Does Murtasim From Tere Bin Lack Self Respect- Evidence

Yes, Wahaj Ali is handsome and talented and these qualities are helping him play his role as Murtasim in the blockbuster drama Tere Bin. But let’s talk about the Khan of the village, Khan Murtasim Khan and his being showcased as the biggest phenomenon in his universe. The entry of the character was phenomenal. The whole fandom was in awe of the strength and stubbornness shown by the character. They again loved the way he fell in love with his lady love Meerab played by Yumna Zaidi. The drama is progressing and now we think that he may not be the KHAN that the makers wanted him to look like and maybe the man lacks basic self-respect.

Does Murtasim From Tere Bin Lack Self Respect- Evidence

There have been many instances when Murtasim was shown not having the sought of self-respect a feudal and angry guy like him should have and it just does not make any sense now. Yes, there have been instances when he was slapping Meerab or asked her to jump off the roof and those were also out of character as Murtasim is not a cruel man but he still should have that self-respect which he lacks and here is the evidence:

Cannot Take A Stand For Himself:

Murtasim cannot speak for himself. He was married off to a girl he did not want to marry which now seems to like was a good idea on his part. He was asked to become the “gaddinasheen” and abandon his real passion which he did. He is always getting told off by other his mother or his wife and frankly never speaks for himself.

Does Murtasim From Tere Bin Lack Self Respect- Evidence

Signed A Weirdo Contract:

We respect Murtasim for always respecting the consent or the lack of it from his wife but why was he marrying a girl who was asking him to sign such a frivolous contract to not consummate their marriage? Though it was shown that he would do it to maintain his “izzat” but he kind of went against his own izzat when he signed it despite being in a powerful position.

Does Murtasim From Tere Bin Lack Self Respect- Evidence

Meerab Never Respects His Decisions:

Many would say that Murtasim can be more forthcoming with Meerab but the man is never reciprocated from the other side so why would he? And then his wife went on and defied him in front of a whole panchayat and he just takes it. I mean wasn’t he Khan Murtasim Khan? Then she went on and got kidnapped just because she cannot listen to his advice and stayed in the car in a very deserted area.

Does Murtasim From Tere Bin Lack Self Respect- Evidence

His Wife’s Communication With Her Ex-Friend:

Meerab now knows that her friend was in love with her and she still meets him, talks to him and even went to his house (She could have stopped him from dragging her to his flat) and when confronted she says she has done nothing wrong. Murtasim on the other hand is just looking miserable and doing some aerial firing because the man has no self-respect and cannot accept separation from the lady who does not want him. No need for violence but man! Just say enough is enough.

Does Murtasim From Tere Bin Lack Self Respect- Evidence

Always Begging For Love:

Anyone who has watched even a single episode of Tere Bin can not understand why Murtasim fell so fiercely in love with Meerab. She is pretty but that is where the attraction should end. But he is in full Ranjha mode and he is always begging for her love and affection which she may not have inside her as is evident by her actions.

Does Murtasim From Tere Bin Lack Self Respect- Evidence

Meerab Made His Sister Elope:

Planning a whole elopement for Murtasim’s sister and not being even sorry about it is wrong of Meerab. Everyone in this scenario is at fault from different points of view but Meerab simply tried to destroy her husband and sent her sister-in-law with a man she does not know. A man who has not shown enough courage to come forward and is only meeting them in the shadows. But Murtsaim’s self-respect is still dead as the man does not show half the reaction he did when his wife was kidnapped. He is still cozying up to Meerab who tried to destroy him and his family.

Does Murtasim From Tere Bin Lack Self Respect- Evidence

In short, Murtasim is just another Saad with more money and a bigger moustache at this point and he needs to do more if he is Khan Murtasim Khan!

Pakeeza Dar


  • Once again pathetic writing by writers. Hamesha aurat ko ghatia hi dikhana aur aadmiyon ko masoom. Shame on writers and channel producers.

    • True
      Abhi murtasim ne zabardasti ki isse samajh aara hai ki murtasim kitna gira hua hai
      Islam mein nahi hai zabardasti karna biwi ke saath bhi

  • Love the closing sentence “In short, Murtasim is just another Saad with more money and a bigger mustache at this point and he needs to do more if he is Khan Murtasim Khan”.


  • I think this happened because Meerab was his cousin .Thats why he was not in a position to take any harsh step.He accepted the contract just because he was hoping Meerab herself would break the contract herself after falling in love with him.Meerab on the other hand is a kind of egoistic personality who always think what she is doing is correct. She thinks that Murtasim is an illiterate feudal who has his own laws which are against the women especially.
    In this misunderstanding. She went for helping Maryam although first trief to stop her .
    In the coming episodes. We will see how Murtasim would take a stand when he would come to know that Meerab was involved in it due to pressure that his sister had developed on her when she was forced to marry Nauraiz.
    I personally like Murtasim role more than Saad in the drama.

  • Really disappointing to read this article . The choice of words and the tone is demonstrating Patriarchal , regressive & misogynist views.

  • Yes wahaj ali played very well in this drama. I never see him before tere bin drama; and I really appreciate him with his performance.

  • Okay, I understand ur point of view but some of the facts are really wrongly explained.. Yeah I agree there is pretty much no reason to fall so in love with meerab except for her looks, but I that specifically his love for her started as empathy for all that happened in her life that shaked her to her core.. HE does have self respect but bends it for the sake of his life, because of his love for her, like the way he forgave her for the panchayat thing, because she was not exactly wrong with standing up for a girl who she thought was being forced.. Yeah the rohail part was not great, but further displayed his love and respect for her, the fact he hid it from everyone.. HE JUST BENDS HIS SELF RESPECT FOR HER SAKE, WHICH SHOWS HIS ENDLESS LOVE FOR HER. ALSO THAT HE WAS ALWAYS SOFT FROM INSIDE AND WAS KINDAFORCED TO BE THE GADDINASHEEN