Do Bol Episode 9 & 10 Story Review – Simple & Sweet Drama

Opening Thoughts – Realistic & Simple:

Ohkay so, this episode of Do Bol was super sweet. The fact that everything has been conveyed in simplest manner makes this drama a treat to tune to. There’s nothing overly dramatic or unrealistic about the story, in fact it just simply shows how two individuals who are poles apart are struggling in their orbits. The thing that is the most appealing about Do Bol to me has to be the simple treatment that this drama has got.

Badar Walking An Extra Mile For Gaiti:

Badar decided to go ahead & give Gaiti what she wanted; an outlet, a freedom to go where she wanted. Even though Badar doesn’t want to leave Gaiti but he has seen how unhappy she has been, therefore he doesn’t think it is sensible to prevent her or talk her out of what she has set her mind to. Gaiti continued to learn more & more about Badar’s household & his family, even though she has stayed unaffected & hasn’t involved herself in any of their matters, but still she is not unaware of what is happening around her. Gaiti can clearly see that Rania is not happy with her, that is why she tried finding the reason behind it too.

This episode once again highlighted how despite being calm & collected, Badar kept on losing patience with Gaiti. Just like Gaiti has her own set of struggles, Badar has it too. Gaiti is only thinking about her own issues but when it comes to Badar, he is not only aware of how miserable Gaiti is, he is aware of the fact that Gaiti is feeling that way because of him & that makes him even more guilty. Gaiti’s bitterness & her behaviour constantly remind Badar that he is no match to her & she deserves something/someone better, may be that is why despite not wanting to he finds it in his heart to let go off her.

Gaiti & Badar travelled together, all the way to Karachi to meet Jahan Ara, only to find out that she was not in Pakistan. Badar saved Gaiti & made sure she was well-fed & well-rested. Probably this little time spent together made Gaiti feel a little comfortable around Badar & also forced her to have some empathy for him. Gaiti could see that Badar was going out of the way to make sure she gets what she wants but then she was so focused on getting in touch with her mother that she couldn’t give a thought to how Badar was feeling & what he was going through.

In this episode of Do Bol, what I loved the most was how Badar kept on sharing his feelings with Gaiti & even though he knew she didn’t want to hear all of that, he kept on telling her what she meant to him. Badar told her that he loved her, that he was heartbroken because she was leaving & also how he dreamt of giving her a comfortable house & life. It was all very sweet. For Gaiti this relationship does not mean anything for now, but her hesitance did show that she was kind of feeling awkward for what she was putting Badar through. May be she has started feeling some compassion for him after seeing how nice & genteel he is.

Iqbal got to see Gaiti with Badar & for the first time, his emotions were given coverage. Previously it was always anger & fury that Iqbal had for Gaiti but for the first time he was disturbed like a father should be for his daughter who is not living in a favourable condition. Nafeesa continued making efforts to get in touch with Gaiti but she knew that Gaiti was still upset & she wouldn’t talk. Nafeesa has spent a good chunk of her life with Gaiti therefore she knows her too well, that is why she didn’t really mind when Gaiti refused to come on the phone. Fareeha made sure that Sameer forgets about Gaiti, that is why she kept on lying to him about Gaiti & her character. Since this entire scenario is done & dusted, I won’t be too surprised if Sameer moves on because that’s the only option left but yes, it is unfortunate that he is being lied to so that he forgets Gaiti.

Firdous saw that Iqbal was upset because of Gaiti, like she could see that he was kind of feeling bad for her, that is why she created an entire scene against Neelam going to college, that way she landed herself a chance to rub Gaiti’s wrongdoing on Iqbal’s face, so that he snaps out of any sympathy that he might have felt for her. This is what Firdous had done in the past by using Jahan Ara’s name & now she replaced her with Gaiti. I really liked how Nasreen took a stand for Neelam & gave Firdous a piece of her mind. She is not as helpless as Nafeesa plus she knows that even if her husband Munawwar listens to his siblings, she is not bound to especially in the matters concerning her daughter.

Closing Thoughts – Sweet Drama:

Overall, this episode of Do Bol was simple & sweet. It sure is turning out to be a very nice drama to tune to. The preview of the next episode did show the change in Badar & Gaiti’s equation plus an entry of the villain Jamshed who happens to be Badar’s cousin & that is definitely going to spice things up. The direction of Do Bol as well as the acting of all the actors has been superb. Still loving the usage of the OST. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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