Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 12 Story Review – Building Relationships

Tonight’s episode was Ehd-e-Wafa wasn’t as intense as last week’s episode. It was an entertaining episode with a few important developments. It was good to see Faraz after weeks of disappearance in tonight’s episode. Ehd-e-Wafa is a mix of emotions, social messages and mostly light entertainment. It is turning out to be an interesting play. I hope that the writer will be able to do justice to all the tracks since there are so many of them. Raani and Shahzain’s scenes tonight could have been chopped down. Rest of the tracks are definitely more meaningful. The most interesting element of Ehd-e-Wafa has been that in every episode we see a different side of Saad’s character. Shahzain too keeps you guessing. Saad’s character is somewhat complex and is quite like some of the other characters Ahad Raza Mir has played recently. Ahad Raza Mir has done justice to all the different shades of his character which makes it easier to connect to his happy and sad times. Saad’s scenes at the PMA were the highlight of this episode thanks to the director and all the actors involved. These scenes are always emotional and entertaining.

Building Relationships

Saad’s scene at the academy once again showed how he was helping others around him and in the process he was building relationships. While things with his college friend Shahzain were not sorted in the previous episode, he seems to be doing great when it comes to helping his friends at the PMA. Once again his scenes at the academy clearly showed that he wasn’t just a positive influence on others around him but also went out of his way to ensure that whatever he did was in line with the teachings of the academy. This episode focused completely on Saad’s friends at the PMA, the training and that one scene with his father. That conversation Saad had with his father was sweet as usual but it made me wonder if something tragic was in store – I really hope not!

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 12 Story Review - Building Relationships

Gulzar’s energetic presence yet again made him the centre of attention. Adnan Samad Khan’s organic performance makes his scenes an absolute treat to watch. He brings out the best in his character. All the other boys at the academy were equally convincing in this episode. Saad’s new friend and his relationship with Saad was heart warming as well. The role the seniors played in bringing this family together came as a complete surprise but this was another aspect of the kind of intervention which goes on in the PMA which most of us were quite unaware of. This entire track had a happy ending and that is how Saad won yet another friend who knows he can depend on him. Exceptional performances by all the actors involved made these scenes few of the best in this episode. Ahad Raza Mir’s expressions in all the scenes were priceless. He also shares great on-screen chemistry with all his co-actors. His expressions when he was talking to Faraz were exceptional – spontaneous and on point.

The Other Tracks

This was yet another episode of Ehd-e-Wafa which opened with Raani and Shahzain’s scenes. Raani made a plan which eventually worked in her favor. She might not be a good student but otherwise she is a really smart young lady who knows how to get her way. Zara Noor Abbas gave another brilliant performance tonight but Osman Khalid Butt was as stiff as ever! Raani’s scenes add color and fun to each episode. Some of her dialogues tonight were hilarious but this track was once again given more screen time than necessary. It would have been good if Shariq’s family was shown instead since that particular track was extremely powerful last week.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 12 Story Review - Building Relationships

Shariq and Shehryar’s conversation showed how fed up Shehryar was of the fight between Saad and Shahzain. While Shariq has just found out about this, Shehryar already knew about it and had also talked to Shahzain earlier. I missed watching Shehryar and Masooma’s scenes tonight.

Dua’s track was covered in a single scene which suggested that Dua’s parents were hiding something from her. Is she adopted? It certainly seemed like it was something more serious than a bachpan ki mangni.

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was interesting overall. The preview of the next episode suggested that Shahzain will show his dark side yet again – definitely not something I am looking forward to. This time around Shehryar will tell Shahzain off – still wondering where this track is headed!

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Amazing episode as there was a lot of PMA involved. Emotional with the Haris story and fun with all the boxing and how Gulzar took a beating. Lol quickest knockout in PMA history! Interesting to see if Gulzar can cook for everyone. Lol he claims his food will be better than the cadets mom’s!
    Well atleast Shariq and Sherayar will be invited to the mangni and I am glad Sherayar will say something to Shahzain.
    Overall prefered this episode more, I guess due to PMA stuff. Thanks for the review!

