Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 9 Story Review – Interesting Developments

This was another interesting episode of Ehd-e-Wafa, the story is moving forward smoothly with all the boys being given equal screen time. All the tracks have finally taken off which makes Ehd-e-Wafa a drama which offers a little bit of everything; suspense, romance and comedy. In this episode, the background score was used effectively and some of the developments were completely unexpected. Shariq’s track is getting more serious with every passing episode and Shehryar continues to be one of the most likable characters in the play. Dua and Saad’s romantic scenes in this episode were cute and comic. Gulzar and Saad’s friendship is heart-warming . Shahzain is back to being his normal self! Shehryar helped him see things from a different perspective and he was back to being his old self which made me wonder why the negative side of his personality was shown in so many episodes. It was unnecessary to give so much screen time to his ‘evil’ side if things were eventually going to go in this direction. Looking forward to the boys being a ‘gang’.

Important Developments

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa opened with Shehryar making a trip to Shahzain’s haveli so that he could talk to him face-to-face. Ahmed Ali Akbar is extremely likable as Shehryar. Although the character itself is a pleasant one but Ahmed Ali Akbar’s performance definitely adds to the appeal. It took Shehryar only a few minutes to change Shahzain’s perspective, which was definitely a relief and something which made it quite clear that he was after all only angry! Shehryar said everything which the viewers had been thinking and talking about all these weeks. The change in Shahzain’s personality and the dark side of his character was just as difficult for Shehryar to accept as it was for the viewers! Looks like Shahzain’s track is going to take a completely different turn from here on. Osman Khalid Butt’s acting left a lot to be desired even tonight. Now that Shahzain is ‘over’ Dua, he will focus more on Raani which will give viewers few light hearted scenes in the upcoming episodes. Raani is already keen on meeting Shahzain since she likes him a lot. Zara Noor Abbas owns her character and her scenes are always enjoyable.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 9 Story Review - Interesting Developments

Shariq’s track tonight took a serious turn and some of the developments were surprising. I am sure I am not the only one who thought that Shariq was finally at the right place where he would get his big break but then the owner of the channel did something which showed that he too wanted to protect the criminal. This entire development was frustrating to watch and I couldn’t help but wonder what Jajji was going to do to Shariq after this. It was however good to see Shariq’s resilience and his determination. All of these traits went well with his age and the way Wahaj Ali translated this character on screen made it easier to connect to him.

Ramsha seems like a fun and easy going young lady who does not quite understand that her channel’s owner is backing the criminal she wants should be in prison. Ramsha and Shariq’s scenes were interesting, both of them have tons of potential and energy, I really hope that this track is handled well and we see both of them working together perhaps independently. Hajra Yamin is a phenomenal actress and her scenes were a treat to watch.

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 9 Story Review - Interesting Developments

Gulzar and Saad’s scenes at the PMA were sweet and funny as usual. Ahad Raza Mir and Adnan Samad Khan’s on-screen chemistry makes this bromance more believable. Some of their dialogues were hilarious and the situations were fun to watch as well. I would have liked to see Saad telling Gulzar about the bhabhi but that scene ended too quickly. It was good to hear that Gulzar finally passed and got the holiday he desperately wanted. Both these actors have been performing really well. Ahad Raza Mir’s acting in some of the scenes was exceptional, especially his expressions were on point.

Final Remarks

It would have been good if the viewers were shown at least one scene covering Saad’s interaction with his father while he was home. The main focus of this visit seemed to be Dua and Saad’s friends, the family was almost missing from it which was rather off. The first telephonic conversation between Dua and Saad was well written and acted out, an enjoyable scene to start the episode with.

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa had a little bit of everything which made it an entertaining one, overall. These latest episodes have given me hope that this drama will get more interesting as the story moves forward.

The preview of the next episode was quite interesting. Shariq’s track is keeping me on the edge and Shahzain and Shehryar’s love story will start next week.

Did you watch this latest episode of Ehd-e-Wafa? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Fatima I stopped watching this drama but always read your reviews. After reading positive reviews from your side I started watching it again. You are right EeW is now offering what we expected to watch when it aired. Now all the characters are being given equal screen time. I agree that Shariq’s track has suspense and thriller thing going.

    Excellent review by you again. I know I can trust your judgement. Keep it up.

    • Thank you so much Sadia for having faith in the reviews. I am so glad you started watching Ehd e Wafa again. Hena, love his track, I hope it will continue to be this interesting.

      Thanks a ton for liking the reviews. Keep reading and commenting.

  • What an episode and what a review!!
    I really liked the telephone conversation and the way she was calling him Ammi!! That was so funny!!
    And that “tera kya khayal hai?’ ‘Tere Naanay k baray main?’ ‘Nain Yaar Naanay k baray main Naani k achay khayalaat nai thay, tere kese hon ge.’ God!! This was hella funny!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    You are so right!! Ahmed is nailing his character. I don’t know what’s wrong with OB here. I mean he was great last night in Alif and was totally into the character.
    PS: How funny is that Ehd e Wafa’s initals make it eew🀒!! πŸ˜‚

    • Haha yes that was really funny. So glad their scenes are funny and entertaining now. Loved all these dialogues Pakistan Po, thank you for mentioning them in your comment.

