Dr. Shahbaz Gill Criticized Sarwat Gilani Badly For Her Insensitive Video

Motorway Incident shook hearts of every Pakistani, a women got molested in front of her children that too on motorway. This news took the social media on storm. After immense pressure from the public government took prompt action in this case.

People are protesting on the escalating number of rape cases in Pakistan. Celebrities protesting on the motor way incident remained the high light of the week. Many big names from the industry including Mahira Khan, Sarwat Gilani, Sarah Khan, Yasir Hussain, Ali Rehman Khan, Ijaz Aslam, Frieha Altaf and others joined the protest.

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Later on many controversies came forward,some media reporters who were there covering the protest claimed that Transgender community was already protesting there, Media Celebrities stood away from them and no one even came closer to them.

Special Assistant to prime minister Dr. Shahbaz Gill took Instagram to criticize our celebrities and shared a video of Sarwat Gilani and Fariha Altaf  while they were on their way to protest Sarwat Gilani and Fariha Altaf are seen in the video talking about the protest and its cause insensitively.

Sarwat Gilani after receiving a lot of criticism took twitter to apologies for hurting the sentiments of people.

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“My apologies, it was an honest mistake. Making numerous cards and helping organizers with setting up a protest can get very mind boggling. Since a lot of celebrities were busy with work on the first protest’s date we decided to get out a day when most of us were available,” the actress tweeted.

Many people are now questioning that Sarwat Gilani who calls herself the biggest feminist, is her feminism is just confined to her interviews to BBC? How could a feminist be this much insensitive. Thats your take on this matter? Share your thoughts with us through comments section!


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