Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Upon watching the ZGH OST you most definitely noticed the Humsafar inspired scenes. The idea for this post belongs to Drama Buff and on her request I present to you the evidences , frame by frame, of the scenes that are *coughCOPIEDcough*:

 Exhibit A: Le Fawad Khan’s Macbook

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Exhibit B: Le bedroom. Khirad and Asher’s room had a red headboard against a white wall. Kashaf and Zaroon’s room has a switcharoo: They used a black headboard against a red wall. White pillows and black lamps with white shades are used in both rooms.

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Exhibit C: Le Fawad Khan eating an apple at the breakfast table. Asher and Zaroon surely smoke but hey, at least they eat healthy.

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Exhibit D: Le never ending Anarkalis. If you are a gareeb girl who marries into a rich family and you want to dress modern yet modest, you will wear the anarkali. If you are rich and modern, you dress like Falak.

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Exhibit E: Le couple in matching white clothes.

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Exhibit F: Le shareef-dupatta-on-head school look.

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Exhibit G: Le sharmana like a mashraki larki.

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Exhibit H: Le Fawad Khan jumping on bed.

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Exhibit I: Le face to face scene.

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Exhibit J: Le serious confrontation.

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Exhibit K: Le leaning head against the headboard of the bed scene.

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

Exhibit L: Le mirror scene.

Humsafar Gulzar Tha

This post did take me awhile to do and I tried my best to match the scenes. If you think a different scene could have fit any of these exhibits better, do let me know. By doing this little project I watched many of the Humsafar scenes again and fell in love…again! *sighs* Humsafar was truly gulzar.


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  • yar welldone …………….. love it….. v good effort………….
    especially jumping on bed….hahahahhahahhaha
    romantic scenes r awesome
    fawad khan is a v good actor…his romantic, angry, serious all expresions r awesome…


    • Will u should not be jumping because humsafar was best because of its uniqueness. Following that trend will not make ZGH a success. So i think Gharib larki and Rich larka Marka dramas are not going to be a success any more.

  • Kisi ne bohat mehnat se free time nikaal kar itni matching ki hai. Wah Wah, hats off, clapping:-)

  • Kya yar spoil kardia sari excitement………..humsafar acha drama tha but itna over rate kr k bore krdiya tha audience ko, ab iss comparision se irritate karo logo ko, faltu loag LOL :@

  • Very well done…good post. I noticed the similarities too when I watched the promos, but didn't realize these cheaters had copied scene by scene from Humsafar.
    Hum Tv……be a little original….don't be cheaters.

  • i've noticed some of these exhibits the jumping scene,mirror scene,face to face,white dresses,………and some were new to me…btw good effort

  • aysi toh bohut sari similarities aap ko har serail main milain gee … main kahani different honi chahye baaki sab toh chalta hay khamkha main aap ne itnaaaa zyada waqt barbaad kiya aysi similarities dhoondnay main :(

    • true!!! ZGH is not on air yet but im surprised by seeing the assumptions of ppl..the story is different n thats it…….humsafar humsafar humsafaar GOD!! let it go now

  • ya mayny bhi notice ki thi ye cheez in kay shoot may.asher or zaroon aik e style my khary hoay hn main photoshoot may..

  • I think that way Asher'm looked at Khirat in Humsafar is the same in Zindagi Gulzar hai by seeing the ost!
    And that he has a rich girlfriend but he likes the poor one an gets married to her? (if I thought right?)

    • right sara…… this happens in dramas only.. rich boy poor girl…and finally fall in love and then marry.. bla bla blaa……. :/ y dont our writers create new things….

  • woww great comparison…humsafar was indeed the original stuff..ZGH seems good but humsafar ki baat hee kuch aur thee..there can never be another humsafar….

  • Wow great post. ZGH looks too similar to HS. The crew has copied everything from HS. Hum tv is still trying to cash from HS, as if they've not already done enough.

    FKs look & acting looks the same. I'm getting bored of FK now. Please please FK experiment with roles & looks or you'll get type cast.

    • dear u don't know fawad's acting career he always do somethng different if u want to know then must check him in akbari asgahri, dastaan, film khuda ke liye, kuch pyar ka pagal pan bhi tha…. infact zaroon character is very different from ashar and look of actor depends on role when character demnds a different look then they do change their looks as well…
      and one thing more ZGH's story line is way way different from humsafar, humsafar is a romntic novel while ZGH discuss social issue… when u people dnt have confirm info about anything then dnt give such comments

  • LOL! you must have done a real hardwork for this :D
    well, there are some similarities but the story is different and that's what matters the most.

