Dobara Episode 23 Story Review – The Misunderstanding

Tonight’s episode of Dobara finally covered the development which many of us knew was going to be shown. Overall, this entire development was covered well but it was not too impactful. The story moved forward smoothly but there was nothing extraordinary about it. However, Dobara continues to entertain and I find myself looking forward to the next episode every week.

Executing the Plan

Jahangir and Mehru’s conversation at the beginning of the episode was a much-needed change. For the first time, Jahangir did not judge his son but he admitted that Mahir had been raised in the most ideal situation. This was also the first time that the viewers got to hear from his father how Mahir had been raised. So far, we did not know much about Mahir’s backstory in detail. This put things in perspective even more than before. Until tonight, we had seen only one side of Mahir’s father, this particular conversation revealed a great deal, not just about Mahir but even his father. Since he was in a vulnerable situation and had just dodged a bullet, his vulnerability and honesty made perfect sense. This scene was followed by Sehar and phupo putting their plan into action. I must say that this was an important scene but since it was predictable and not executed well, it did not have a lot of impact. The only thing that stood out was Bilal Abbas Khan’s performance; he did exceptionally well translating Mahir’s disappointment on screen. Mehru’s reaction initially was shown well since Sehar staged the entire situation in such a way that it was enough to create confusion as well as chaos.

Dobara Episode 23 Story Review – The Misunderstanding

Even though Sehar and phupo’s plan had done-to-death written all over it, the way its aftermath was handled was definitely logical and mature. Mahir did not walk out and Mehru did not pass a judgment instantly. And even though it seemed as if Mahir decided to give Mehru time because he did not want to let go of her wealth, the conversation with his friend suggested something entirely different. Mahir’s character is turning out to be the most well-written and therefore the most interesting character in the drama. There are so many different shades to his personality, a proper background and most importantly even after so many weeks, he manages to surprise you. Mahir’s approach tonight was definitely more mature than that of Mehru. Mehru’s gullibility and her impulsiveness made her take yet another step that was not ideal! However, it was also good to see her siding with someone other than Mahir for a change therefore this entire situation was not so bad after all! Also, Sehar’s frame of mind was shown convincingly; she felt guilty and was not sure if she should have gone ahead with the plan. Sehar has always been shown as an immature girl therefore it was easy to connect to her decisions and how she felt about them afterward. Shano is probably going to make a comeback at some point and tell Mehru what was going on between phupo and Sehar for the past few months.

Dobara Episode 23 Story Review – The Misunderstanding

Yet again, Mehru turned out to be the most disappointing character since she did not have a lot to say to Mahir and she was more confused than anything else. The preview of the next episode also showed that she believed Sehar. After watching Mehru talking about how much faith she had in Mahir repeatedly for the past few weeks, it was difficult to relate to the scenes in the preview of the next episode in particular. Tonight’s episode only covered a few hours after the incident therefore her confusion made sense. However, it would be safe to say that Mehru’s character has been relegated to the background completely, and right now Dobara is Mahir’s show. His backstory and his current situation is definitely the most engaging element of the drama. Hadiqa Kiyani’s performance has to be the only reason right now that Mehru does not come across as a completely useless character.

Final Remarks

This was another entertaining episode of Dobara which belonged to Mahir, Bilal Abbas Khan, in particular. I am wondering if Mahir will actually fall in love with Mehru while he is away from here. I also liked the way Mahir pleaded his innocence, in a way he confessed that he was capable of wrongdoing but he would definitely not do what he had been accused of.

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Fatima Awan

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  • The preview of next week didnt make sense at all. Im sure Affan and Zameer will probably cause great harm to the company.
    We all basically knew how todays episode was going to happen based on last weeks preview and the OST but it was disappointing nonetheless. I agree with you that Mehru is for sure the most disappointing character as of recent.
    The most annoying part was the sending shano away part. I hope she is able to return safely back since she was sent back to the village at night with no conveying to her family there. Hope shano can convey the plan of phupo and send her packing back to canada. Shes overstayed her welcome entirely.

  • yar ye kiya masla hai dramas me har dosary serial me larki, larke pe ilzaam laga rahi hai dunk ka pora serial is pe based tha aur ab to har aik serial me mazaq banaya hai in logo ne aur ab kahani me bi wala maza hi mahi raha mostly illogical scenarios add kardiye

    • Right, character assassination has become an essential tactic of each and every drama. Female lead ko tu her drama main aik na aik dafa zaroor innocence prove kerna hota hay aur ab male kay liye bhee yehy sub. Drama writers take an idea and push it into each and every scenerio.

  • Fatima Ji,

    What keeps me going is your reviews of Dobara.
    I haven’t watched this drama yet….

    my apologies.

    I would like to draw your attention to two dramas,

    the first, Mrs. & Mr. Shameem on Zee 5.

    One goes through an array of emotions, Nauman Ejaz Saab is a method actor… simply awesome….. Saba Qamar Ji, I must say, she has aced this role as Mrs. Shameem.
    The supporting actors’ contribution is worth their weight in Gold…. they are a power house of hidden talents.
    With the characters of this drama,
    You laugh with them, you cry for them, you feel angry about circumstances, you feel helpless, you feel sad, but, at the end of the day, you always live on hope of a better tomorrow.
    Don’t miss this drama, the screen play, the acting, the direction, the music and the song Dillagi, the colour, the art is par excellence…..

    The other drama is Dil e Zaar Zaar on Geo. I just got hooked to the OST…
    The drama is like any other, however, the USP of this drama are it’s dialogues & the social messages it conveys. So happy to watch a step mother in a positive role…. and Sami Khan as Shobi is a revelation with his acting and those english words….

    my apologies to every one in this group for writing something else instead of about Dobara…. will watch this drama soon.

    Thank You and Regards,

  • I like and endorse Fatima Awan’s take on Dobara episode 23…. Mahir may be a gold digger in reality but he comes through as a mature individual… It is okay for Mehru to be gullible and naïve as she was never given a chance to grow and be decisive. She was a child bride who was dolled up and mollycoddled and that’s what she is…… a confused impulsive woman desperately trying to catch up on her lost years … I think Hadiqa is living up to the character impeccably…..