Dumpukht-Atish-e-Ishq Episode 26- Have you ever really loved a woman?

What power does a man have over a woman that keeps her subdued into submission? Kulsoom proved her mettle by exposing Habibullah in front of Bibi and I expected fireworks. Unfortunately for both of these women, men like Habib know only too well that they are truly masters of their womenfolk. While Bibi was clearly hurt, she was ready to look beyond Habibullah’s infidelity and move on. However, Habib was even more determined to have Kulsoom now that the cat is out of the bag. After all, what’s preventing him any more from fulfilling his desires.

Bibi mocked him for never having loved any woman and the reason behind that was the love of his power was greater than any other feeling. His lust for Kulsoom and his maddening desires are completely out of control. Habibullah has become accustomed to having people worship and obey him and Kulsoom’s rejection of him has made him stubborn. He’s like a spoilt child who has made up his mind that he wants a toy- and Kulsoom is nothing more than a toy who he’s going to use and then dispose of once he’s bored. Habibullah hasn’t been faithful to any relationship- yet he thinks nothing of it.

Seeing Bibi accept his misdeeds yet forgiving him didn’t surprise me but seeing her whimper hearing his threats to divorce her were not in line with her character. Even though Bibi is a far cry from the woman she started out as, I expected more from her realizing that she is finally aware of her husband’s true intentions. What sort of a life is she hoping for knowing she’s expecting her first born and finding out her husband is not the man she thought he was?

Bilal’s quest for vengeance doesn’t seem to be going anywhere- he knows that Habibullah is at the centre of Kulsoom’s nightmare yet he’s delaying any action. I don’t get why he’s not doing anything constructive knowing the gravity of the situation. Nimmo’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance proved yet again that there can be no better friend than her. Kulsoom’s parents have finally realized they should get their daughter back and this has turned their home into a battleground. Kulsoom’s attempts at getting through to Haroon are in vain and I hope next week he gets a jolt of reality.

The promos for next week look intense and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Sonia Mishaal is a fine new addition to the acting field and I hope she chooses her projects wisely and spreads them out. Noman Ejaz continues to impress and each time he takes up a new role I feel confident this will be his most hated character but he never disappoints.

What will be the turning point? What do you think?

Kanwal Murtaza


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