Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 14 Story Review – Fast Paced

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa covered a great deal. The story finally moved forward to the next phase. The friendship between the boys it seems is officially over. We all have to contend with the fact that the drama is not about the friendship of the SSG boys but it is about their individual journeys. The OST is seriously misleading since it suggests that the plot essentially would revolve around friendship. Having said that, I am glad that every episode of Ehd-e-Wafa has an important message put forward in an entertaining way. Ahad Raza Mir’s acting tonight was remarkable. The role reversal in the end was the most entertaining part of this episode. The writer has clearly not been able to give equal screen time to all the boys and all the tracks have not been covered with precision. The highlight of this episode was the role Dua and Saad’s parents played in a situation which was quite tricky. Ehd-e-Wafa provides light entertainment with some important messages and there are times when you miss the emotional element. The good thing is that they are no glaring flaws in the drama, the director Saife Hasan has definitely done a great job and most of the actors too have played their part well. Tonight’s episode focused more on Saad and thankfully Shahzain did not get a lot of screen time.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 14 Story Review - Fast Paced

The Role of Parents

The ‘secret’ was finally revealed in this episode and I must say that it was a huge disappointment. The way Dua’s parents were discussing this ‘issue’ made it look like it was something really serious. Raheel has to be the most annoying character in this drama and it was good to see Dua telling him off. Dua’s father’s role in all of this was extremely likable. The way her father dealt with the situation showed his faith in her and there were no clichés there, which was refreshing. This however made me wonder why Dua’s sensible father couldn’t talk to her earlier about this proposal? He could have easily taken Dua into confidence considering he has such a good relationship with his daughter.

Saad’s mother is like a wise friend to him, who guides him without judging. The way she listened to Saad and made him understand Dua’s point of view was another refreshing element of this episode. The writer by showing all of this clearly sent out the message that you cannot force your grown up children to do things a certain way. Saad and Dua both had faith in their parents which is why they shared all the details with them. Instead of relying on a friend or a cousin, they relied on their parents who gave them the best advice. The way Saad and Dua’s relationship was ‘paused’ was novel and interesting to watch. I miss watching Saad’s father and I feel that is a big reason why at times I find it really hard to connect to the characters at a deeper level.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 14 Story Review - Fast Paced

The story was fast forwarded a few years and that is when the viewers were shown a very different side of Gulzar and Saad. It was interesting watching this role reversal. This entire situation showed how far the boys had come. Shariq was once again shown pursuing his dreams and Shehryar continued to juggle work and his studies with the same commitment. I am definitely waiting to see what the future holds for Shehryar. Shehryar and Masooma’s track is cute but was it really needed?

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 14 Story Review - Fast Paced

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode was fast paced and the performances were on point. However, this drama unfortunately lacks flow because the screen time has not been divided properly. There is too much going on and some of the developments especially in Shariq’s life have been quite haphazard right from the time these boys left college. The fact that Saad’s father has not made an appearance for the longest time is also strange. Other than that, Ehd-e-Wafa is a decent watch primarily because of the cast. There is always something likable about every episode which makes me tune in to this play every week.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Finally u came..I mean review ..was waiting for it..
    My God Gulzar…pata nahi us bichare ladke ka Kya hona hai😅
    The only person in the whole drama who is man-moji is raani..uski koi prob nahi hai agar hoti hai toh phir woh ek raani ke Jesa hi minto me solve karti hai.
    I want to see shariq and sheryar more.. hopefully next ep me..
    And masooma was looking really masoom today, she’s beautiful!
    U r right Dua’s father was v likeable..I think if every parent behave in this way girl will break their trust.

    • LOL True about Rani. Haha yes looking forward to watching what Gulzar does with him. Same here, Shehryar in particular is my favorite.
      Appreciate your feedback LFI. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Great review Fatima!!
    Ehd-e-wafa is a good show to watch without any great expextations. I honestly do not have any high hopes for this one now. Sometimes I wonder was Mustafa Afridi really the writer of Sang e MarMar but then again, Sameera Fazal also wrote ‘Dastaan’ which I still cannot believe.
    Dua’s Father said ‘Main usko nai bta sakta, mje dar hai kahin usko kho na doon’. I mean Whattt? You are talking about an engagement that hasn’t even taken place yet and are saying ‘kahin usko kho na doon’ :/
    I am soooo glad that we didn’t have overdose of Rani/Shahzain scenes this time. They need to give equal screen time to characters. The only thing I look forward to is PMA scenes and Gulzaar. I wish they had made a drama focusing only on army.
    PS: Fatima, why are you and Zahra not doing year concluding articles this time? I was really looking forward to them.

    • Thank you so much Pakistan Po, so good to hear from you. LOL!! Yes, you are right. Honestly speaking I always felt that SeMM also lost its charm towards the end. Haha exactly!! Sometimes Mustafa Afridi writes the most misleading dialogues. In this episode Dua’s father said mere gharoor ka sur fakhar se buland ho gaya – what even?!

      Oh yes, less of Shahzain is always great but have you noticed they always start every episode with Shahzain – Raani scenes.

      Pakistan Po, we will write those articles in April because whenever we post them at this time, not a lot of people read them…ratings ki dor LOL!! Sorry buddy for keeping you waiting. We made the lists this year in July I think.

  • Another apt review Fatima. Although there were certain continuity flaws in this ep, but the strong relationship dynamics shown, especially btw Saad and her mother, redeemed this ep of EeW. This is in all honesty an exemplary form of bond between a mother and her son and an absolute treat to watch bcz of Vaneeza Ahmed and Ahad Raza Mir. Not to mention Dua and his father shared an equally powerful bond with each other and for the first time, I sort of ‘liked’ Alizeh Shah’s performance in that scene;)
    The last scene was the highlight of the episode. LOL @ gulzar’s dialogue of iss ki dusting mein karoon ga😂😂. Looking forward for more interesting episodes.