    • You’re welcome SM. LOL!! yes, let’s see, he sounded quite confident. Me too! Waiting for that scene.

      Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

      • I saw Ahad’s interview earlier in the week and it seems they have resumed shooting. Also, Ahad seems like a genuinely nice person!

  • This drama is losing its lustre. The director has completely lost his control on the drama. He has started too many tracks and he cannot handle them. Each track is left half baked and leaves viewer completely lost and unsatisfied. None of the track is being handled properly. I feel bad that such a good theme is being wasted by foolish handling of the director and story writer.

    • 100% agree. I watch the whole episode in 10mins only, as most of the part is boring. Just reading the review here gives me the complete idea.

  • If I am correct, the lady who is the mom of Saad’s new friend is a senior artist from PTV Quetta Station. She is an amazing artist but have not seen her in dramas in ages. Can anyone confirm?? she was in drama serial Bisaat, and there was many other amazing artists in that drama!

  • Disappointing drama overall. Acting is average all around. The girls are over the top, neither can convincingly pull off medical student/brainless wannabe track. Of all the boys, the girl’s COUSIN is the most convincing in his (cousinly) role. The hostel warden’s son and the cadet roomie from the laborer background also live up to their respective comedic and growth-oriented roles. The PMA scenes are as they are meant to be, recruiting propaganda for defense services no youth want to enter anymore as there are more lucrative and better career opportunities in the private sector. The two richer boys vs the two poorer boys track is commendable and the bandmaster’s son does a good job holding the falling apart drama at its seams with the statement: ek ka baap zamindar, ek ka baap fauj ka officer, ek ka baap hai nahin ek ka baap bandmaster; hum sirf timepass key dost hain. Good line for a timepass drama with awkward plot and unrealistic actors. Plus, giving up on medical school for a girl to go there shows how brainless the scriptwriter, director, producer and actors all are. Who gives up a lifetime career for a two-day romance? Shows lack of seriousness or direction in life – is that really what you want in an army man? The entire drama makes Pak defense services out to be a second-or-third-option cuddly kindergarten jungle gym, with cutie teachers who have heart and lots of it. That’s not really how it is at all. The premise of this drama was all wrong to begin with. Four guys out to have some slight fun one night end up fighting each other and their circumstances, falling in love with pretty bobbins and making their lives revolve around women’s affairs instead of being the moral, well-educated, independent and reliable support system for each other and the greater society that Lawrence College intended them to be. I have no hopes for this drama frankly. Pls watch Dhuwan to learn how to make a real drama with Pakistan defense forces.

  • Also, the nurse sister and her post-Morten technician husband track with the cancer-ridden wife was really unnecessary and softened the raw reality of issues like corpse kidnapping and looting, sale of organs, greed giving in to extortion, etc. just when the drama was turning actually meaty. They did that once before too, when Shazain ruthlessly killed the race horse. They softened his character up with giving his heart to an over-plastered looney bin. Should have stuck to the ruthless track, as the college dropout grandson of a zamindar. And since when have zamindars become so sweet like grandpa Malik? There is a reason feudalism survives till today in Pakistan, and sugar ain’t (all of) it.

    • You are so right. But serious dramas don’t get ratings. They promoted the show as a nice and breezy watch – all romantic and whatever. The reality of feudalism isn’t being shown in this drama.
      Malaal e yaar is more realistic in this sense, however this serial also has its problem such as romanticising the person who forced the girl to get married at gunpoint.

      • Really, they dilute reality of feudalism and political foothold in our society by mixing dramas that have socially relevant message with romance and trifling the issues. Unfortunate that masses flock and fall for this. Same as in real life politics. No drama on par with Waris of old, when every shop in the country was closed to follow what happens to Niaz and Ada Sayin.

  • Her name is Nabila Khan and she was Peshawar tv actress in 90’s. Regular face of PTV in those days along with late Anila Ijaz and Anita Camphor.

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