The Most Versatile Male Actors of our Industry

We see new shows launching everyday but unfortunately most actors are doing similar kinds of roles and they fail to show their versatility. They choose or are offered similar kinds of scripts and the viewers are not able to see their full potential as an actor. I have stated a few actors who top the list as the most versatile actors.

The Most Versatile Male Actors of our IndustryWhen we hear the word versatility, the first actor that comes to everyone’s mind is Faisal Qureshi (currently seen in Mera Yaqeen and Mera Pehla Pyaar). He is one actor whose character you can fall in love with in serials like Maane Na Yeh Dil and Meri Unsuni Kahani, where he has played the lover boy or absolutely hate him in serials like Aik Hatheli Pe Hina Ek Hatheli Pe Laho, Umm-e-Kulsum and Man O Salwa where he has played negative roles to perfection. He can make you laugh by dressing up as a woman in Kis Din Mera Viyah Howega or make you cry by portraying a man drowned in guilt in Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan. From his dialogue delivery to his expressions, all is outstanding. His eyes alone can speak volumes and convey the deepest emotions. He is no doubt one of the best actors of our drama industry and is loved and respected by all viewers.
Furthermore, he is not only an actor but also a host in a morning show as well as a judge in a dance reality show. How he manages to be at so many places at once is something that boggles one’s mind.


The Most Versatile Male Actors of our IndustryThe second in my list is Nouman Ijaz. He has proved again and again by his performance in a variety of roles that he is a versatile actor. He can be the all mighty and powerful Malik Wajahat in Mera Saeein; his performance in this drama leaves you in awe of him. At the same time, he can also be the timid man scared of his wife in Bari Apa. His performance leaves you spellbound and makes you wonder, ‘Is this the same man?’ He has the personality and the aura that helps him to portray each and every character to perfection. His performance in Jhumka Jan and Khamoshiyan is also commendable. His other popular serials include Man o Salwa, Lahasil, Dur e Shahwar and the list goes on.


The Most Versatile Male Actors of our IndustryThe third in my list is Fahad Mustafa. If somebody had asked me a few years ago if Fahad was a versatile actor, I would have said no. But after his brilliant performance in Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon, he has left everyone speechless. His brilliant depiction of three opposite personalities of a single person was absolutely SUPERB! His performance has no doubt made everyone his hardcore fan. His negative character in Pul Sirat and Mera Saeein 2 was also appreciated by his fans. Although both these shows lacked a strong script and were not so successful, the main reason why I followed these shows was Fahad Mustafa’s splendid performance. His performance in his current show Ik Tamanna Lahasil Si, where he plays the obedient son again proves his versatility.


The Most Versatile Male Actors of our IndustryThe fourth in my list is Humayun Saeed. He had been in the drama industry for a long time now and had given us shows such as Mehndi, Ijazat, Doraha who all have been a huge hit. However, his role in Kaafir had made me his fan all over again. His depiction of an egoistic man who considers himself god leaves one speechless. His grey shaded character in Ishq Junoon Deewangi leaves one spellbound. He has played the character of a person obsessed to a point of madness with a lot of finesse. His portrayal of a split personality disorder character in Uraan is definitely worth the applause.



The Most Versatile Male Actors of our Industry

The fifth in my list is Adnan Siddiqui. He has been in the drama industry for more than two decades now. He has shown his versatility in serials like Parsa, Meri Zaat Zara e Benishaan where he has played the character of a man who had lost his love. He had also played negative or grey shaded characters in dramas like Doraha and Vasl. His other shows include Mehndi, Amar Bail, Mulaqat. His current role in Muhabbat Jaye Bhar Mein may lack a good story and screenplay but I found Adnan Siddiqui’s acting superb.

These are the top male actors of our industry who have proved their versatility time and again.


