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Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si – An Overview

Before the start of the drama & as seen from the promos it could be easily deduced that ETLHS focuses on a middle class family facing a roller-coaster ride of emotions such as hatred, misunderstandings, jealousy where only one person is the backbone acting as an instigator & that is Ruqaiyya (Saba Hameed)

The family of Ruqaiyya includes her husband, 2 sons Mohsin, Ahsan & a daughter Hira. As we go through the drama we see that Ruqaiyya is an uncourteous woman who only & solely respects her son Mohsin because he is the bread-winner of the family. Ruqiayya having the only daughter Hira has spoiled her to bits & Hira has a hard core materialistic approach towards life because she has been brought up that way because of her mother. The only soft-hearted members of the family are the Father & the youngest son Ahsan. Ahsan plays a role of a rational person where he always stands up against his mother when he finds her wrong. Father being a pension holder has no respect in the eyes of Ruqaiyya because of the obvious reasons. Mohsin is an obedient child where his only mistake is overlooking the irrational & unfair behaviour of his mother.

Hira on her own proposes her cousin, legally becomes his wife by having a Nikkah ceremony just because the cousin starts earning a good amount of money. She later backtracks when she meets this new neighbour Ali who buys a house in their neighbourhood. She gets attracted towards him seeing how good his lifestyle & in literal sense; his salary is. She takes divorce from her first husband & gets married to Ali with the complete support of her family especially her mother thinking she will be happy because of Ali’s salary.

Mohsin during the wedding of his sister develops an interest in his paternal cousin Nadia, who is a very simple girl & the only child of her parents. Her mother treats her life princess & she has no father. Mohsin takes a stand to get married to her whereas Ruqaiyya opposes it for the main reason that she will be sharing his salary if she becomes his wife.

We are now seeing the cruel side of Ruqaiyya after she has become a mother in law where she is treating Nadia as an unwanted person & a life-time maid. Not only she treats Nadia badly but with no respect as if she is not the daughter in law of the house but some person who doesn’t deserve respect. Mohsin, her husband can not utter a word in front of his mother & has taken a back-seat to escape all the mayhem. The drama is entering a new phase where Ruqaiyya will soon enough face the first hardship of her life because of her daughter whose husband Ali seems to have been involved in an extra marital affair.

As a viewer of this drama I find every actor doing justice to their characters. Saba Hameed may seem like someone who’s repeating her role but for sure deserves a round of applause for her commendable job in this serial too. All the other characters have their own personalities which make the drama seem more interesting. It may have a predictable plot but the way it has been executed marvels in its own. The content of the drama to many seem to have been put in a strong manner & a bit overboard but unfortunately it depicts the reality & what most of the women in our society face at one point of their lives which makes it relate-able.

It is going super for me I hope the viewers will agree to with what I will be saying about this drama from now on.
Keep supporting.
Zahra Mirza.

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