Indian Dramas NO MORE a threat to Pakistani Drama Industry!

Indian Dramas NO MORE a threat to Pakistani Drama Industry!Unrealistic scripts, foolish concepts, absurd acting and never-ending stories have finally came to an end. This is indeed good news for me to hear that Pakistani people are now no more interested to see fatigue Indian dramas, which are usually based on unethical concepts. And for such accomplishment the big hand goes to Pakistani television Industry that not only came up as a hard-hitting challenger but also transformed the visions of Pakistani people.

I am proudly a Pakistani drama big lover. I do not miss any episode of my favorite serial and love to chat about every detail of them with my friends. I am proud of how these dramas have set free the nation of those who worshipped low quality soaps on Star Plus.

Indian drama craze went on for many years in Pakistan and set on accelerating the Indian drama fever like a dengue virus. The entire audience of Pakistan was grabbed by brainless dramas like ‘Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki’, ‘Kasauti Zindagi ki’ and the string goes on. Even that was a time when everyone knew every single thing about Indian culture and traditions but no one even bother to know who founded Pakistan. Besides this, little girls used to play ‘Kum Kum’ and ‘Kyun Ke Saas Bhi Kbi Bahu Thi’ instead of playing ‘Ghar Ghar’. Moreover, women got their food burnt while they were deeply lost in drama scenes. And almost everything seemed to be paused at the time of drama.

Nevertheless in recent times I have been displeased to see an idleness of some concepts and characters in Pakistani dramas. It has been tiring to view the same characters being repeated on screen projecting an image of this country which is overstated and doesn’t hold true to every single case. But no doubt! Pakistan made its boom and these days, Pakistani dramas have reached the peaks of success and fame.

Pakistani Drama Industry has given them a hard competition and effectively crossed the line of success that Indian Drama serials had set. Channels like, Ary, Geo, Hum tv have done a great job so as to promote Pakistani talent across the globe. Stories from intelligent writers, outstanding acting, brilliant dialogues and sound direction have set Pakistani television industry a notch above the rest. Captivating story lines like of ‘Durr-e-Shahwaar’, ‘Maat’, ‘Meri Zaat Zarra Be Nishan’, ‘Jannat Se Nikali Hui Aurat’, ‘Doraha’, ‘Humsafar’ and many more have just turned the hearts of people back to Pakistani civilized cultural values.

Well! It is a known fact that Indian Drama Industry has lost its charm in Pakistan. With powerful script, limited episodes, soulful stories and the efforts of drama makers, Pakistani drama has once again reached the height of success. Hit it Big!


Nida Zaidi


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • I really appreciate your views Nida. I agree to what you have said because there was a time when I used to hear Star Plus dramas being discussed in the University or even in the car on my way back. Girls were so deeply involved with those dramas. But I'd like to mention one thing here that it was HUM TV without a doubt that never lost it's originality & promoted ONLY Pakistani dramas when there was a huge fan following of Star Plus & people never bothered to see anything else starting from 7PM till 11PM.

    I remember not having the access to Indian Channels back in 2004-2007 in Middle East when the craze of Star Plus was at its peak in Pakistan so me & my whole family always tuned into Hum Tv & back then it was only Hum Tv who showed amazing dramas rooted with Pakistani values such as Tum Mere Ho, Koi Lamha Gulab Sa & also back then promoted Umera Ahmeds' writings like Pehchaan, Lahasil & Wajood e Laraib.

    We even saw the Indian influence on Geo & ARY completely where Sadia Imam was dressed in Sarees & extremely loud make up with multi-colored walls of the house resembling the set of Kasauti or Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu, scheming about every member of the family with extremely loud satan-like expressions, LOL! Also Geo & ARY did some joint ventures with Indian celebrities & casted Juhi Parmar (KUMKUM) with Humayun Saeed just to provoke the Indian craze more.

    Here I'd like everyone to acknowledge HUM TV as a trend-setter & major promoter of Pakistani Dramas & let's appreciate their commendable job to stay PAKISTANI right from the beginning. :D

    • Not truly, Hum Tv still promotes Indian dramas like Utran or entertainment programmes like Jalak Dikhla Ja, Just Dance etc.

      • They show their shows as it is because no matter what Pakistanis like to watch a few Indian shows too plus it's an entertainment channel. But what I meant was that Hum TV didn't bring the Indian-ness in their dramas like GEO & ARY did & kept them very original & how Pakistani dramas used to be. That's what I am referring to.