  • come on guys now stop it
    atleast wait for drama yaar
    i mean i agree there are some similarities but some of these in the list i dont agree
    A lot of girls in my surroundings wear dopatta so are they similar or cheating ?
    All of us eat apples and many heros of dramas also eat no restriction.
    anarkalis are in fashion and a lot of drama girls now a days wearing anarkalis even in indian dramas
    every couple in every drama have conversations and bed scenes so all those copied from humsafar?
    in many dramas v have mashraki and dopatta girls
    and now it is a trend if u observe that in lot of dramas they use matching clothes for hero heroine (it was common in bollywood movies especially songs)
    and every body use notebook or laptop lolzz
    between i loved ur effort a lot of hardwork………. impressive
    i am a big fan of humsafar
    but i wud love to wait for ZGH and than i ll decide about being copy cat or not
    and yeah love stories are kinda similar always

  • ahan..gud work dramabuff n nadia…i thought the same about many scenes that matches when i saw its ost first time

  • i think so kah humain humsafar aur ZGH ko compare nahin karna chahiya. 2 or 3 scences ka ilawa koi bhi scene aisa nahin hai jo humsafar say match kar raha ho aur mirror wala scence to bohat say dramas main hota hai like daagh drama jis main fahad mustafah apni onscreen wife ki tareef kar raha tha infront of mirror to kya woh bhi humsafar say copy kiya tha. anarkali wala jo aap nay photo add ki hai bohat say drama main larkiyaoon nay anarkali style pahna hoa haoi toh woh bhi kya humsafar say copy kiya hai? story is totally different so thats the main thing and we should appreciate their effort agar hum criticize karain gay toh koi bhi shaaks ko agay barhnay ka moqah nahin mil sakta.but i appretiate ur efforts and plz donot get me wrong.

  • Guysssss for heavens sake stop comparing the two dramas :@ Let ZGH to start once. I do believe tht Humsafar n ZGH are just two opposite stories. ZGH is such a unique one, you cant compare it with Humsafar.
    this is very bad for the drama zgh that before its starts, you guys have start assuming things. So ridiculous it is!
    Stop spoiling ZGH plss

  • ya kyu dekha ja raha hay k scence ik jaisay hay bus story dekhni k wo kaisi hay i think its totally change

  • I totally agree with u ZAMZAM but I also want to appriciate the all effort …all the matching scenes are edited so nicely so that now i m in a doubt that this drama execution is so much inspired by Humsafar but as I've read the both Novels and personally I feel that ZGH is something far different from HS…ZGH is a pure, specific, Dabang and Killer Style of Umaira Ahmad's stories (where if a person is surviving and doing efforts, having different problems in his life, then in return he always finds good in the end)as there Kashaf wud do so….!

  • i love humsafar very very but if zgh is also like humsafar i think its really exicited and ausome that we see this drama with same exitement that we see humsafar but after all fawad khan ka drama ha ausome to automatically ho jea ga

  • Rubbish!!! this article is a totally wastage of time!!! ye cheezen hen match karne wali???/ooper say dawa k COPY hay!! had ho gai hay bhae yahan to!!!

  • Awesome work.I really appreciate it ! I have my hopes high as mountain from ZGH ! Sanam Saeed is a very fine actress and she is,by no means less than Mahira.I find her more attractive.

  • rubbish jus pathetic research ,u try to b smart dude bt its over smartness ,this story has been written so long ago than humsafar ,the dupata weraing ,college scenes ,mashriqi n ghareeb things were mentioned in real novel in 1999 or 98 ,so just shut ur silly mouth to say stpid stuff ,

  • ohhhh aap sy tu yeh bhool gya k dono mein fawad b common hy ,hum tv b, aur timing b raat 8 bajy ,waooooo yeh tu 3 aur resemblnce hogai ,bas world cup milty milty reh gya aapko ,warna research tu kia kamal thi aapki ,khuda k liye is cheepo humsafar sy nikal aao ….

  • uh you basically ruined the whole serial for me since you said its almost just like humsafar so now theres no point watching the serial -.- thanks

  • Lagta hai bohat fazol waqt hai app k pass.. asay tu bohat se scenes aur locations mil jaye gaye har dramay mein
    I think its to early to judge

  • oh plz b4 posting such a waste article the writer should complete his research work so to b genuine i wud like u to go through original novel's story then u must realize of ur nuisance of comparing two dramas having plots too different just like south and north pole. be at complete preparations b4 posting such ridiculous article.

  • people r getting so touchy about this article..but i thought that its just about the picturization..that is somehow common in these scenes…but the concept, story….eveything else would b different..definetily…..!!!!

  • i feel the same that scenes are copied .. bt us sa fark nhi parta i thnk drama dfrnt hna chahiay aj kal to chanels puri puri stories cpy kar lyty hain tu in scenes ki kya bat ha….story dfrnt hni chahiay ya mattr karta ha.. bt ppl r taking it soo serious jabky abhi drama aya b nhi ha.. anyways gudluck to zgh

  • it seems as if 'ZGH' is almost same as humsafar….but still i'll watch it just coz of fawad =) ab bus jaldi se on air ho jae

  • no it is compeletly different from hamsar …..i read the whole novel ..totally different story and superb story hamsafar se bhi zabardast

  • what stupidity…lakin apki mehnat par shabash hay!! by the way if u know the difference between very good and average literary work,u can easily come to know that u cant compare Farhat Ishtiaq and Umera Ahmed's work…they r no match at all,they write on very different levels.

