Evergreen Pakistani Actresses

Pakistani drama industry is full of talented actors and actresses, who have won our hearts many times with their awe-inspiring performances. In this article I would like to discuss and pay tribute to some of those actresses who have been with the industry for a very long time and it is always refreshing to see them on-screen. These gifted actresses are never going out of fashion and no one can replace them. Do share how you feel about these charming and talented ladies. If your favorite actress is not in the list please feel free to add new names.

Evergreen Pakistani Actresses1. Samina Peerzada:

Samina Peerzada has mesmerized us with her flawless acting so many times that we always expect her to deliver, no matter what role she is playing. Nowadays she is the favorite naani/daadi on air but at the same time we see her in completely different roles too in telefilms etc. Samina Peerzada is beautiful, talented and charming. She started her showbiz career from films starting in 1976 and there was no stopping her after that.




Evergreen Pakistani ActressesSamina Peerzada is not only a brilliant actress but has also directed a few plays. Even after so many years, she has not lost her charm. Samina Peerzada says that she , “considers growing old to be a positive experience because you learn more about life and its truths. Besides, I learned early on in life to wait patiently for things or rewards to come by. Therefore patience is the key.” Samina Peerzada believes in having a positive approach and looks at the bright side of things. That has to be the reason that she got as far as she did. I found this really cute picture of Samina Peerzada, which I must share with all of you.




Evergreen Pakistani Actresses2. Bushra Ansari:

Bushra Ansari is Sharp, witty and versatile. She is also another actress who has been associated with the entertainment industry for a very long time now. She started appearing on-screen when she was only nine years old and has always felt very passionately about what she does. Bushra Ansari is not just an actress but also a singer, writer and a presenter. Lately she left us all spellbound with her performance as Saima Chaudhry in the Baraat Series and as Bilquees in Bilquees kaur.

Bushra Ansari is one of those very few actresses in our industry who did not limit herself to playing comedy roles only but proved that she was equally capable of giving serious performances. Bushra Ansari was asked in an interview what she would wish for if she was given three wishes, her reply was, “First, prosperity for my family, second, I’d spend my life with some dignity and third, that there should be peace in the city”. Here is wishing this incredible woman load of success.


Evergreen Pakistani Actresses

3. Saba Hameed:

Saba Hameed may not have been around for as long as the two actresses I mentioned above but she has done a commendable job right from the get-go and still is going strong. Saba Hameed has great potential, she has done comic roles and serious ones too but it seems like she is being typecast lately. Personally, I would like to see her in different kinds of roles so that her potential is exploited fully.




Evergreen Pakistani Actresses

4. Savera Nadeem:

Any play which stars Savera Nadeem is a must watch for me. In fact I can watch multiple plays with her in them and not get bored, that is the power of versatility. Although, I do feel sometimes that Savera is very selective about her work and we don’t get to see her on-screen as often as we would like to. Savera Nadeem started her career at the age of fifteen from theatre and now she is not just an actor but an anchor person and a director too.

Savera Nadeem is all for bringing about a positive change in the morning shows in our country and says “Morning shows, all over the world, are primarily meant to educate people and bring some sort of change in their lives. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, morning shows only provide entertainment. Since it’s the viewers who demand entertainment, it’s very difficult to get them to accept something different.” She also wants writers to put an end to the saas bahu stories and that is probably the reason why she is so selective about her work.


Evergreen Pakistani Actresses5. Sania Saeed:

Sania Saeed is also one of my most favorite actresses. I have watched some of her old telefilms like “Ab Tum Ja Sakte Ho” and “Putli Ghur” and her acting even at that time was truly inspiring. And the reason for that must be that Sania Saeed started her career from theatre too when she was only ten years old but now finds it difficult to take time out for theatre. Apart from acting, Sania is also a presenter and a very active social worker as well. According to Sania Saeed, “I don’t just act but I always had some thing in my mind when I am doing any character, like there is somebody out there in real life whose character I am portraying.” No wonder her performances are so close to reality.


Evergreen Pakistani Actresses

6. Rubina Ashraf:

Rubina Ashraf is also very selective about her work but whenever she chooses a certain character her portrayal is always perfect. I simply loved her as the authoritative Police woman in Pas-e-Aiena and the submissive roles she played in Mera Naseeb and Samdhan were equally powerful. Lately Rubina Ashraf has been playing the rigid mother on-screen in Talafi and Maseeha both; she had almost the same characters. But definitely looking forward to seeing more of her. She has an infectious smile and her acting is always flawless.


Evergreen Pakistani Actresses7. Samina Ahmed:

Samina Ahmed has the kind of confidence and maturity about her that truly makes her stand out in the crowd. She is not only an actor but a director and a producer too. Samina Ahmed was the first woman in Pakistan who opened her own production house and her very first venture “Family Front” was an instant hit. Samina Ahmed has done plenty of serious dramas too, although she is known more for her old comedy dramas like Akkar Bakkar, Taal Matol, Alif Noon,Such Gup and the Baraat Series recently. According to her colleagues, Samina Ahmed is very honest, fair, generous and kind hearted.

