Nida Yasir After Facing Criticism Apologized From Public

Nida Yasir landed in hot waters when she invited little Marwa’s parents to her show who was sexually molested and then burnt to death. The whole interview consisted of question Nida asked to Marwa’s parents about the incident. People are demanding ban of Nida Yasir for being so insensitive.

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Nida Yasir uploaded a video in which she has apologized from public and tried to clarify her side.

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“Seems like some people are angry with me. They are angry because they think that by calling Marwa’s father, I have asked them some insensitive questions. First of all I want to apologize, I can’t see you guys angry with me” said Nida Yasir

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“now i want to clarify, we plan our shows a week later and mostly i do shows that are full of infotainment and entertainment to make your morning pleasant. We didn’t approach Marwa’s family, but they approached us through Sarim Bhai” Nida added

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“They needed media support, policing wasn’t filing their FIR, when they protested then on 2nd day their FIR got filed. When such cases gets media support the departments starts works fast. Everyday there are so many cases of same nature and rapists are roaming freely”

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“We haven’t done it for TRP’s this is an entertainment show not a news show we get TRP’s from an entertaining show” Nida explained further

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