    P.S Just curious, Fatima, which drama will u review after MPTH as ig only 2-3 ep are left? I say that u and Zahra should review Alif together. It will definitely be good to have ur input in such a quality drama as Alif😊

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim for your feedback. Yes, I agree with you about Alizeh Shah’s performance this time around. LOL yes!! Gulzar will make sure the young cadet gets a few reality checks.

      That is a wonderful suggestion Ibrahim but the website does not allow joint reviews. I have no idea yet, I am waiting for the play starring Noman Ijaz, Savera Nadeem and Bilal Abbas.

  • Perfect review as usual. Sorry for irrelevant comment but I’m currently re watching Sadqay Tumhare and reading your reviews after every episode. And believe me you really have penned my thoughts Fatima baji. :) I am loving loving loving those reviews. Aur aap say ye b poochna tha k
    reviewit per Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi review nhi kiya gya tha? Why’s that? I’m sure it must have been your favorite if youve watched it.
    Plus with every episode of Ehd e Wafa passing, I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Saif e Hassan. He literally deserves a standing ovation for direction a drama like this with sheer brilliance. It is undoubtedly a task to shoot a drama in 5-6 REAL locations that too in different cities. He is a gem!
    Allah aapko khush rakhy hamesha.

    • Thank you so much Shorbaan. So happy to know that you read and liked those reviews, means a lot to me. I watched UBFN and loved it but somehow I was so deeply affected by it, its darkness that I actually thought it would be really hard reviewing it every week.

      You’re absolutely right about Saife Hasan. He is a really good director and an amazing human being too.

      Buhat shukriya, duao mei yaad rukhye ga.

  • Episode was much better, enjoyed watching it from get-go.

    As he hasn’t shown joining any medical or engg college, I think Shehryar will clear CSS, considering being studious, intelligent and position holder. I’m particularly excited to see they all (incl Dua) reach higher positions in different careers, working for country and ultimately giving sacrifices for dear homeland. Let’s see how they show it. This drama has always issues but last sentence of your review sums up accurately that there is something which entices to tune into this drama each week. 😊.

    Wonderful review.

    • Hello Urs, I was waiting for your comment;) Love your honesty and really like your Urdu as well. Yes! this drama reminds me of dramas like Udaari and Sammi.

      Thanks a ton buddy. Keep reading and commenting.

      • ویسے میڈم آپ نے اس ڈرامے کی کاسٹ کے نام دیکھیں ہیں، قسط کے آخر میں؟ انہوں نے “زورو” کا نام بھی لکھا ہوا تھا۔ 🤭۔

        واقعی ڈی جی آی ایس پی آر کا کتا ہے کوئی مذاق تو نہیں۔ ویسے جنرل فراز کو اس کتے نے کاٹ تو نہیں لیا، دونوں کئی اقساط سے غائب ہیں؟

  • Ahad hinted in his iv that the ssg will get together in a way to work together for the betterment of the country. So lets see! Also I’ve heard sheryaar is gona be a css officer so iam really looking forward to that! Overall ehd e wafa is a very feel good, light hearted play which has v.good entertainment value with few valuable messages here and there. Iam glad its something different and fun to watch :)

  • I think they will show what friendship demands from them later on..they have fast paced to original status they will be holding in future…
    Saad in military
    Shariq in media
    Shahzain as a tribal leader
    Shehryar must be some political leader etc…
    Nd the scenario of waziristan war…

  • Nice review! Will be interesting to see what happens next from now on. I think the messages and the light entertainment value is a stress relaxer and something different. Maybe 8-10 more episodes to go if they have finished shooting.

  • Assalamoalaikum fatima. Episode dekh kar maza aya and reveiw parh kar maza dobala hogaya.
    Why are you not reviewing on yeh dil mera?

  • This was the best episode of this drama. I had lost interest, but the scenes of Saad, Dua and their parents, all were very good, it had maturity written all over it. This drama scores in serious scenes, but fails in funny scenes. I don’t enjoy the PMA scenes too.

  • Hello just wanted to ask why arent you guys reviewing Yeh Dil Mera/Ghalati/Ruswai other than the weekend dramas bcus I am sooo used to watching a drama and coming on your website to see the review so just wanted to ask about it :(

  • Thank you for the review. I liked this episode. Dua’s father dealt with the situation well. Also, it was that writer pointed out it is very important to concentrate on your career. I think Dua’s father is unwell and she is not aware of it as he said mujhe ab fikar nahi agar mein maar jaun, and this is the secret. I fun to see Gulzar taking on role of a senior. I wish they could have at least explicitly mentioned what exactly Shahreyar is studying.

  • “The friendship between the boys it seems is officially over. We all have to contend with the fact that the drama is not about the friendship of the SSG boys but it is about their individual journeys. The OST is seriously misleading since it suggests that the plot essentially would revolve around friendship.”

    Quoting this, I was watching a recent interview of Ahad Raza Mir. He mentioned there that story & script is still evolving. OST is not misleading at all. All the boys will eventually come together in upcoming episodes and there would be a patriotic element as well.
    These all things were said by him

    PS: Spoiler Alert
    Sheheryar would become a CSP as shooting is going on at CSA, Lahore these days

  • I enjoy watching the play as anything to do with our army is always popular with the masses.Alpha Bravo Charlie,if one makes a comparison,was also a marvellous and unforgettable production.