Do Ramadan Special Shows Make A Mockery Of The Holy Month?

Ramadan is the most blessed month for Muslims, it is the month when all Muslims try their best to put worldly affairs behind and concentrate on making the most of the holy month. Everything changes in a good and positive way in homes as well as the national level to facilitate Islamic rituals during this Holy month. There was a time not very long ago when our television channels used to pay respect to this holy month by telecasting special Ramadan transmission, there were hardly any dramas on air in those days during Ramadan so that people can enjoy this blessed month in its true spirit and not waste their time watching dramas. Things have changed a lot for the past few years now. Yes, the special Ramadan shows are still shown on every channel but the people who host them are controversial celebrities like Maya Khan and Veena Malik.

Is that not like making fun of the holy month? How many people think that such people are suitable for hosting such shows? The channels who hire them also know very well that these celebrities are very controversial and know nothing about religion and that is the very reason why they are chosen for this job. The channels don’t care about the spirit behind these shows, they do not even respect the holy month of Ramadan, all they want are more TRPs and usually controversial people get more attention than the non controversial ones whether people like them or not. Till last year no one even knew there was a channel with the name of Hero TV but their controversial step to let Veena Malik host the Astagfar show gave them a lot of publicity, yes it is true that it was bad publicity but sometime bad publicity helps too!!

Last year the so called Ramadan special plays also made a mockery of the holy month. I might be very stupid to think so but the purpose of anything that is Ramadan special should be to specially deliver the message of Ramadan? I do not mind if there is some decent element of entertainment in such shows but how do love triangles, lame jokes and over acting deliver the message of Ramadan. I know very well that our media is free and most of all very money minded now, when it comes to making money there will be no compromise, Ramadan or no Ramadan but for God’s sake if you have to show such things during Ramadan do not call them Ramadan special shows and plays because that makes no sense at all. These special shows are aired during Ramadan only so it means that they should be linked with the holy month in some way but maybe our channels feel that people are so bored of fasting that they need nonsensical entertainment to cheer them up!!!

You people must have seen the promos of another Ramadan special (so-called) that we will be seeing on our screen this year, if you haven’t then here Is the video. So now it is not just controversial celebrities and nonsensical shows but also naach gana that will be a special part of the special Ramadan transmission. Are these people foolish or do they think that people are stupid? Can someone please tell our channel owners that people do not want to watch this rubbish during Ramdan and especially they should stop calling such shows Ramadan specials because they have nothing to do with Ramadan.

If our channels cannot take a step in the right direction to promote the spirit of Ramadan then it is my request that they should not make a mockery of this holy month too. Do you want to see such shows during Ramdan? Do you want Ramadan special talk shows to be hosted by controversial celebrities or religious scholars? Please share your views.





  • yahan tu away ka awa he begra howa hia,in my opinion dont watch TV in the holy month of solution..

  • That reflects hypocrisy which has become our national trait.
    Our media and channels is a big cesspool of mediocrity.
    TV channels aren't the only one to blame., Masses are equally responible.We just need to look at the ratings of Ramadan specialist shows….. Amir Liaquat was most popular!!!!

    • absolutely rite, masses are equally responsible. While mentioning maya and veena, one should not overlook Amir Liaquat, his show is also full of halla-gulla, lot of kinaree kurtaa dressing, lot of self praisal about himself and his family, and still it ranks top in the ratings, then why shouldn't other will follow the trend

  • Maya Khan is not controversial she didnt do anything bad except her one show in which she went into the garden and all that but just cause of that show everyone has made her controversial and a little bit of entertainment is not bad but you are right about one thing that those shows should not be named ramadan special

    • how do you define good and how do u define bad?
      i dont know what maya did was good or bad as i said we are nobody's to label any one.
      But what MAYA Khan did was … she harassed people in a public place, and that also to get ratings. As per human rights no one has the right to harrasss another human!

    • hello u think amir liaqat is appropriate for such shows not at all first watch his galion say bhari hui video real face of amir liaqat on the web then tell us that he is ok
      he is a liar ganda admi

      • tell me one thing who is deserving for these type of prog. may be allah has given him the hidaya. what u r can u do something like he is doing.

