Dumpukht- Atish-e-Ishq Episode 10

Today’s episode had some very memorable performances. Sonia Mishaal ( Kulchu) stole the show with her flawless acting while narrating her dream to Nimmo. She looked like she had seen a ghost and every inch of her body was shaking with fear. Kulchu is constantly abused by her mother and fears her dreams will be crushed before her eyes. Tahira leaves no stones unturned in ensuring Kulchu knows how passionately she despises Bilal. Even then, I found Tahira going to extremes wishing death upon her daughter. She can’t accept the fact even though Murshid Saeein has supposedly blessed the Union of Kulchu and Billu. Her husband is losing patience with her yet she continues her rampage. I don’t know what it’ll take for her to simmer down but for now, she’s a raging bull who’s only seeing red everywhere.

Habibullah’s visit to the Dargah revealed his desperation and his ghulaam Wali used it to his advantage. One look at Wali and you’ll know he’s up to no good but that’s exactly the guy Habibullah needs on his side if he wants to have Kulchu. He seems convinced that he can find peace once he’s with Kulchu who reminds him of his ex. Of course, a very obvious argument would be that just because she looks like her doesn’t mean she is going to return his feelings but at this point, Habibullah is obsessed with having her more so because he failed the last time around.

What is Bibi’s game? Twice I noticed she was tearing up but she was quick to mask her pain. Is she miserable because she knows Habibullah doesn’t love her and is still fixated on his ex? Does she feel incompetent in some way? Does she want out of this marriage or does she just want to be happy with Habibullah the way every woman would want to be with their husband? Or is she extracting revenge on him for marrying her? Bibi’s character is very interesting and keeps you guessing- there are so many facets of her personality that are yet to be revealed.

Billu’s journey of love has to be the strongest depiction of resilience I’ve seen in a very long time. Who would’ve thought a guy like Bilal would accept the tasks assigned to him at the Dargah. Tahira derives pleasure from the knowledge that he’s living the life of a bhangi. Meher Nigar has silently accepted that her son won’t give up and continues encouraging him to stay true to his promise despite the hardships. Both of these mothers are polar opposites- Tahira can’t seem to grasp the concept of acceptance and Meher Nigar is willing to sacrifice her happiness for the sake of her son.

Looks like Billu is up for a challenge with Wali targeting him. How much worse can things get for the poor guy- this torture must end. On the other end, Kulchu isn’t exactly on a bed of roses either but somehow things will be getting hotter for her as well. It’s heart- breaking to know that through no fault of their own, both of these lovers are being exploited. First it was Bibi who was playing games but now Habibullah seems to have made it his life’s mission to separate the lovers and make Kulchu his baandi. Let’s see what the future holds for them.

What did you make of this episode? Did Bibi’s reaction seem genuine? What will be Billu’s breaking point? Will Tahira get a much needed wake up call?

Kanwal Murtaza


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