Mariam Shafique.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • really all actors are gr8 no doubt har actor ki apni koi na koi quality hai mere khyaal se AHSANKHAN ka name b hona chaiye tha hes also a very miture actor

  • please did you guys see fawad's acting in akbari asghari and dastaan? how is asghar and hassan a bit similar to ashar and zaroon? please do your research well on dramas first and then comment. fawad khan is one of the best actor's today, not just among the pakistani actors but he can be considered one of the best among all the actors in the world

    • fawad khan to abi aya hai n i think he is not a versatile actor……..srf 3 drama se how can u guess kay woh har role kar sakta hai n yes we can't compare him from faisal qureshi

      • Will i guess fawad khan should be on the top. He has proved himself in all genres. Just look at his two opposite sides in Daastan and Akbari and asghari . His acting in Akbari asghari was awsome. How ever my sincere advice to him will be to focus on quality and not quantity. Faisal is best since his role in Saawan drama till now, but he works so much that we are just fed up with him

    • ap log aise karo k fawad k naam ka koi shrine ya tomb type cheez bana lo…had ho gai bhae insaan ko insaan he rehne dia karo… oska to yahan naam tak nahi aya na he aa sakta hay hez new, a singer turned into actor! if he performs well thats good for him!! how can u compare him with these experineced actors!!

      • haha, dont be jealous of our favourite . As for adanan siddique and nauman ejaz they are gurus in their art. However placing fahad and Humayun saeed make no sense to me . I would rather put fawad khan in his place. Faisal is good but he looks for quantity not quality.
        as for shrine wo be bana dengay pehlay us ko marnay do.

      • if u are not counting fahad in new comers den u really cant count fawad in dat list…if ppl started noticin him late dat doesnt mean he came later den him……he started his acting career far before fahad mustafa…….fahad debue in sheeshe ka mahal howver fawad debue his acting career in jut n bond ….he played bond in it ………he he get clicked as an actor in later years dat doesnt make him new to the field.

    • But he has always played lovey dovey roles.
      A versatile actor plays negative, positive as well as comic roles.
      He is a great actor no doubt. But he hasn't done many serials to be considered as a versatile actor.
      This is coming from a person who is a diehard fan of Fawad.

      • Will i think he has shown us two faces yet. His positive and comic. His role in dastaan is best example of his positive role and that in Akbari asghari comic. If he has to keep his class he should focus on quality and not quantity. By taking his role in humsafar marka zindagi gulzar hai make no sense. I bet his graph is gonna go down if he dont experiment with his role.

    • fawad is a good doubt but not a very good one,no comparison to faisal and nauman ijaz…fawad is more of a star kind of person…like amir khan is a better actor but SRK is a bigger star…fawad attracts audience with little bit of acting,more with sensible choice of character and most with his looks…and there is nothing to be ashamed of if sumone says u like fawad cz he is handsome…being handsome is a good quality,it doesn't make him less of an actor..

  • I love Faisal Qureshi in Maane na ye Dil and Meri Ansuni Kahani….Ye dono drames dekh kar Insaan hill ke rehh jata hai…Faisal Qureshi is superb…zabardust……

    Naumaan Ijaz ost serial i like was Lahassil…he has such a personality in this drama…speechless….

    Hamayun Saeed ki kya baat hai :-) Kafir was a hit….but i think in Uraan he also does a negative role….

    Adnan Siddiqui….he is so handsome and has personailty…i can remmber him how cute he was in Arossa…..and in Maat he was also superb….

    at least now about Fawad Khan….. i think in some years he would be also can added in this list…kyun ke wo issi taraf ja rahe hain….
    I love him in Dastaan and Humsafar…….Dastaan was so outstanding….no words for it….its much better than Humsafar….Dastaan me agr acting dekhen to u hve no words to describe..Sanam Baloch ki jo perfomance thi uss me…speechless….uffff……oh my God our PAkistani Industry is soooo goood….one aftre one bluckbuster…..Mashallah….

    Admin…i would like to know ur opinon about female actresses …???

  • i totally agreed abt Faisal. hes no doubt a verstyle actor. i love his dramas in which he played young 2 old character. like "meri zaat zaara-e-benishan" and "qaid-e-tanhai". both r gre8 dramas. well i dont agree abt fahad. nauman ejaz.. yes hes a verstyle and mature actor

  • I think Faisal Qureshi and Noman Ijaz are genuinely versatile …

    but HumayounSaeed, adnan siddiqui , are better models than 'actors' … mostly same kind of acting style they have

    • fawad is versatile etna drama ker choka haa every drama he act different sirf es liya kahna hum koi es sa impress haan indian actors ko tu aik film ka baad utha leta haan humm fawad is best actor

  • correction…fawad is not versatile yet, in daastaan he was briliant and his perfomance in akbari asghari was outstanding and im really looking forward to zindagi gulzar hai. but in humsafar, he didnt really act much and sorry to say but i dont think humsafar deserves the popularity it got. so, yes he's a great actor but not versatile yet…aand i just want to say that fahad is on this list with all the experienced acctors. and he's relatively new…. so i think that's great and i completly agree with the list…. once again

    • Finally we have someone who has said what I had on my mind. I mean look at the quality of the work these actors have done & girls are cribbing about Fawad Khan. Ohkay, he's good (& good looking to be precise, which seems to be the reason for his success) but is not versatile at all. I remember Fahad Mustafa was such a fresh young actor when he did Lahasil back in I guess 2004-2005 may be & look at his acting in that drama & many other projects of his.

