyo Koi days & it is good to see how she has come a long way & chooses her projects wisely. The OST of Do Bol is melodic & very nice. Looking forward to the rest of the journey. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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