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Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Upon watching the ZGH OST you most definitely noticed the Humsafar inspired scenes. The idea for this post belongs to Drama Buff and on her request I present to you the evidences , frame by frame, of the scenes that are *coughCOPIEDcough*:

 Exhibit A: Le Fawad Khan’s Macbook

Exhibit B: Le bedroom. Khirad and Asher’s room had a red headboard against a white wall. Kashaf and Zaroon’s room has a switcharoo: They used a black headboard against a red wall. White pillows and black lamps with white shades are used in both rooms.

Exhibit C: Le Fawad Khan eating an apple at the breakfast table. Asher and Zaroon surely smoke but hey, at least they eat healthy.

Exhibit D: Le never ending Anarkalis. If you are a gareeb girl who marries into a rich family and you want to dress modern yet modest, you will wear the anarkali. If you are rich and modern, you dress like Falak.

Exhibit E: Le couple in matching white clothes.

Exhibit F: Le shareef-dupatta-on-head school look.

Exhibit G: Le sharmana like a mashraki larki.

Exhibit H: Le Fawad Khan jumping on bed.

Exhibit I: Le face to face scene.

Exhibit J: Le serious confrontation.

Exhibit K: Le leaning head against the headboard of the bed scene.

Exhibit L: Le mirror scene.

This post did take me awhile to do and I tried my best to match the scenes. If you think a different scene could have fit any of these exhibits better, do let me know. By doing this little project I watched many of the Humsafar scenes again and fell in love…again! *sighs* Humsafar was truly gulzar.


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