      I think the list suggested by Mariam is perfect & I agree to her completely. My personal suggestion is Faisal Rehman. He's also one of the best actors that we have. Isn't it?

      • i was scroling down to suggest about Faisal Rehman,n u already said that:) yes he deserves to be in this list really.

        • Heheheh YES! I'm a huge fan of Faisal Rehman & I don't miss any of his dramas.
          I agree to you Sumbal. Fawad Khan can be included in this list if he works continuously for another 10 years may be. Because the actors mentioned above are working for such a long time now & have made their marks completely. Fawad Khan has a lot to improve.

      • i agree!! if someone is good looking n has given 2-3 hits it doesnt mean hez versatile!!! may be after few years he will be considered versatile!! but not now!

  • Faisal is the greatest actor in dramas i have seen….though he has sometime compromised quality but his plays like Rushwa,Roag,Qaid e tanhai along with those u mentioned like MZZB,KDMVHG,Maan o salwa,Mane na dil,Ghost sooo many…..the list goes on and on….no one has number of hits like Faisal has with verstality in them…
    since boota from toba tek he has come along way and i think stand a mile infront of others….
    my fav is Meri unsuni kahani of all coz of his sooo many getups…dil ha chota sa b great tha

  • Haal e dil b great tha faisal ka…i mean he got sooo sooo many hits…i lost count……
    no one got soo many dramas as mega hits as he has…

  • no one has sooo many hits to his name like Faisal qureshi…
    He is the best…..these 5 actors have done great job for our industry…we are proud of them…
    nauman ijaz role in man o salwa,khamoshiyan,mera sahii was awesome
    hamayun role in ijazat,uraan and kafir was wow
    adnan and fahad have multiple hits to their name…
    but seriously faisal has more than 10 big hits to his name <wow>
    in new comers fawad and mekal are doing quality work but they have way to go to b added in this list…soo its nonsense to fight over fawad rite now…he is good but way to go to become great n verstile…

    • Totally agreed with you thanks for mentioning Faisal's 10 big hits. I just wanted to share good news about him that he won another award this year he won best actor award for Roag in 3rd Pakistan Media Awards held last Friday.

  • Faisal Qureshi, Fahad Mustafa & Noman Ejaz are definitely versatile.

    Humayun hardly experimented throughout his career. The only drama where I didn't see this guy playing a romantic hero, off the top of my head, is Kaafir.

    Adnan Siddiqui is good..but too monotonous at times.

    • Humayun didn’t played a romantic hero in Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, Yalghaar and Project Ghazi too

  • Faysal Qureshi is the best… meri zaat zarra-e-benishan… Roag …. Best drama serial hain Faysal Qureshi k…
    I Love u Very Much Faysa bhai….

  • Correction! This is not about number of hits, it's about versatile performers who bring variation and I think Faisal Qureshi tops the list. Although I feel he has over exposed himself on all channels in recent times, the guy is an amazing performer and can mould himself into any character. Male characters, female charcaters, romantic ones, negative ones…you name it and he can deliver!
    The others are good actors but not as versatile as Faisal. But I will give a special mention to Fahad Mustafa who hasn't allowed himself to be stereo typed and is able to pull of different roles aswell. I like him a lot :)

    But please! Fawad Khan?! He was exceptional in Dastaan but I think he has yet to prove himself as versatile. He is a good actor, nice looking and popular. But let us be honest, he has no reached the level of say a Faisal Qureshi.

  • where is fawad….wasn't his role of paindu Asgher totally different from a patriotic hassan….n the mature asher different from that flirty zaroon? This is versitality for your kind information :)

  • fawad ko list me hona chahiye tha …he deserve that he is a versatile actor..

    .ic bat se sirf girls nahi boys bhi agree kurte hain.

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