      Yes, Ahmed is an amazing actor and host. I didn’t know he was part of Alif too, I am glad he is performing well in that drama.

      LOL!! Good one. You’re on a roll nowadays, loving your comments.

      Thank you for liking the reviews and the fun comments.

  • A thoroughly interesting and commendable ep!! Ty to u as well Fatima for such a thorough review:-) . For me, the highlight of the ep was Shehryar’s way of convincing Shahzain and Ahmed Ali Akbar’s expressive acting. Finally, this development has made Shahzain more tolerableπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The ‘Ami- Saleem uncle’ conversation was such a treat to watch. It made me smile throughout 😊😊. Alizeh Shah has definitely improved her acting skills from the first ep. Ahad Raza Mir continues to shine with his minute but subtle expressions and… Of course a big CONGRATULATIONS to Gulzar for finally passing his salute test. Such a likable character and an enjoyable episode.

    • You’re most welcome Ibrahim. Hahahaha so true Ibrahim, I agree, although OKB’s acting was strictly okay but yes Shahzain’s character was much more likable after that lecture from Shehryar. I agree with you about Alizeh Shah, her character too makes more sense now. Truly loving his expressions and acting in this drama, Ahad Raza Mir’s performance has been solid throughout.

      Haha yes Gulzar is amazing, I look forward to his scenes.

      Enjoyed reading your comment as well Ibrahim. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Wonderful and detailed review! An overall entertaining episode which covered a great deal. Shariq looks to be in trouble as he is messing with powerful people. Saad scenes with dua and gulzar were great and funny! Looking forward to future episodes and hoping they will resume shooting.

    • Thank you so much SM. Yes! Shariq isn’t thinking about the consequences of his actions, he simply doesn’t care because he is too eager to get the murderer punished. I hope he doesn’t get into trouble again. Yes, I hope so too.

      You’re most welcome. Appreciate your feedback.

  • Good review Fatima. There were good developments and all the 4 stories moved forward simultaneously. I forwarded PMA scenes, Im not enjoying them at all. Liked the cute scenes between Saad and Doaa, but one thing abt Ahad, somewhere a little arrogant attitude of YKS character is inbuilt in him , it can be seen in both of his current roles. I liked the meeting scene between Shehryar and Shahzain, , Shehryar is the most natural of the lot and he is the only one who looks like a real friend. They way he put sense into his friend’s mind was so good, if all characters behave in this way , then most of the dramas wont move Shahzain is back to normal, but as Saad knows that he had sent the proposal for Doa, he will agn respond in angry way, and the War will go on.
    M not able to relate to Shariq’s track at all, its too fast and abrupt to show Shariq being so seriously involved in such big games so early, he comes from humble back ground, and just that 1 night where he was indirectly involved also had a deep impact on him, and now he even before finishing his studies, is getting in to dangerous situation, this is going too far at this stage.

    Another point,just I noticed, while naming the characters , why cant the writers have some more creativity, here SHahzain, Shehryar, SHariq, all having SH and then Saad, also with S. In mere paas tum ho, we have MehwiSH, DaaniSH, and SHehwar, agn all SH.

  • Yeah it was a very nice, cute and enjoyable episode. Every week i become more eager about what’s going to happen next. Shehryar is turning out to be such a fine, sensible character and you are right Ahmed ali has translated his character beautifully on screen. Saad and dua continue to be cute. That scene in which dua is doing combined study in hostel reminded me of my time in first year.first main sab hi group study kartay hain lol. I must say Ahad acted really well in pco scene.
    Saad and gulzar were adorable together i would say. Not just that they acted well. I would say the dialogues were also really well written. The dialogue of saad ‘rules break nahi karnay’ showed how he has become serious about his career and life.
    Though I’m a little worried about sharik but I’m excited to see upcoming developments in his plot at the same time. One thing that confused me was that wether the person who did post martem was a doctor or a paramedic. Anyways, that person has some relationship with sharik’s sister. Let’s see what happens next.
    Rani continues to entertain. Alizey has improved a lot. Hajra yameen’s character is yet to impress me.
    A special mention for mustafa afridi for writing such beautiful and up to date dialogues. I personally feel that writing comical dialogues is more difficult.

  • This was a well written, well directed,well acted and well executed episode. All the actors did complete justice to their characters.saad and dua’s relationship is cute.GC gulzar is grooming day by day and t is just amazing. The actor playing the charcter of gulzar nailed it. Shariq’s track is getting serious but very interesting and i agree that shariq is at right place to achieve his goals and will serve this country.Now i am curious about shehryar and shazain that what will they do for their country.

  • Thank you Fatima for your amazing review.As always. Loving all the tracks. And we are all so happy to see everyone of the friends getting some Equal and reasonable screen time now. Special mention for Gulzar, his acting is amazing. The writer of course has done a splendid job with the dialogues, especially the comic ones. But the way Gulzar executed the comedy was simply hilarious & outstanding. I wonder if this is his first time on tv. He really stands out.