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Do Ramadan Special Shows Make A Mockery Of The Holy Month?

Ramadan is the most blessed month for Muslims, it is the month when all Muslims try their best to put worldly affairs behind and concentrate on making the most of the holy month. Everything changes in a good and positive way in homes as well as the national level to facilitate Islamic rituals during this Holy month. There was a time not very long ago when our television channels used to pay respect to this holy month by telecasting special Ramadan transmission, there were hardly any dramas on air in those days during Ramadan so that people can enjoy this blessed month in its true spirit and not waste their time watching dramas. Things have changed a lot for the past few years now. Yes, the special Ramadan shows are still shown on every channel but the people who host them are controversial celebrities like Maya Khan and Veena Malik.

Is that not like making fun of the holy month? How many people think that such people are suitable for hosting such shows? The channels who hire them also know very well that these celebrities are very controversial and know nothing about religion and that is the very reason why they are chosen for this job. The channels don’t care about the spirit behind these shows, they do not even respect the holy month of Ramadan, all they want are more TRPs and usually controversial people get more attention than the non controversial ones whether people like them or not. Till last year no one even knew there was a channel with the name of Hero TV but their controversial step to let Veena Malik host the Astagfar show gave them a lot of publicity, yes it is true that it was bad publicity but sometime bad publicity helps too!!

Last year the so called Ramadan special plays also made a mockery of the holy month. I might be very stupid to think so but the purpose of anything that is Ramadan special should be to specially deliver the message of Ramadan? I do not mind if there is some decent element of entertainment in such shows but how do love triangles, lame jokes and over acting deliver the message of Ramadan. I know very well that our media is free and most of all very money minded now, when it comes to making money there will be no compromise, Ramadan or no Ramadan but for God’s sake if you have to show such things during Ramadan do not call them Ramadan special shows and plays because that makes no sense at all. These special shows are aired during Ramadan only so it means that they should be linked with the holy month in some way but maybe our channels feel that people are so bored of fasting that they need nonsensical entertainment to cheer them up!!!

You people must have seen the promos of another Ramadan special (so-called) that we will be seeing on our screen this year, if you haven’t then here Is the video. So now it is not just controversial celebrities and nonsensical shows but also naach gana that will be a special part of the special Ramadan transmission. Are these people foolish or do they think that people are stupid? Can someone please tell our channel owners that people do not want to watch this rubbish during Ramdan and especially they should stop calling such shows Ramadan specials because they have nothing to do with Ramadan.

If our channels cannot take a step in the right direction to promote the spirit of Ramadan then it is my request that they should not make a mockery of this holy month too. Do you want to see such shows during Ramdan? Do you want Ramadan special talk shows to be hosted by controversial celebrities or religious scholars? Please share your views.