      • Yes he is a COMPLETE ACTOR. Koi poochay Will ANY religious scholar call on a SINGER and a Transvestite like Taher Shah on SUCH A HOLY Ramadan SHow???? WILL HE??? Koi bhi Mazhabi aadmi Taher Shah ko dekh k toba toba kere ga and THIS PERVERT Amir calls him on a RAMADAN show!! meaning that instead of listening to Hadith we shoud listen to the SHIT of Taher SHah..
        Both should be hanged publicly

  • I agree that these shows shouldn,t be named as RAMZAN SPECIAL… Another thing which noticed is about morning shows… rather than focusing on its main purpose marriages and dances are being promoted…
    Every morning show following the same trend…

  • ramzan ki izat alag bat hai aj kul to haum me se kitne loag roze e nai rakhte burhe to choro aj kul yougsters roze nai rakhte pta nai kya ho gya hai?

    • very true…… nobody is fasting… jissko bhi poocho roza kissi ka bhi ni hota.. we are degrading as a nation

  • khud to ye loag ramzan se pehle bna lete hain drame ar rozo me lga dete hain hamain gunegar krne k liye

  • these shows (most of them r comedy) are just to make people laugh and spread positivity..
    they dont mock anything… thats your own prospective…

  • If Amir Liaqat and Maya Khan are our religious host then may Almighty have mercy on us. I simply don't watch these dramas and shows in Ramadan.

    • totally agreed! also, ramadan being the most holy month for muslims should not be made a product for televesion channels. Tv channels solely use ramadan as a product and sell it. in order to sell it hosts such as maya khan are doing anything and everything to op ratings during the month amonst all channels. PEMRA must take notice and make it mandatory for all tv channels to telecast decent programming material from 5:00 till 8:00 pm. by decent it is implied that tv hosts should follow a guideline as to just invite religious scholars who talk about religion. it would be informative. this is what we need to hear!

  • Very nice article. I also think that the ramadan cooking show on HUM tv should not be hosted by Bushra Ansari. The worst thing is that she wears a sleeveless shirt in the commercial of the show.

  • Ramzan shows ka ramzan se koi jor nai.. Mukari aur adakari mey farq hy. sub dekhawav, koi rooh e ramzan ka izhar nai. In tv anchors /hosts ko libas ka bhe dhang nai. sub Shadi k joray pehne .kaha gae sadgi ?? ramzan ka khial karo

  • amir liaquat ka program bohat acha hota hai aur informative bhi…ghaltian to har ek say hoti hain aur us ki real face wali video dekhne kay baad us ka program astaghfaar bhi dekh lo zara us ne maafi maang li hai ub aur us ne jis tarah aik non muslim ko hazrat Muhammad (saw) ki behurmati par jawab diya kya kisi aur mein itni himat thi…aur aik aur misaal junaid jamshed bhi ttto pehle singer tha to kya hum us k peche par jain k wo ramzaan ka program q karta hai…halankay personally mujhe junaid jamshed bohat pasand hai sirf example k tor par yahan un ka zikar kiya..jab khud kuch nahin kar sakte to doosron par bhi tankeed na kiya karo..

    • Ap jaison na hi is admi ka damagh itna oncha kr dya ha k ab wo jb chahta ha izt daita ha jb chahta zaleel krta bechara pht gaya ha

  • All sweet beautiful peoples Ramadan Boht Boht Mubarak Ho
    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Allah Bless All Peoples /////////////////////////////////////

  • I know this is an old article but I just came across it and I complteley agree with you here.

    And I would also like to add that these Ramadan transmission hosts are very rude to gheir guests. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed but during their sessionof distributing gifts to their guests, I've observed that they go overboard and forget that it's Ramadan and never leave an opportunity to embarass the one's answering questions.

    • very true,now a days in my Pakistan,i am sorry to say ALL TV channels programs r ridiculous n shamefulln,the biggest hippocrate n cheapest Madaries r there on GEO,ARY ,PTV GLOBAL,SAMAA n many more channels,they r not even thinking about the Holy months of Ramazan n not thinking what is happening with our poor Peoples,they r suffering from poverty,hunger,electricity,water,in this Holy month the prices of basic commodities prices r beyond the reach of poor peoples,there are daily bombing n killings r happened but the Deaf n Dum planning other plunderings.the Holy month of Ramazan in Pakistan is for Loot Maar,in foreing countries like UK,the shopping centers,they knows that ramazan is the holy month of muslims so they put most of the things on offer buy one get 1 free they give more respect.There r many many ADs r coming on every channels of Peers n Istakhara things n they claim they r all free then how could they aired their ADS.I think Pakistani Media is going Bad a days we hardly watch any prog.i like Khara Such of Mubbashir Luqman n sawal yeh hai of Aamir Ghori another prog AGar of DrDANISH sahab's prog r good.rEPLY AS A GUEST

  • AOA. I want to say PEMRA, you have to do your Job and Baned Aamir Laiqt on any Chanel in Pakistan.

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