 Who says, actors have a shelf life…these exceptional actresses and many others like them have proved that talented performers always bring something new and refreshing with them. There are so many new avenues that they have yet to explore and I am not getting tired of watching them perform anytime soon. I have noticed that all these actresses are more conscious about how they perform and not about how they look on-screen and that self-confidence also has to be the key to their success. Many of the actresses nowadays put on heavy make-up even if they are going through the most tough times in plays and it is difficult for the viewers to relate to their characters because it seems too much like acting then.

What do you think about the list? Please feel free to add more names.

Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

    • Aman definitely Badar Khalil has been around for so long too and i love her as aani in Tanhaiyaan Nayee Silsilay.

  • I could not agree more with your choices. All of these actresses are veterans and best of all, versatile!

  • Fatima vry nice, all are brillant actresses that u mentiOned here…
    u will b glad tO knOw that samina peerzada is dOing a negative rOle in her upcOmming serial On geO tv named GHAO :)
    Well,AnOther name that i want tO add is SHAGUFTA EJAZ,she is alsO One Of the verastile actresses Of pakistan,…capable Of dOing justice with every type Of character…whether it is seriOus like ROAG r cOmedy like DUGDUGI.

    • Xadee thank you for liking the article. Absolutely right Shagufta Ejaz deserves to be On this list:)

  • very nice n interesting article…i would lov to read somethg abt our current t.v actresses….

    • Thank you for reading and liking the article. Sure I will write something about the current actresses as well:)

  • hae bushra ansari fit hen funny acting kamal ki karti hen.wese tanhayan se yad aya us drama me marina khan k 7 jo then un ka name ksi ko pta hy wo then bht pyari.

    • Whats so special about attiqa ?? she can't act as brilliantly like these ladies do besides she's not been here for as long as those ladies are

  • very good review,very well written MASHALLAH.all of these actresses are really evergreen,and I was thinking about Shagufta aijaz too,she is not working alot now but she was also able to maintan her charm and she is versatile too. and about morning shows i would like to say that I havent seen Savera,she must be brilliant as ever but I like Farah Hussain most:).Fatima u were silent so I already guessed k u r going to present another excelnt piece of writing:)keep smiling.

    • Aww thank you Mrs. Asim:) I have not seen Savera's Morning Show too but was just quoting what she said in one of her interviews and it makes a lot of sense too. i have always liked Shugufta Ijaz too but the last drama I saw in which she acted was mere Qatil mere Dildar. I think she runs her own business too so she is probably very selective too.

      • in fact what Savera said about morning show,Farah is almost doing the same,Farah atleast talks in asensable way and one always learns something.i asked admin months back to upload farah morning show,n he said yes soon etc etc.hmm true about Shagufta Ijaz.

        • Mrs. Asim, it is great to know that someone is doing a good job of hosting & planning these shows.

  • Lovely article Fatima they are all lovely actresses my most favorite are Sania Saeed, Bushra Ansari, Savera Nadeem, Sameena peerzada. Very good analysis thumbs up. Shagofta aijaaz is also evergreen and versatile her latest drama Laaj is on air these days on TV one she acted pretty good in it.

    • Thank you UAg:) You are absolutely right about Shagufta Ijaz. Yaar I tried to watch some shows on TV one but I have noticed that Mostly people who are doing side roles cannot really act! I could be very wrong of course because I don't watch the channel on regular basis.

      • Did u watch Laaj? The main attraction of tv one is faysal's morning show have u watch that? I can't miss that. His show is pretty good and informative and different

        • No I have not watched Laaj. Yes I have seen Faisal's Morning Show off and on and I must say he is very genuine, not fake like most of our Morning Show hosts.

          • Yup totally agree the most I like about his show is that he promotes Pakistan and Pakistani people a lot and doesn't include any indian content in his show. He doesn't do wedding week amd jinnaat stuff which makes his show different and stands out. I am waiting to see his show on dramasonline.

  • ye sab bhht ache ladies hain..lykin main sirf ye kehna chahoun ge k hina dilpazeer ko b add krna chaiy tha..jinhoo nay bhht thore c dyr main itny roles kr daaly k wo iss level pay aa skte hain jis level pay savera nadeem or sania saeed hain…bushra ji or samina ji ka name to bhht bara hay….

  • All of them are wonderful actresses. Such fine talent and they don't just act – they live each and every character. But from the list above, my all time favourite is none other than Sania Saeed. Ever since I watched Aahat as a kid, she became my favourite. Beautiful actress and such a down to earth individual.

  • I love Saba hameed. and i dont love my grand mother (Means Mahnoor Baloch). My Grand mother should learn from Saba Hameed.

  • This list is perfect..all ladies deserve this title…really they all are evergreen actress..but where the list of evergreen male??? And Shagufta ejaz is also evergreeeen

  • rubina and saba noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    kia h aaakhir in k pass na shkl na soorat ………. haan bus talent

  • aw how I wish MARINA KHAN made that list :/ I love her so very much but I guess since she is not much of an actress now :/ anyway AWESOME LIST!! :)

  • is tufani or afratafre k bawajod hamarey ye sitarey jis tara is mahol ka mukabla ker rahe hen qabil e taref hen . beshak ye jism ki numaish ker k sasti shorat nahi sametty balkey apney libas se wo pakistan ko represent bhi kertey hen. or bhi hamare adakaraen hen un k bhi nam shamil karne chiey.

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