The Obsession With Jinaat

fahadMornings are the most important part of the day for me because it is the beginning of a new day and every new day brings with it new hopes. When we wake up in the morning we want to do whatever we can to feel refreshed and energetic. Meeting a good friend or getting praise at work in the morning can make your whole day beautiful. So, basically there was nothing new that I said in the above lines because we all feel that way. Everyone wants their mornings to be refreshing but why are our Morning Show hosts unaware of this very common fact? First, they tortured us with wedding ceremonies in the wee hours of the morning and now we have a date with a jin or a spirit early in the morning.

Please answer this for me, who wants to meet Jinnat in the morning? I know I don’t! And I especially do not want to meet these jinnat or know about them when the sole purpose of discussing them is to create sensation and not to cause awareness of any sort. I accept the fact that supernatural spirits exist, the evidence is there in the Quran but I would like that these jinnat are not invited as guests in our morning shows. Am I the only one who feels that most of these shows with Jinnats making a guest appearance are fake? And that is probably the reason why these shows put you off even more. You know I have an idea, enough of shadis and enough of jinnat, ab kisi jin couple ki shadi karwani chahyeh. That will surely increase TRPs even more…what do you all say?

All human beings are curious to know about the supernatural beings and many people face problems relating to them but there is a limit to everything. Every other morning show seems to follow the same path and then it becomes a competition. Some go to graveyards to look for jinns and others are so lucky that the jinnat come to their shows themselves. Do these morning show hosts think that the viewers are foolish? I wish they would understand that their viewers are very intelligent people; in fact so intelligent that maybe they should ask the viewers what they want to see in a show.

Morning shows are not dramas; they are reality shows, which means that they should not be fake. But it seems like the actors hosting these shows use most of their acting talent in these shows. I remember there was a time when Nadia Khan’s shows were very balanced and had a little bit of everything. But then she also joined the rat race and now the awam is stuck with jinnats and shadis.

Share with us, how many of you want to see hosts and guests talking about Jinnats in these shows? And do you think all of it is for real? Do you feel like these Jinnat shows (not morning shows) are questioning the viewers’ intelligence?



My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • i agree 100 percent. n i m damn sure that u r not alone with this perception. every educated and sensible mind wouldnt appreciate such a cheap way of attaining a good rating for the show. n really starting ur morning with Jinnaat…oh my God such a horrible thing. the Host and the program director/producer should give us n themselves a break. Huh.

  • these show just wanted their TRPs to b high..and they r their to make money, advertise brands, etc
    no sole purpose of educating or making a positive change!!!

  • Really these things do exist and I'm a little afraid of it. So, whenever I see this I get a little afraid and especially in the morning what is the need of this damn shows! IDIOTS….

  • tuo bhi aap log tv on na karen ya phr hum na lagaen..ap k matlab k hanstey howe faces attey hain na or channels per…. ya phr jinnat sirf hum ka channel hi chalney dety hain…hahaha

  • LOL @ "ab kisi jin couple ki shaadi karwani chahiyeh". That's epic man..EPIC! I am surprised morning shows haven't thought of this idea yet.

    Morning shows are a joke. Period. I feel like I am losing brain cells if I accidentally watch for 5 minutes.

  • You know what, I totally agree with you …. all of this is rubbish! To be honest, when he said "today's program is not for the light-hearted blah blah blah, change the channel", I was just like it's not worth to watch a live show that is full of lies, drama and deceit! I strongly believe that there are Jinns, but to fake an act saying that there are Jinns in the very room with them is just pathetic. I wonder what they'll do next time to increase their TRP…

  • no doubt Jinnat topic is there in Quran…….but this is not a fair way to take this on TV specially for morning shows. now there is nothing inspiring in morning shoes just silly programms

  • LOL hahahahahahahaha LOOOOOOLS @ Jin ki shadi. LOL! Trust me I am sure for the sake of petty TRP's they will do it. When our Morning show hosts are not ashamed of doing baby-showers for the sake of grabbing TRPs then c'monnnn we're onlyyyyy discussing Jinns innit. LOL!

  • I think I watch desi Programmes here, especially the morning show show up at night due to the time difference in Pakistan live programming. My Kids walk in at times, and being born and raised here in the US, they are amazed at the lack of reality and substance in the content of Pakistani reality shows. The lag in content, authenticity and information that is promoted really appalling.

  • Agree 100% with all the comments. Looks like no one enjoys these stupid topics. All producers of the morning shows should come to this site and read viewers comments and next time make some sensable morning show for us. We have so many legends in Pakistan, invite them we want to see/hear them. Show us different cities of Pakistan. Not all the time Shadi, Jinnat, Makeup shows, baby shower,. And nadia please lower your voice, in the morning looks like you are screaming. Which is not soothing in the morning.

  • I have experienced some really nasty stuff with jinnat BUT
    I dont want to see these foolish ppl discussing this topic everywhere.
    All of them are so tamashabin and dont know how to handle this
    Sensitive topic.
    So please stop your silly shows. You never gave me an answer to my questions!

  • more then the topic i hate the setup and the background scary music…this makes it so irritating. i guess we wont complain if you can all stop this rubbish music and have a normal stage..otherwise we'll only make fun of you…also why ppl come for rishtas on tv? God it's so irritating specially those who ask for jahez….

  • . I donot waste my time by watching these stupid and nonsense morning shows. Because their topics r hilarious and unimportant. The Jinnat is discussed in a way which is totally a drama, creating restlessness and weakening of faith in people. Ab waqai they should go for Shaadi of Jinnat that would surely everybody want to see.

  • No doubt its reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but this is all bulshit they want only advertisement nothing else……………………
    i dn't lyk such dramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

  • Agree with the post.All insane morning shows just exibit expensive sets,clothes and gaudy makeup.

    They just make fun of jinnat and doing acting .pathetic.y dont they bring some informative stuff for house wives

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