  • I was just speaking with my daughter yesterday that it's been so long since we watched indian dramas. We use to watch frequently all star plus dramas at tea time or dinner, but now it's Pakistani dramas time. Love Hum/ Ary. Still not a big fan of Geo.

  • pakistani actresses ne to indians ki tara bay libas ho kar dunya kay samne hot hotv and sexy banna chahti hai aur arahi hai bhi
    i will support india because they stricktly follow there religion
    shame on you to be pakistani even i am pakistani but a strickt muslim tum log to sirf naam kay muslims ho ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  • VERY TRUE…Indian drama are creating sick minded sOciety away frOm reality whereas,our dramas are reality based sensible stOries with good script, superb acting and tOrture free directiOn…
    This is true that people are nO mOre interested in indian sOaps…bt still channels dO shOw sOme indian sOaps like urdu1,hum tv and hum2…i dun knw y there is a need to show.that stuff…i request all channels plz dun buy fOriegn sOftwares…we have tO appreciate Our Own dramas…THEY ARE THE BEST <3

    • Yes! Even I find it unncecessary when our channels show Indian shows. Because of my Indian friends circle here I have come to know that they are a HUGE fan of Pakistani dramas (to the extent that they buy CDs here sold in the personal Pakistani shops) & Umera Ahmeds' Novels but do we see any Indian channel ever broadcasting our dramas in India? No!?! We should do the same & shut them.

      • Basically they knOw the standard Of pakistani drama..n if they will telecast Our dramas on their televisiOn..then their drama trp will fall.
        SO,They are afraid of it.
        SOmedays back i was listening tO an interview Of an old ptv actress(kanwal) on xpress entertainment..she tOld that sOme years back a pakistani play was telecasted On zeetv (indian channel) it gOt sO much appreciatiOn that bal thackry warned all tv channel nOt tO dO that again ..hOw narrOw minded these peOples are…Our dramas are still at their best even in the presence Of fOreign cOntent.

      • true.i was astonished to see this situation when i visisted india few years indian cousins knew nothing about pakistani dramas or channels they told me that pakistani channels only shows program abt repairing toasters etc.n yes ptv 2 or 3 it was that they were able to c!! now through internet they r coming to know abt our dramas n loving it:)

  • shaed pakistani channels india me nh dikhaye jate wrna log indians ki jga pakistani drmas dekhenye bat b thek hy pakistani indians ki copy krte hen kuch drmas me mtlb un ki language wese dressing tb mje bht gusa ata hy.but bht se dramas bht ache hote hein .bht strong stories hoti hen.

  • I see several household Pakistani women who are not very educated or totally UN-educated who deliberately watch Indian plays . I am surprised how they bear these plays , Once I tried to watch a few serials on Sahara One and Star-plus they so un-realistic that I got bored of them very soon. The only Indian drama I see is FIR on Sub- TV. Because It is comedy show.

  • how can v forget ijazat,vasl,parsa,khuda zameen se gaya nahin,bari apa…all superfantastic plays with superstrong plots n amazing performances

  • yes dats true i used 2 watch indian dramas regularly but now only watch paki dramas,,n hate indian dramas n stories n over actings n i love "main chaand si",,,"Humsafar"…."qaid e tanhai"…"behkawa" n all other dramas

  • n in indian dramas when they worship their gods n idols and trying 2 spoil our generation n muslims but now thanx God by watching dramas "meri zaat zara benishan" and "shehre zaat" we r much closer 2 our God…..

    • LOL..' trying 2 spoil our generation, !!! LMAO.
      OMG–on my recent visit to Pakistan I would say that the youth are actually
      doing that job themselves–thank-you very much !!

  • n in indian dramas when they worship their gods n idols and trying 2 spoil our generation n muslims but now thanx God by watching dramas "meri zaat zara benishan" and "shehre zaat" we r much closer 2 our God…..

    • hey…plz do not say such stuff,our relegion and worship is different we have never preached to adopt our u dont need to say this…agar aapko shows se dikkat hai toh plz say about them but hamare rituals ko kisi k bigaadne k lie zimmedar saabit na kare…hamare bhagwan har god ki respect karna sikhate hai…infact mai khud islam ki dahedil se respect karti hun…plz dont ever say such stuffs….

      • Well said, Leena.
        Please read my comments further down.
        Totally agree with you.I am muslim Uk born and have many hindu/ sikh friends. I appreciate all cultures/ religions and hate this immature bandwagon that some narrow minded people on both sides of the border jump to whenever topics like this are discussed. So, much generalization in the comments posted on this thread.