    • bass kroo….app log galat smjh ry hain,direction ko point out kia ja ra hy writers ya story ko ni….

    • yep … Umera Ahmed works OUTSTANDING … in ka to koi muqabla hi nai hay … Although kay Farhat ishtiyaq also doing well job , but comparison wala kaam abi tak nai kia inhon nay ,,, ZAMEEN ASMAN KA FARAK HAY dono main .


  • I think the director, Mrs Sultana Siddiqui is too old to have original ideas, so she put a tape of Humsafar in front & copied the scenes from Humsafar.

  • ye matching wrong hy, because zenagi gulzar hy humsafar novel sy pehly lekah geia hy.dono may bohot difference hy.

  • yaaar main ne bhi novel parha hai bt novel main aise koi scenes nai hain………………ye scenes humsafar se hud hi copyy kie gae hain and that's just not good………..har dramein ko wo humsafar kyon banan chahte hain.pehle humsafar ka bckground music shehr-e-zaat mei copy kia and now thissss..

  • this is totally ridiculous!! i just cant understand whats the criterion of this website!! they post everything what they get from anywhere!!

    • Sameen when did we ever post anything else from any other blog? Can you please tell me because I can only recall one more article that we shared from another blog in the past 8 months or so:)

      • yup u r right abt blogs Fatima, but i meant some of the articles that i do find here, atif is in open relationship, fawad man of his nature ,fawad's birthday etc,just look at the titles n then the mistakes in these articles.Drama reviews n some of the articles r awesome here but u should have some criteria,even u should not publish any news abt indians actors or movies,mostly pakistanis who live abroad visit this site n i dont think we r interested in their visits to pakistan or movies,geo news is enough to promote them n their culture.thx

        • SRA thank you for taking time out and giving us your feedback, it is highly appreciated:)

  • yar hr insan ki nature hai k wo achi cheez ko copy krta hai, is mein bura he kya hai? ap sb btaen kya ap log kisi achay dress ko dekh kr copy nahi krtay? jis cheez ki sb log tareef karen kya ap usay apna style nahi bnatay? plz hr cheez ko light liya karen positive way mein dekha karen….
    positive soch kr dekhen, maza aeyga :p hehehehe. ALLAH bless u all.

  • ye to koi aisee similarities nahin hein… asher heroine ko dekh raha hai ,,, ya dono heroines ne dopatta ser pe oraa hua hai yaaa donon ke haath laptop pe typing ker rahe hein

    fuzool baat wasted article

  • humsafar bohot behtareen drama tha ,aur fawad aur mahira ki jori mashalah use koi achi jori dubara ban hi ni sakti itz obvious ,shayed zindagi gulzar acha ho magar jitna bi acha hoga humsafar se acha to ho hi ni sakta ye to ek zahir si baat hai ,aur fawad mahira ki jori se achi koi jori hai hi nhi ye to saaf dikhra hai no need to tell ,to ab hume bahis karne ki ya larne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai ke kiya similarities hain kiya nhi ,humsafar and fawad and mahira jori was bst bus baat khatam simple.

    • totally agree with you….nothing can ever beat humsafar, Mahira aur Fawad!! the were and are simply the BEST!!!!

  • Second episode main scenes bhi agay peechy lagy .. Zaroon ka behnoi JB uski behan ka wait kr raha hota ha tu zaroon say pochta ha k college kaisa ja rha ha jis per zaroon kehta ha k hectic.. Jab k us say pehly us k Uni main admission ka scene dikhaya ja chuka tha..

  • really bulsht talk by all of u wateva the story is dis is meaning ful dat fawad is der ……. and the copied scenes etc dusnt matter……… so plz let people watch drama and ve fun

  • .
    i appreciate your work.
    humsafar ist not the ne plus ultra!!!

    dastaan was much better IMO

  • i just wanna ask.. har ghareb lerki ko ameer lerka hee q milta hai.?????? maximum dramoo mai yehi hota hai… real mai tou aisa nai hota… :/ . plzz writers apna script acha kro.. wohi depression wohi muhabbat wohi kisi kay saath bura hona ya ghreeb lerki se kisi ameeeeeeeeeer lerkay ko piyar hona but start mai larayian hona…. all even max dramas have same stories.. isi lye log wo ishq e mamnu jaisay fazul dramas dekhtay hai for entertainment…..

  • well if the role is performed by same man…how he can bring any change in expression while he z performing the same scenes. well no doubt there z alot of similarities b/w the two plays. the director should think on this point before making the play. is it an imitation of most watched play "Humsafar". off course both "zaroon & Asher" hv to marry a "GAREEB"girl & than face the difficulties in his life.oh POOR MAN….:-)

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