      • maam ap un ka cooment sahi tarha parahain unhoooo ne ap ke baghwan ko khuch nahi kaha balke ye kaha hai un hindu dramaz ko daikh kar MUSALMAN hindu religion ke chizoon ko apnatee ja rahe the laikin ab ALLAH ka shukar hai un se hamari jan chuty.

  • Yes our dramas are good atleast some of them are but nothing
    No nothing can top ishq e memnu….hats off to that drama….
    And its characters now the new threat is these awesome dubbed dramas.

  • Hatts off nida for the wonderful article. I love reading ur articles on smartearningmethods and on mybloggertricks. U have a good future.

  • Yes you absolutely right. Actually those people who watching Indian dramas are showing their LOW-MENTAL LEVEL!

  • Pakistan Jaga, Oh!!! I am an Indian, and always watch Pakistani, Dramas, in my childhood I use to read Urdu Novels, I love Urdu litracy, we don't have a proper urdu education, my father kept a privat tutor for us to learn Urdu and then my family cousins learned urdu with their own effort to read Urdu magazines like Shama and Urdu novels. Indian Movies were filled with urdu litreture and still you see urdu poetry in Indian songs, Indians don't want to call it Urdu and they gave the name Hindi, but every Indian singer needs to learn Urdu language if they want to sing in Indian movies, it is Mandatory, So just imagine how reach is Urdu litrature, how beautiful this language is, feel bad to see how it is dying. Out of all the latest Pak Drama, I love Man Jali's dailogue, beautiful Urdu, brings back my childhood love to Udru.Some of Pak. Dramas still show that Urdu or Muslim culture, I only watch Pak. Dramas, I hope Pak dramas, quality increases day by day. I don't want them to be influnced by western culture.

  • Thanks to HUM TV to save pakistan drama industry and give us the real entertainment, the dramas which we can watch will our families. Indian dramas had vulgarities

    • I lost interest in Indian movies, dialogues, music & lyrics , started with Sharmila Tagore type and now on its Peak total valgarity in every dept. Our so called fashion designers and models are not far behind. Just watch Karachi Bridal fashion week on Urdu BBC, " Akbar Zameen pay Gharatay Qomee se Gar gaya " Muslim models parading half naked as brides. The word bride symbolize ' Ghoongat, Haya Sharam, Jhukee huee Palkain ' Alal HAYAA Alal Emann. Even Hindu Brides of middle class & rural areas still cover their faces from elder male relatives of their husbands and strangers. Seeing is believing.

      • your commnt was appriciated, every industry runs on compition n dat was great, but the last line about faces n all was bullshit, we call this akal ke tare todna…..

  • seriously nothing makes me more happy then knowing the fact that Pakistani dramas are being loved soo much not only by Pakistanis but by other nationality people too. And the proud that i feel when i see Indians and Bengalis going crazy after our serials and actors can't be expressed in words!! My non- Paki frnds actually say that they hate Indian serials! it gives me immense pleasure to know that.. and every bit of my heart always prays for Pakistan..

  • Only good thing Pakistan has done in recent times and in the past is that they have produced some good dramas. Particularly Hum is doing a very good job. I am not a Pakistani but a fan. I wish them, and Pakistan drama industry, best of luck.

  • salam,
    my name is Ayesha Sayed,i m indian,all i want to say is pls dont hate us..these thngs r just for entertainment….pls dont tk it in wrong way……dats all i want to say….

    • what are we supposed to do when indian dramas show unethical culture and ideas, girls getting pregnant before marriage, intimate scenes of a man and a woman which were so far seen only in english movies are now seen easily among indian dramas, the language, the culture, the ideology and everything displayed in indian dramas is so obscene, so unethical, I can't even sit and watch them with my family. At least pakistani dramas are worth watching with whole family !

  • I don't want to see Indian programs on Pakistani channels.. if we achieve this goal thn i will feel proud bring Pakistani..

  • I live in the UK and watch both Pakistani and Indian dramas. I hate this outdated and immature concept that as muslims we should not not be encouraged to watch Indian dramas and vice versa. In that case, should the arguement also extend to not watching western movies, etc?
    It's also an insult to the actors, actresses, writers ,directors etc who work hard for our enjoyment. Come on people , on both sides grow up and please EMBRACE our many commonalities and differences.

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